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Is Jason Cundy Leaving Talksport Radio? What Do We Know

Is Jason Cundy Leaving Talksport Radio?
Is Jason Cundy Leaving Talksport Radio?

In the talkSPORT studios, the former Chelsea defender and ex-Sky presenter first collaborated in 2008; what started as a ragtag group of the new hosts and their callers quickly developed into one of the station’s most adored programs. Sometimes you want to go somewhere where Andy Goldstein knows your name, and Jason Cundy is happy you came, and for so many Sports Bar listeners who faithfully tuned in every night, that was literally the case.

In this article, we’ll look at whether or not Jason Cundy is leaving Talksport Radio, who he is, and what this radio station’s trajectory is. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Is Jason Cundy Leaving Talksport Radio?

Jason Cundy

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Who Is Jason Cundy?

Jason Cundy is a retired English footballer who played as a defender in the Premier League for Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur. He also had a brief spell with Portsmouth. After retiring from playing, Cundy became a television and radio presenter. He has appeared on various shows such as ITV’s “Good Morning Britain” and “This Morning.” In recent years, Cundy has been a regular contributor to TalkSport radio.

Jason Cundy

Jason Cundy

What Is Talksport Radio?

TalkSport is a sports radio station in the United Kingdom that provides live commentary and discussion of sports events and interviews with sports personalities. The station is available on DAB Digital Radio, online, and mobile phones. Wireless Group owns TalkSport. TalkSport has seen a steady increase in popularity since its launch in 2000. The station now has over 3 million weekly listeners and is the second most popular commercial radio station in the UK.

Is Jason Cundy Leaving Talksport Radio?

No, Jason Cundy has not released an official statement regarding his departure from talkSPORT. He has been a presenter for talkSPORT programs like Football First and Evening Kick-Off since 2000. Also on talkSPORT, he hosts The Sports Bar. In a recent podcast, Jason Cundy and Andy Goldstein expressed their emotions about Chelsea TV’s Sports Bar show and how they have been together for more than 14 years while dealing with jokes, call-ins, and a lot of laughter.

It appears that Jason Cundy will continue to host and commentate for Chelsea FC TV because he has not yet made any announcements regarding his departure from the network. Amidst Chelsea’s uncertainty, Jason shared an emotional and harrowing week in a moving monologue on talkSPORT. Many Chelsea supporters are very concerned about the club’s future due to Roman Abramovich, the club’s owner, receiving sanctions from the UK government.

Prior to Chelsea’s victory over Newcastle, the former footballer admitted: “It’s been a very emotional week for myself and Chelsea fans” on talkSPORT. He has been going to games since his first one in 1976. He has come back here while serving in several different capacities, including player, academy player, academy coach, media, Chelsea TV, and talkSPORT.

Jason proclaimed, “It’s my team and my family.” Football players are the only ones who can truly appreciate what it’s like to have such a strong team loyalty. It’s your home, our family’s home, and my second home. I could show you every box, office, and corner of the ground and explain every part of this building. He fully commits himself to the Chelsea team.

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