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Prahlad Modi Net Worth

Prahlad Modi credits
Prahlad Modi credits

From Vadnagar, Gujarat, India, belongs to a person named Prahlad Modi, well-known as a businessman, a famous media personality, a politician’s brother, and an online personality. He was born in 1953 and is currently 69 years old. Let’s talk about Prahlad Modi’s Net Worth.

Prahlad Modi serves as the organization’s president and is in charge of the “Gujarat Fair Price Shops Association.” He also holds the position of Vice President of the Federation of All India Fair Price Shop Dealers. Other than all these things, he is also well-recognized for being Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s brother. 

Being the brother of the Indian Prime Minister was never used against Prahlad Modi, who lived a very humble life. He retired in 2021 after a happy career as the proprietor of a ration store in Ahmedabad.

He frequently attracted attention for his protests against various policies and tactics, despite the fact that they were developed by his brother Narendra Modi. 

Prahlad Modi and Narendra Modi credits

Prahlad Modi and Narendra Modi credits

Prahlad Modi in a Mishap Recently

Modi and his family were wounded in a vehicle accident on Tuesday in Karnataka, which is why he is currently in the news. Near Mysuru in Karnataka, the automobile carrying Prahlad and his family slammed into a wall.

According to official authorities, Prahlad Modi was in a car accident while traveling to Bandipur with his few family members, such as his son, daughter-in-law, and grandson. The incident happened on Tuesday, December 27, 2022, in the vicinity of Mysuru, Karnataka.

Prahlad reportedly lost control of his Mercedes Benz and collided with the divider. The car wasn’t going too fast. All of the family members were treated at the JSS Hospital and are now secure. Modi and other members of his family only suffered minor wounds, but his grandson suffered a leg fracture.

Modi’s Early Life and Present Career

Along with his siblings, Prahlad Modi attended the local school in his hometown. He was a bright student at his school and frequently received exceptional grades. He enrolled in a private university after finishing his senior secondary education to continue his study.

Prahlad Modi credits

Prahlad Modi credits

After completing his education, Prahlad Modi began working locally. In 2001, it was founded. Prahlad is in charge of providing rations to families and the destitute at fair costs. After that, he managed a ration store in Ahmedabad until he eventually retired due to old age in 2021. In addition to these positions, he serves as vice president of the All India Fair Price Shop Dealer’s Federation.

When the BJP imprisoned a number of his supporters in Uttar Pradesh in 2021, Prahlad went on a hunger strike at Chaudhury Charan Singh International Airport. He is not reachable through any social media platforms.

He also protested the government’s policies in addition to this. He held a dharna in Delhi’s Jantar in August 2022. The Federation requests that fair-price stores be used to supply compensation for lost sales of rice, wheat, and sugar.

Additionally, they displayed banners and slogans calling for the fulfillment of their nine requests. Even after his brother Narendra Modi became the leader of the Indian government, Prahlad continued to hold protests.

Prahlad Modi’s Current Net Worth 

The younger brother of Narendra Modi resides in Gujarat with his relatives. For reasons of safety, he hasn’t made all of his habits and place of residence known to the general public. He derives his income from a variety of ventures, including his business and the All India Fair Price Shop Dealer’s Federation, among others. His net worth is estimated to be between INR 15 crores, according to the estimates (approx.).

Family Members of Prahlad Modi

Prahlad Modi is the youngest son of his parents and is well-loved by everyone in the family. His mother’s name is Heeraben Modi, and she turned 99 in June 2022, as everyone is aware. On the other hand, his father was a tea vendor by trade and went by the name of Damodardas Mulchand Modi.

After a protracted battle with bone cancer, Damodardas Mulchand Modi passed away in 1989. Vasantiben Hasmukhlal Modi is Prahlad’s only sibling. He does, however, have four brothers. Amrit Modi, his brother, used to operate lathe machines before retiring. Soma Modi, his eldest sibling, retired from the Health Department.

The other two brothers are called Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister, and Pankaj Modi, a clerk in the IT department. Prahlad revealed that he and Narendra Modi have a good relationship but have only ever met three times between 2006 and 2014. In addition to this, he practices Hinduism and is of the Modh Ghanchi caste.

Bhagwatiben Modi

Bhagwatiben Modi Prahlad Modi’s wife credits

On a number of social media platforms, Prahlad has disclosed details regarding his private life. He had a fulfilling marriage to Bhagwatiben Modi. For many years, the couple shared a home. Unfortunately, Bhagwatiben Modi passed away in 2019 following a heart arrest. Prahlad and Bhagwatiben were the parents of three wonderful children.

Two daughters and one son were born to them. His daughter Nikunjben Modi, who had been battling heart illness for more than ten years, passed away in September 2016 after having a heart attack. Sonal Modi, his second child, desires to pursue a career in politics. He also has a son by the name of Mehul Prahlad Modi, who is wed to Jindal Modi. Menat Mehul Modi, his grandson, is also his name.

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