You Season 4 Episode 6 To 10: Release Date, Spoilers & Streaming Guide

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You Season 4 part 1 recap
You Season 4 Episode 6 To 10 Release Date, Recap And Streaming Guide

The release date for You Season 4 episodes 6–10 has arrived. The viewers of the thriller are excited to know about all the latest details of the show, and this post will serve the same purpose. The reader will get to know You season 4 episodes 6–10’s release date and streaming guide.

Despite Kate’s denials, Joe is convinced she is the Eat the Rich Killer at the beginning of the half-season finale. He nevertheless agrees to assist her in getting rid of Gemma’s body. The very last thing Kate wants is her father exploiting the serial killings as a chance to get back into her life since his security team outside is there.

Things swiftly change as Kate starts to believe Joe is the murderer, and he starts telling her everything. However, he acknowledges finding Malcolm’s body on his dining table and informs Kate of the messages the real perpetrator has sent him.

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A quick recap episode 5

He even references his failed marriage in Madre Linda, but omits a few essential elements. Unexpectedly, Kate has no doubts about him. Lady Pheobe learns about Adam’s sexy tastes in the meantime. As she almost saw Joe and Kate attempting to hide the dead Gemma, Joe ordered her to get her out of her bedroom.

You Season 4 part 1 recap
A still from the show. CR: Netflix

Her ladyship initially reacts to the news remarkably well and even volunteers to join Adam in his fantasy. But things take a bad turn when Adam acknowledges that he only enjoys getting golden showers from subordinates and temporarily elevating those below him.

Knowing the psychology of kinks, Pheobe chooses to break up with Adam because she now realizes he views her as inferior, which could lead to animosity between them. Adam gets upset and joins his pals in the main party room, where he promises to take revenge on Jonathan Moore for revealing his identity and ruining his life.

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Phoebe discovers the blood-stained carpet after Jonathan visits the wildlife room to recover the bracelet she misplaced while transporting the body. Kate tells Pheobe about what happened that night and seems incredibly composed given the circumstances.

Roald enters the larder as Joe is busy searching for Kate’s bracelet and captures our anti-hero at gunpoint. Then, after bringing Joe back into the estate, he charges him before Adam, Sophie, Blessing, and Connie with helping Eat the Rich Killer.

Joe’s mock trial doesn’t go well since everyone in attendance despises him or is too drunk and euphoric to care. Although Connie collapses, Blessing and Sophie appear to find the scene amusing. When Roald decides to execute the main character, Joe punches Adam and then flees.

Joe begins to reflect on some of his life choices as he runs through the woods following Roald. Joe can disarm the murdering nobleman and knock him out when he eventually catches up to him. Joe hardly has a chance to exhale before nobody other than Rhys Montrose suddenly appears and shoots him in the head with a gun.

Rhys, Joe’s lone companion in London, turns out to be the merciless killer, the Rich Killer. Rhys begs Joe to assassinate the guy gunning for him just moments before, after he has roped up Joe with Roald and placed them in a dungeon beneath Hampsie. The future mayor of London sets the dungeon on fire after Joe, being the decent guy he is, fails to kill Roald, upsetting Rhys in the process.

Joe escapes the chains as the entire mansion is on fire before tentatively releasing Roald. Both males are about to catch fire for a brief moment. But the season is just halfway over, and Joe has a history of magically surviving everything. As a result, Kate locates them and saves both men, and everybody else escapes Hampsie without incident before the manor catches fire.

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Joe is relieved to be back in London now that everyone in the friends’ group knows his innocence. Even if it was only a partial apology, it was still better than nothing. Kate comes to his house and invites him out while bringing him some of Malcolm’s old clothing.

Joe rejects her while absorbed with the entire Rhys affair. Joe watches Rhys announce his candidacy for mayor on television as You Season 4 Episode 5 approaches. He swears to stop the psychotic killer from doing any more harm.

You Season 4 Episodes 6 to 10 Release Date

The release date for You Season 4 episodes 6–10 is March 9, 2023. You Season 4 Episodes 6 to 10 will be available on Netflix in the United States at 3 a.m. Fans from around the world can stream the show at:

  • For the viewers in India: 1.30 pm Indian Standard Time
  • For the viewers in Australia: 7:00 pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time
  • For the viewers in Britain: 8:00 am Greenwich Mean Time
  • For the viewers in Korea: 5:00 pm Korean Standard Time

You Season 4 Episodes 6 to 10: How to watch

You Season 4 episodes 6 to 10, will stream via Netflix at the abovementioned hours. You can select a suitable pack for yourselves.

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