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Married At First Sight Australia Season 10 Episode 30: Release Date & Streaming Guide

Married At First Sight Australia Season 10 Episode 30
Married At First Sight Australia Season 10 Episode 30 Release Date And Streaming Guide. Credits: 9 Now

The said show was originally created for the Danish viewers, it was later adapted by several nations such as America and Australia. The plot of this famous TV show involves two acquaintances who first meet, get to know one another, and, if they both agree, get married by the end of the episode.

The show’s devoted followers are looking for all the latest details on the upcoming episode, including the release date and streaming details for Married at First Sight (AU) Season 10 and Episode 30. For the average couple to spend time getting married the way they truly desire, instead of legally marrying one another following Australian marriage regulations, the participants now stage a fictitious on-screen wedding for viewing purposes only.

After ten seasons, Ryan Potter, who has been in charge of the show’s directing since the first, has finally completed it.  The show’s creators are Tara McWilliams and John Walsh, and Endemol Shine Australia is the company in charge of most of the nation’s production.

You might believe they must have actors or a team who follow a script, but to your surprise, my friend, it’s completed with real people and a host/narrator named Georgie Gardner, who has been in control of the show’s face since its start. Interesting fact: Prior to the season 10 premiere, the program had over 21 million viewers and is already breaking the previous season’s viewership records.

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Here is a brief recap

On May 18, 2015, the show made its Australian TV premiere on Nine Network, and the target audience loved it immediately. Let’s briefly go through the plot of the show now. Because this isn’t your regular television show, viewers won’t get to see everything, but the episode starts with two buddies who end up meeting at the altar to get “married” (don’t worry, it is all fake, as I indicated earlier). Then, in a wonderful hotel room, they enjoy their ideal wedding.

Married At First Sight Australia Season 10 Episode 30

A couple from the series. credits: 9 now

After getting married, they go on a honeymoon, and when they return, they have to stay together for a while. Each contestant has the choice to “stay” or “go” per week, and after the game, they will choose whether to stick together and demonstrate a commitment to one another or separate ways.

The 60–90-minute episodes filmed in Australia can be seen in 1080p with stereo audio. Since they are unscripted, the shows may turn boring or violent. On January 30, 2023, the first episode of Married at First Sight Australia (season 10) aired and created waves on social media for the drama it created for a debut episode.

Following their first meetings, Lyndall & Cameron and Bronte & Harrison were married in Byron Bay and Sydney in this installment. The tenth season will include ten brides and ten grooms; however, Alessandra Rampolla, a licensed sexologist, will pair them on each occasion. This season will have a maximum of 17 episodes, with the extra episodes making up the remainder.

Married at First Sight Australia Season 10 Episode 30

Married at First Sight Australia Season 10 Episode 30’s release date is March 20, 2023. Married at First Sight Australia Season 10 Episode 30 will air via Nine in Australia at 7.30 pm AEDT. The fans can watch the show while accessing the same content outside of Australia.

  • For watchers in India: 2.00 pm Indian Standard Time
  • For watchers in Britain: 8.30 a.m. Greenwich Mean Time
  • For watchers in South Africa: 10.30 a.m. South African Standard Time
  • For watchers in the USA: 3.30 am Eastern Daylight Time
Married At First Sight Australia Season 10 Episode 30

A couple from the show. Credits: 9 Now

Married at First Sight Australia Season 10 Episode 30: Streaming Guide

The show can only be watched live by Australian viewers and is only available in Australia for viewing because Nine Network has complete control over the broadcaster. For this purpose, you can only see it on Nine Network’s streaming platform, 9Now. As the show airs from Monday through Sunday at 7.30 p.m., you should take note of the various time zones listed above.

Even when you’re not in Australia, you may watch it live after installing the 9 Now app or going to its official website. For fans worldwide, Married at First Sight Australia: Season 10 Episode 30 will be broadcast on 9 Now at the times specified above. Fans should match the mentioned time with their local time to stream the program.

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