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PUBG: New State: Upcoming Battle Royale Mobile Game

Pubg new state

PUBG fans rejoice! We have some amazing news, PUBG: New State is on its way. There is an amazing new entry coming under the PUBG umbrella for mobile. Android and iOS will be getting a new battle royale game that would act as a sequel to PUBG: Mobile. So how is PUBG: New State different from the other PUBG games? When is it going to be released? Can my phone run it? Will it be available in India? These are all questions that are running through our minds right now, so let’s try to answer them all.

For this game, we are taking a leap forward in time, a leap that crosses 50 years. Yes, this game is going to be set in the near future, this game is a first for the PUBG universe. From what we know about the game we can expect elements that we are familiar with in Black Ops games. The game is going to be set on a new amazing map called Troi, we have some screenshots from the game which gives us some very interesting facts. Being set in the future, the game comes with its set of new advancements and features.

pubg new state 2

When we say advancements, get ready to experience some near-future weaponry and vehicles. PUBG has already made a name for itself as one of the best battle royale games out there, some of the reasons for this is how well they handle gameplay when it comes to guns and open-world movements in general.

So with a future setting and advanced weaponry, we might be seeing a new era in mobile battle royale gaming from one of the biggest names in the industry. It’s not just guns and cool cars that are going to be available in the future setting, we’ll also be seeing drones and deployable combat shields.

These might not be the only things but just these 2 sure sounds like so much fun in a battle royale game. We might be able to spy on other players with the drone while hiding somewhere making for some highly tactical gameplay. Just from these 2 new entries, we can expect a completely changed battle royale experience.

The game getting a complete futuristic makeover isn’t the only change New State is going to be bringing us there seems to be a lot of changes when it comes to gameplay as well. There are reports that we will be getting various gun customizations that can be accessed in the middle of a game, just like the stuff we are familiar with in Apex legends.

Also with a game like this, we can expect it to be very ambitious when it comes to the graphical aspect. The developers have promised ultra-realistic graphics and gameplay that can without a doubt push the limits of mobile gaming. It’s like we mentioned, this game could easily bring about a new era in mobile video games.

Some other changes would be the fact that the blue zone would be shrinking a little bit faster than the previous entries, this would make the game much more fast-paced.

One last bonus point about the game would be that the developers this time are PUBG: Studio, the people behind the original PC and Console version of the game. So saying expect great things is an understatement.

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PUBG: New State Release Date

So when is PUBG: New State going to be released? This is the biggest question we have in our minds right now.

Unfortunately, there is no official confirmation on when the game will come out, the pre-registration for it is already out. We also have reports stating that pre-ordering the game on App Store gets you a permanent skin.

So when it comes to releasing date all we can do is speculate. We might get the game as early as next month, maybe by the end of the year. But with pre-registrations and trailers popping up, we might be getting New State on our hands sooner than expected.

Can my phone support it?

Android 6 or higher is going to be a must. We have already been seeing the amazing advancements mobile gaming has been making, it has been inching closer and closer to PC gaming as days go by.

The developers have also promised this game would push the boundaries of mobile gaming, so obviously you need a powerful phone. Ram of 2.5 GB or more is probably going to be the best bet.

pubg new state 4

India Release

We all know how India banned PUBG: Mobile because of its involvement with Chinese company Tencent. Well, this game isn’t connected with Tencent at all, it’s being published by Krafton which is a South-Korean company.

But with the ban of the game which comes under the same umbrella, we will see a slight delay in India’s release for sure. There is no pre-registration for PUBG: New State available in the Indian play Store as well. let’s keep our hopes up that Krafton will soon work out a way for the Indian gamers.

pubg new state 3

Everyone is on cloud 9 after hearing this news. We are getting another mobile battle royale game from the best mobile battle royale gaming company, this is the best news and mobile gaming fan would want to hear. let’s get those pre-registration forms filled and get ready for some adrenaline-filled futuristic Battle Royale action in PUBG: New State.

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