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21 Best Gol D. Roger Cosplays That Bring the Character To the Real World

The Pirate King

Gol D. Roger is a Prominent character in One Piece Anime Manga, known as GOLD ROGER by the world government to hide his True name. Also, he was the captain of Roger Pirate and owner of the Legendary treasure One Piece, who held the title of Pirate King. He was the reason why most of the pirates started the hunt for the ONE PIECE, and he was also the lover of Portgas D. Rouge and the biological father of Portgas D. Ace.

Gol D. Roger gave us the best dialogue in anime history about Wealth, Fame, and Power in his final moment before the execution. Furthermore, he was the first wielder of STRAW HAT in anime manga.

The Cosplay of Gol D. Roger is not well-known as those of One Piece characters such as Luffy, Zorro, Sanji, Usop, Nami, Robin, and many more. He is a famous character, so people love to do his Cosplay. This culture is popular in Japan, China, South Korea, the U.S., and the UK. Cosplay originated in Japan as it is a part of Japanese culture, also called Otaku culture.


Moreover, people loved to cosplay their favorite characters, and many did Gol D. Roger Cosplay at Anime, comic, and gaming conventions. Nevertheless, we compiled a 21 Best Gol D. Roger cosplay list that, in our opinion, they showed the general public how this character might look in Real Life.

21) Lowcostcosplay as Gol D. Roger

Anucha “Cha” Saengchart, known as Low-Cost Cosplay, designs Cosplay at home with the help of kitchenware, old things that are of no use, etc. He is well-known in INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK by the name of LOWCOSTCOSPLAY. People love to see his Cosplay on these platforms and find it very hilarious compared to other cosplayers.



As we can see in this picture, he just used the pot’s lid to create the iconic EXECUTION scene of Gol D. Roger from the start of the One Piece anime’s first episode; as he stated in his name, low-cost Cosplay that many people spend their money only on costume design but he just used the pot’s lid and some paint on his face to look like Roger.

20) Captured Gol D. Roger

When the world Government Captured The Pirate King, they handcuffed him in a wooden handcuff with heavy chains attached to the handcuff so that The Pirate King didn’t escape from the World Government. The caption of this picture was con el Rey Pirata means with the Pirate King. HollyMotto is the owner of this picture.



19) Smiling Gol D. Roger Cosplay

This Cosplay shows our beloved Gol D. Roger smiling and happy at the same moment. Just as he was saved from the Death Bed by his crew members. This Cosplayer looks like a Modern take on Gol D. Roger, who lives in a luxurious home and has a better life than our Gol D. Roger.


18) Photomorphed Pirate King

Today’s technology is very advanced, so some people take advantage of it, and they play with their pictures to portray themselves as any other famous character. JakeWhite456 took that advantage and made his picture look like Pirate King.



17) Girl Posed AS Gol D. Roger

It is rare to see any women do a cosplay of a male character from Anime or Manga that of a famous Character from Anime/Manga Gol D. Roger. This picture was taken by ThomasAnime at the Taipei Frontier FF22 Event at the National Taiwan University on July 27. The photographer was amused that a girl cosplayed Beloved Roger.


PS: ThomasAnime

16) Gol D. Roger with First Mate

The friendship between Gol D. Roger and his first mate Rayleigh was unmatchable in Anime/Manga. MoonNeko and her sister both cosplayed to show the friendship between Gol D. Roger and Rayleigh, respectively. This picture was taken in Tulsa before both of them went to A-Kon (a three-day anime convention held in June).



15) D. Family

This Cosplay shows us the love between our beloved Gol D. Roger and Pregnant Portgas D. Rouge. In this picture, Portgas D. Rouge, played by DendroChilum in front of Gol D. Roger, Played by Beheller, at the Krasnoyarsk Festival. Also, this is not a fully finished picture, and this picture was taken before the completion of the costume.


Beheller(Left) DendroChilum(Right)

14) King Of The Pirates

JSanctum celebrated the epic ONE PIECE 1000th Episode by wearing an outfit of the most famous person in any Anime series. He brings up the Man, the Myth, the Legend Gol D. Roger. He is holding his most used weapon in the fight. One of the 12 Supreme Grade Meito.


13) Gol D. Roger holding his sword “ACE “

That is the most iconic costume of Gol D. Roger, and it appeared in the First episode of the Anime, where the world Government executes the Legendary pirate in front of Louge Town, Roger’s Hometown. In this picture, we have ALTERAX, posed as the Gol D. Roger(one piece) holding his sword known as ACE, one of the 12 Supreme Grade Meito at the Evento de Disfraces & Cosplay 2012 of Medellin.



12) Wakeme AS Gol D. Roger

She is a famous Cosplayer in Japan, and she has done much cosplay of other Anime Characters, but she looks more like Pirate King in her Gol D. Roger cosplay. In this, she is holding a Pirate’s Gun and pointing it toward the camera as if she is threatening some goons with that awesome smile of hers.



11) Gol D. Roger and Monkey D. Luffy

The Pirate King by ESTEBAN HN with another cosplayer that is dressed as The main lead of One Piece Anime/Manga Monkey D. Luffy, who is also a member of the D. clan. Gol D. Roger is seen sitting on the red object, and he seems a bit angry, but on the other hand, our Luffy is as jolly as he should be in any place like Anime, Manga, or real life.


10) Tatsumi Inui as Pirate King

Tatsumi Inui is the director of World Cosplay and directs fashion shows in Japan. He had done some great cosplay of other famous Anime/Manga characters, but this Gol D. Roger cosplay looks more authentic and Looks as if we have a real-life Roger, then Tatsumi Inui will be our Pirate King. Gol D. Roger is smiling as if he sees his crewmate again.


Tatsumi Inui

9) Former Pirate king and Future Pirate King

Another of ESTEBAN HN Gol D. Roger’s cosplay, but this time, Roger is as same as we see him in Anime/Manga, always happy and smiling. Angelo is portraying the craziest Pirate in the world who will become the Next Pirate king in the future, and he is standing with the former Pirate King who Discovered the Laugh tale and the Legendary Treasure, The ONE PIECE.


Angelo(Left) ESTEBAN HN(Right)

8) Gol D. Roger as Executioner

As we know, whose order was to kill the pirate king, Tatsumi Inui took it to another level. He cosplayed by grabbing those swords that pierced Pirate King’s heart and giving that smile that Roger always gives in Serious situations. This picture was taken six years ago.


Tatsumi Inui

7) Gol D. Roger’s Execution

We saw many cosplays in which Roger is captured but not as same as it was shown in Anime/Manga. But Jorge Castellano shows how they hold the Pirate King in their holdup and how the security was at the execution stage. This picture was taken in 2011 at TLP.


Jorge Castellano(Center)

6) Gol D. Roger at the Cemetery

In this picture, our beloved The Pirate King seating at his own grave at the Cemetery and laughing, not showing any sign of grief. This is cosplayed by the Director of World Cosplay i.e. Tatsumi Inui. He is holding his Sword and seating on the stairs, growling.


Tatsumi Inui

5) Gol D. Roger: 3D or Real Life

If someone asks, whom you will choose: 3D or Real Life Gol D. Roger, your answer should be Real life, and if that character Portray by ESTEBANHN, that will take it to another level.

As it’s shown, Esteban HN is perfect for Legendary Pirate King Cosplay and becomes a real-life Pirate King.


Esteban Hn

4) Gol D. Roger Behind Bars

When Garp(Monkey D. Luffy’s GrandFather) comes to see his rival behind bars last time, Roger gives him a smile that shows they are more of Best friends, not Rivals. This picture was Shot by simonedellamico93.


PS: simonedellamico93

3) Gol D. Roger with Buggy The Star Clown

As we know, Buggy The Star Clown was a member of Roger Pirate alongside Shanks(Emperor of the sea). After they were left behind, they saw how Roger died. If Gol D. Roger were alive, they would be the best buddy in Anime/Manga. This picture shows how they would live together by Drinking sake. Cosplay By- Wakame..3


2) Fighting Gol D. Roger Cosplay

This Cosplay shows GOL D. Roger can fight with a Smile and not show any tiredness on his face. As we saw in the fight between Whitebeard and Gol D. Roger in Anime Episode Number 966. Tatsumi Inui gave us the same look on his face as he was fighting his formidable Enemy.


1) What is to be THE PIRATE KING

Gol D. Roger became Pirate King when he was 52 years old.


Only one year, he surrendered to the world government. But after the death of Gol D. Roger, The title of Pirate King remains in the hand of Gol D. Roger, and no one came closer to the title of Pirate King.

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