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The Chi Season 5 Episode 7 Release Date: Victor Leaves the Picture

The Chi Season 5 Episode 7
The Chi Season 5 Episode 7

The Chi Season 5 Episode 7 is back after its hiatus. So, let’s talk about what to expect from the upcoming episode and do an episode recap. Firstly, even though their emotions are running high for both of them, Emmett and Tiff are parents who receive the unexpected news that helps them come together as co-parents. When Keisha struggles to cope with Baby Ronnie and her hectic schedule while trying to get used to a new relationship, she seeks guidance from the school counselor.

Kevin is finding it challenging to balance dating and the new underground gaming scene he has joined. The prize for the following challenge is $25,000, and Kevin intends to prevail. Dealing with a shocking incident that could lead to issues is Jake, Jemma, and Papa. Jake has offended Victor for making him look bad on the campaign trail by picking up Jemma. Jake believes Victor is only concerned with getting the City Council seat. How will Keisha and Tiff overcome their new relationship and rekindle their friendship?

The Chi Season 5 Episode 6 Recap

Emmett and Keisha, Tiff and Rob, Victor and Fatima, and Darnell and Jada are the couples making out. Jada refuses to live with another man unless they are engaged when Darnell insists they must live together. Keisha desires to inform Tiff of her relationship with Emmett. Fatima tells Victor that she dislikes feeling like a mistress in hiding. Victor is at a loss for what to do.

The Chi Season 5 Episode 7

Here’s what went down in the last episode

Jemma takes a listen to Maisha’s demo and provides some helpful criticism. Maisha is disappointed but appreciative of Jemma’s advice. Jada offers to go on a date with Darnell. Kevin receives an invitation to participate in a clandestine gaming competition where he can win real money. Dom hears from Emmett about his reconciliation with Keisha. When Pastor Jackson confronts Victor about his relationship with Tierra being fake, they have a meet-and-greet.

When Stupidity Shows It’s Face

Tiff and Nuck cross paths while searching for Q, Rob’s supplier. Kevin is informed that there is a $100 cryptocurrency buy-in to play when he arrives at the underground gaming community. Kevin’s entry fee is paid, and he immediately makes an impression on everyone.

Nuck is crazy, according to Tiff, and he is the reason Keisha was abducted, she tells Rob. Victor is getting ready to speak tonight. When Emmett informs Tiff that he is currently dating Keisha, Tiff is furious. Jake informs Peaches that Jemma is expecting a baby. He says he is afraid to tell Victor because of his fear. When Victor makes his speech at the fundraiser, he tells Shaad’s story rather than one about Peaches. Peaches have a grudge against Victor.


Roselyn exhibits the updated ROCK building plans at the fundraiser. Surprised and furious, Victor and Tracy are. They were unaware that Roselyn intended to rebuild ROCK by herself. Victor and Tracy talk about Roselyn taking over ROCK and making changes behind their backs. Tracy admits that she is to blame for Coogie’s death. Victor consoles her. Emmett tells Keisha how poorly Tiff responded to his revelation.

Keisha informs him that Tiff refuses to return her calls or respond to her texts. Later, Rob confronts Tiff for being upset over Keisha and Emmett’s romance. Victor visits Peaches, who won’t answer the door, as Jake and Jemma get ready for their big day. Peaches are not in her room when Victor enters with the aid of a volunteer, but she has left a farewell note for him and Jake.

The Chi Season 5 Episode 7

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Where To Watch The Chi?

You can stream The Chi from Showtime’s app or its website, Spectrum on Demand, DirecTV Streaming, Amazon Prime Video, The Roku Channel, and Fubo TV. Lastly, you can buy the episodes from Apple iTunes, Vudu Fandango, and Google Play.

The Chi Season 5 Episode 7 Release Date

The Chi Season 5 Episode 7 will release on August 7, 2022, on Showtime. The upcoming episode is titled “Angels.” With this, we are wrapping it up concerning this topic here at Otakukart. Thanks for your attention, happy streaming, and see you soon!

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