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Best Upcoming TV Series Releasing in March 2021 You Need to Look Forward to

Upcoming TV series in March 2021

Last year’s pandemic and shutdown gave us more than enough time to watch countless hours of television. Honestly, 2021 won’t be much different, at least not now. Luckily, unlike 2020 where most of the shows were getting delayed, 2021 will introduce us to some really amazing series. The best part is a lot of shows that were delayed in 2020 will be releasing this year. However, we will only look at all the TV series releasing in March 2021 in this post. Additionally, we will discuss the streaming details, plot, and story. So, let’s have an early look at some of the highly anticipated series of the next month.

You can stream the TV series releasing in March 2021 on Netflix, Diseny+, and other popular streaming websites. The streaming websites always line up binge-worthy shows for fans of all genres, including thriller, drama, romance, and sci-fi. Of course, this month won’t be any different. From miniseries like “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” to sequels such as “Black Lightning” season 4, March 2021 has a lot in store for us. So, start adding these series to your watch list.

1. Debris:

Debris TV series in March 2021

Release Date: 1st March

Genre: Sci-Fi, Supernatural, Drama

Creator: J.H. Wyman

Network: NBC

This is the TV series of March 2021. It follows the story of two agents from two different continents and different mindsets. However, they are forces to work together as a team when wreckage from a destroyed alien spacecraft has some mysterious effects on mankind.

2. The Flash (Season 7):

The Flash TV series in March 2021

Release Date: 2nd March

Genre: Superhero, Drama, Action, Sci-Fi

Creators: Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg, Geoff Johns

Network: The CW

The seventh season of the popular DC comics TV series will follow Barry’s struggles to stop Eva McCulloch in March 2021. Barry will also have to find a way to locate his missing wife, Iris-West Allen. Set in the Arrowverse and sharing continuity with the other television series of the universe, The Flash is a spin-off of Arrow.

3. New Amsterdam (Season 3):

New Amsterdam Season 3 TV series in March 2021

Release Date: 2nd March

Genre: Medical Drama

Creator: David Schulner

Network: NBC

This season will follow after the events in season 2 that concluded on 14 April 2021. New Amsterdam is a story about Dr. Max Goodwin and his life as he becomes the medical director of one of the oldest public hospitals in the United  States. He aims to reform the neglected facility by tearing up its bureaucracy to provide exceptional care to patients.

4. Kamp Koral: SpongeBob’s Under Years:

Kamp Koral SpongeBob’s Under Years

Release Date: 4th March

Genre: Comedy, Animation

Creators: Derek Drymon, Tim Hill, Nich Jennings

Network: CBS All Access

This CG-animated TV series releasing in March 2021 will follow the adventures of a 10-year-old SpongeBob. He goes to a summer sleepover camp called Kamp Koral. This popular spin-off series of the classic American animation SpongeBob SquarePants was supposed to premiere in July 2020, but it was delayed to the pandemic.

5. Pacific Rim: The Black:

Pacific Rim The Black

Release Date: 4th March

Genre: Sci-Fi, Action, Cyberpunk, Adult Animation

Creators: Greg Johnson, Craig Kyle

Network: Netflix

This upcoming American anime-style streaming television series is based on the first two live-action Pacific Rim movies. The series will include the main characters Hayley Travis, Taylor Travis, and Loa. After Kaiju ravage Australia, two siblings Taylor and Hayley, pilot a Jaeger to search for their parents. Along the way, they encounter new creatures, shady characters, and allies.

6. Good Girls (Season 4):

Good Girls TV series in March 2021

Release Date: 7th March

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Crime

Creator: Jenna Bans

Network: NBC

The fourth season of the popular American drama TV series will air on 7 March 2021. The series follows the story of three suburban Michigan mothers. Two of them are sisters. The trio is having a hard time trying to make ends meet. After getting tired of having everything taken away from them, they decide to pull off an unlikely heist by robbing a supermarket. However, their robbery attracts the attention of the store manager, who recognizes one of the women.

7. A Million Little Things (Season 4):

A Million Little Things Season 4

Release Date: 11th March

Genre: Family, Drama

Creator: DJ Nash

Network: ABC

The series revolves around a tight-knit group of friends in Boston. Each of them is feeling stuck in different aspects of their lives. However, their worlds are rocked when one of them unexpectedly takes his own life, and this horrific event serves as a wake-up call to the rest of the friends. The fourth season will follow the events after the third season. In season 3, the group of friends leans on each other in both moving and aspirational ways.

8. Bulletproof (Season 4):

Bulletproof Season 4

Release Date: 11th March

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Crime

Creators: Noel Clarke, Ashley Walters, Nick Love

Network: Sky One

The series follows the lives of childhood friends Aaron Bishop and Ronnie Pike. They are both from different backgrounds. Ronnie is from a middle-class family with a history in the police. His father is now working as Director-General of the National Crime Agency. However, Bishop grew up in foster homes and on the streets. The series shows their fraternal bond as they work together as detectives for the National Crime Agency in London and deal with serious crimes.

9. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier:

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Release Date: 19th March

Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Superhero

Creator: Malcolm Spellman

Network: Disney+

This is an upcoming mini-series of Marvel Entertainment premiering in March 2021. Set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the series share continuity with the films of the franchise. The story follows the events after the movie Avengers: Endgame. Sam Wilson is handed the mantle of Captain America after the Endgame. He now teams up with Bucky Barnes in worldwide dangerous adventures that put their abilities to the test. They also fight the anarchist group called the “Flag-Smashers.”

10. Sky Rojo:

Sky Rojo Netflix TV series in March 2021

Release Date: 19th March

Genre: Action, Thriller, Crime, Drama

Creators: Alex Pina, Esther Martinez Lobato

Network: Netflix

Sky Rojo is an upcoming Spanish action crime drama series releasing on 19 March 2021. The story follows the lives of three prostitutes, Coral, Wendy, and Gina. The trio flees from their pimp, Romeo, in search of freedom. However, Romeo and his henchmen Moises and Christan chase them after their escape. The women embark on a chaotic journey, facing all kinds of dangers and strengthening their friendship. Along the way, they grow stronger and discover more options to recover their lives. The show follows the brutal reality of prostitution and the psychological portraits of those on both sides.

11. The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers:

The Mighty Ducks Game Changers 2021

Release Date: 26th March

Genre: Sports

Creators: Steven Brill, Josh Goldsmith, Cathy Yuspa

Network: Disney+

The series is based on the 1992 movie “The Mighty Ducks,” written by Steven Brill. The series serves as a follow-up to the movie. Junior hockey team, The Mighty Ducks, is now a powerhouse in its division. The team is now selective about who joins them. The story follows 12-year-old boy Evan, who is kicked out of the team. After his mother’s urging, he forms a new hockey team of underdogs with the help of Gordon Bombay, the original coach of The Mighty Ducks.

12. Invincible:

Invincible TV series

Release Date: 26th March

Genre: Drama, Superhero

Creator: Robert Kirkman

Network: Prime Video

The series is based on the superhero comic book character of the same name. The story follows Mark Grayson, a seemingly normal teenager whose father Noal is the most powerful superhero on the planet. Mark begins to develop his own powers shortly after his 17th birthday. After developing his powers, he enters into his father’s tutelage.

13. City on a Hill (Season 2):

City on a Hill Season 2

Release Date: 28th March

Genre: Crime, Drama

Creator: Chuck MacLean

Network: Showtime

Set in Boston, the series follows the story of the early 1990s. It was a time when the city was rife with violent criminals and corruption. However, it changed after a new District Attorney, Deccourcy Ward comes from Brooklyn. He allies with Jackie Rohr, who is a corrupt yet venerated FBI veteran. Together, they work to reform the chaotic city of Boston. The series follows the fictional events of the “Boston Miracle” that was implemented in 1996.

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