Kan Çiçekleri Review: A Love-Hatred Relationship

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Kan Çiçekleri
Kan Çiçekleri (Credits: KANAL 7)

Watching drama-filled, action-packed, and family-rivalry-filled love stories is always fascinating. And everyone is aware of how popular Turkish television series are, as well as their compelling plots. One such love story was depicted in one of the most famous Turkish series Kan Çiçekleri started on the 5th of December 2022.

Blood Flowers was its English name. The first episode was aired on the same day of its release, and the latest was aired on the 4th of May, 2023. The series is an ongoing drama series telecasted on KANAL 7 every weekday. Levent Turkan directed the Kan Çiçekleri.

It is based on a love story of two people with entirely different personalities and responsibilities to take care of. The interaction between them is engaging and fun to witness. The genre of the series is drama.

Kan Çiçekleri centers around the tale of Baran and Dilan. The latter had to give up on her desires and aims, and the former was forced into marriage to resolve the dispute and release her brother from this process. The fact that they are both ensnared in this marriage, which is also a prison for them, and that his uncle is motivated by his riches makes him desire to restart the dispute.

It tells the story of a forcible union marked by passion that happened as a result of a fatal family confrontation. Action, dramatic drama, adventure, and family conflicts were all abundant in the series. The show served as a wonderful example of how people could not be precisely who they appear to be and how being in love can change the person in love’s personality. 

Characters of Kan Çiçekleri

Turkish drama series is all about a large star cast and N number of characters with distinct personalities and different relationships with each other. The series is getting praised for its storyline and the actors who played their roles with ease and complete sincerity. 

cast of Kan Çiçekleri
Cast Members of Kan Çiçekleri (Credits: Dizi Haber Dunyasi)
  • Baran Karabey 

Barış Baktaş portrayed the role of Baran Karabey. Baran, who abhors reprisals, had to marry Dilan, his foe’s daughter, in an effort to put an end to the carnage. He had a stern demeanor and was a responsible son and brother. After falling for Dilan, the way he saw her changed. Baran wanted to know more about her. Barış Baktaş is an actor born in Batman. He has widely known for his roles in Ceberruh (2021) and No: 26 Ölüm Çigligi (2022). 

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Baran Karabey (Credits: YouTube Kan Çiçekleri)
  • Dilan Demir

Yağmur Yüksel portrayed the role of Dilan Demir. Dilan Demir, Baran’s adversary’s daughter, had to wed Baran Karabey instead of pursuing the goals and ambitions she had. Dilan was a soft-hearted girl with a big vision and a strong persona. So as to fulfill the duty of a daughter, she had no option but to marry the person she never liked. But gradually, Dilan developed feelings for Baran and began to understand his intentions of doing things. Yağmur Yüksel is an actress born in Amasya. Kan Çiçekleri is her debut series into acting. 

Dilan Demir (Credits: YouTube Kan Çiçekleri)

The Plot of Kan Çiçekleri 

The Turkish daily dizi serial Kan Çiçekleri, started in 2022, was about the family rivalry between the main protagonists Karabey and Demir clans, who sorrowed several casualties because of this conflict. The main focus of Kan Çiçekleri’s story was a remarkable tenderness that developed as a result of this protracted family dispute.

These two families shifted from Mardin, where they first used to live, to Istanbul, bringing with them the long-awaited news that was anticipated the most at the Karabey villa for years. The two families picked to settle to get married over the seniors’ concerns because they wanted to stop more violence that could happen in the future.

Baran Karabey, on the one hand, refused to surrender his brother as per the tradition and also tried to put an end to his internal grief over the incursion that murdered his mother to rest by obtaining harmony in a family that was demanding retribution for a long.

And on the other hand was Dilan Demir, daughter of Seyit. She agreed to this wedding for the benefit of her family and gave up all of her ambitions. When he realized he couldn’t commit the killing himself, Baran’s brother offered to do it following tradition.

Kan Çiçekleri
Kan Çiçekleri (Credits: Haber7com)

Baran determined that marriage to the daughter of his rival was the only chance to get entangled in the blood vendetta. The identity of Dilan and the fact that they once encountered and thought the other was stunningly beautiful was realized by Baran. But initially, it was not easy for them, and both experienced their marriage as a lockup.

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In Baran’s heart, he was struggling between his fondness for Dilan and bitterness toward her family. Baran and Dilan were able to wed, and they commenced a new life despite the opposition from both families. Dilan and Baran eventually acknowledged that the initial spark they sensed between them was actually the start of a strong desire for love that may either lead to devotion or wreak disaster for both of them and their families as well.

It would be interesting to see how they erase the line of hatred these two families had. 

Review of Kan Çiçekleri 

The drama series investigated how their rugged connection may either result in love or complete annihilation in the dramatization of it. Since Kan Icekleri explored retribution, commitment, family, and passion, drama fans should take the edge of the chance to watch it.

The Kan Çiçekleri had recognized for its exceptional narrative, and the characters also won accolades for their performance and the fact that their propensity to draw the audience in and keep them riveted to the screen. It was also seen how the viewers have been showering love and support for the series and the actors working in it.

Turkish TV drama series Kan Cicekleri is critically acclaimed and award-winning. There are viewers from all over the world. These tense segments take the viewers on an unforgettable ride as the story progresses, keeping them holding onto their seats unquestionably.

Although the plot is relatively conventional, the evolution of the relationships is full of surprises, and there are several incredibly endearing characters. By performing and putting their all into their parts, the cast has added something special or their own flavor to the show.

The male lead Barış Baktaş is simply remarkable in his role as Baran Karabey. His eyes are so mesmerizing, and he uses them to express his emotions and himself, which made easy for the audience to understand him. Baran taught us that even when you make a blunder, don’t let it go; strive to make it up to that person; it doesn’t matter if they are your rival.

Yağmur Yükse has also improved her acting in her role as Dilan Demir. In addition to Baran’s quality of acting on his conscience even when others turn against him for it, the female lead, Dilan, is like a delicate blossom, giving forth rays of purity. And the most admirable trait of the main lead actors is that. Of course, there are some loopholes in this series because there’s no perfect storyline out there.

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Because brutality against females is always despicable and unethical, the entire story is appalling. It kind of glorified the violence in the series. Although the in-laws are more often than not the perpetrator of this violence against women, the tale reads more like a mockery due to how absurd it is.

Traditional tribal societies and the obligations that come with them are central to the story. Every story is incomplete without villains. There is also a female antagonist in Kan Çiçekleri with some male antagonists. But these aren’t quite as wicked as they are in certain dizis.

It was shown in the series that it’s difficult to understand what’s running through a man’s mind and heart. They are like coconuts, harsh or cold from the outside but soft and kind from the inside. Their heart opening is more profound than his interior one. And people close to them could understand. Also, there is room for the tale to evolve, and it would be such a shame if there’s no appreciation for our protagonists.

The story’s tendency to stretch on for such a prolonged time between episodes is another source of the problem. The plot moves at such a glacial pace, and the supporting cast, especially the side characters, doesn’t contribute much. Even if this series does have its share of suffering, cruelty, and hostility, mercy nevertheless seems to strike out of nowhere.

Nonetheless, Kan Çiçekleri is a heart-warming and entertaining drama series to watch.

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Our Verdict 

Fans from all over the world have flocked to the prominent Turkish drama show Kan Çiçekleri. This television series has developed into one of the most well-liked exports of Turkey because of its original plot and captivating characters.

The core-pounding drama and excruciatingly funny breaks in this show have appealed to viewers of all demographics. I hope the fans will keep offering their love and the series holds its momentum till the end of the episode. If you are a fan of Turkish drama series, then do not wait and witness this love story of Baran and Dilan. 

Our Rating: ⭐ 4.3/5 

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