How To Watch All American Season 5 Episodes Online?

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where to Watch All American Season 5
How To Watch All American Season 5 Episodes Online?

How To Watch All American Season 5 Episodes Online? This became the most frequently asked question on the internet as soon as the news of season 5 of All American was out. So here we are with the details of where and how to watch all “All American Season 5” episodes online.

A spinoff of this sports drama is also airing its new season on the network simultaneously. American football star Spencer Paysinger drives the program’s narrative. The standout performance comes from Daniel Ezra, who plays the title role.

In the series’ main theme, Spencer, a rising high school American football star, struggles to overcome obstacles in the series. He was promptly hired to play for Beverly Hills High. The camera follows the man as we see the obvious differences between his two worlds.

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What Happened In All American Season 4 Finale?

But before we get into how often the show airs episodes and how to watch all American season 5 episodes online, let’s look at what happened in all American season 4. The final episode of All American’s last season was “Champagne Glasses.”

where to Watch All American Season 5
A still from All American

In this episode, Coop convinces the policeman to go, and Olivia suspects Wade of being responsible for the swatting. Layla is more than content with how things are, but Jordan attempts to persuade her to become more than friends. D’Angelo asks Dillon and Spencer for their approval before he pops the question to Grace.

The police traced the call to Wade’s phone and detained him for swatting. Billy and Olivia persuade Coach Garrett to take drastic measures against Wade. As a result, Jordan takes over as quarterback for the homecoming game, but the team is not ready to pay attention to him or Spencer over Wade’s actions.

where to Watch All American Season 5
A still from All American

Skye learns from Coop about her previous encounter with Patience, and we observe how Olivia sounds like she’s on the verge of calling off her engagement to Spencer. Wade is acquitted of all allegations. Grace tells Spencer to give Olivia time to decide what she wants because she is very confused.

GAU led the entire game, but Spencer wasn’t playing well. Jordan punches Wase after he insults Olivia during halftime. Billy and Olivia think Garrett is unreliable. D’Angelo asks Grace to accompany him to Oakland, and Jordan informs Layla that he will be waiting.

Grace accepts his proposal. Wade is expelled from the team and intends to humiliate Garrett by fabricating an explanation for Olivia. Coop and Patience attempt a second romance, and JP gives his label to Clay, one of his protégés.

where to Watch All American Season 5
A still from All American

When Jordan’s hand is shattered, Spencer is forced to think about his connection with Olivia. Spencer and Olivia experienced their fair share of highs and lows in the previous season.

She was on to create a story in the climax that would make fun of Golden Angeles University’s football team and impact Spencer’s athletic career. Will they be able to maintain their good relationship? You need to tune into All American Season 5 to find out!

When Will The New Episodes Of The All American Season 5 Air?

New episodes of All American season 5 air every Monday on The CW at 8:00 pm in the US. However, international fans need to cross0check the times mentioned here to watch new episodes of All American season 5 online, with the streaming platforms revealed next in the section.

British Summer Time: 1.00 am (Tuesday)
Indian Standard Time: 5.30 am (Tuesday)
Singapore Standard Time: 8:00 am (Tuesday)
Philippines Standard Time:8.00 am (Tuesday)
Japanese Standard Time/Korean Standard time: 9.00 am (Tuesday)
Australia Eastern Daylight Time: 11.00 am (Tuesday)

Where And How To Watch All American Season 5 Episodes Online?

Fans can stream All American Season 5 episodes with Hulu live TV, Youtube TV, Fubo TV, DirecTV stream, CW’s website or app, and CW Seed app. Season 5 of All American is not now available on Netflix. All American Season 5 will be available on Netflix Eight days after the season finale airs on The CW.

The season finales will air in March or May of 2023. We expect the series’ fifth season to conclude in May of 2023, with Season 5 episodes premiering in late May on Netflix. So update your calendars, and don’t forget to watch All American Season 5 online.

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