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The Gentlemen Filming Locations: Where Was The Movie Filmed?

The Gentlemen

Have you ever watched the 2019 action-comedy series? The Gentleman is an action-comedy film directed by Guy Ritchie which premiered at Curzon Mayfair Cinema on December 3, 2019. The film is produced by three guys, including Guy Ritchie, Ivan Atkinson, and Bill Block. The film was released on January 24, 2020, and was distributed by Entertainment Film Distributors.

The film was produced by Miramax production house. The most loved action-comedy film of the time will be back for a spin-off series on Netflix. The series got the green flag from Netflix in 2020. The film’s lead cast includes Matthew McConaughey as Michael Pearson, Charlie Hunnam as Raymond Smith, Henry Golding as Dry Eye, Michelle Dockery as Rosalind Pearson, Jeremy Strong as Matthew Berger, and Hugh Grant as Fletcher.

The supporting cast includes Colin Farrell as Coach, Bugzy Malone as Ernie, Jason Wong as Phuc, Brittany Ashworth as Ruby, and Eddie Marsan as Dave. The film has a run time of 113 minutes. The plot follows the great yet dangerous Mickey Pearson, who belongs from a poor background and got a Rhodes scholarship at Oxford. Mickey starts to sell marijuana to his classmates in Oxford and drops out halfway through his course.

The Gentlemen

The Gentlemen Poster[ Credits- STX Studios] 

Mickey goes on to build one of the best domains in the business of marijuana. As the time comes for his retirement from Pearson, he decides to cash out his business to live with his wife, Rosalind. As people from the underworld receive word about Pearson’s plan to sell out his business, it leads to several plot twists, blackmailing, and the mafias trying to snatch Pearson’s domain from him. The film’s plot is interesting enough to hold the viewers’ attention till the end. 

The film got mixed reviews from the critics, with some loving the plot while others questioned the authenticity of some of the film’s plot. The film was loved by the audience and received a tremendous response from them as it became a commercially successful film earning $115M with an initial budget of $22M.

Netflix has decided to make a spin-off series on the same audience demand. With the gripping narration, great cinematography, and brilliant acting by the cast of the lead actors, the film was a great success at the box office. The thrill and the plot twists were loved by the audience. It received positive responses from the viewers.

The film got shot in more than five locations across London. Film enthusiasts are always eager to visit the filming location of the outstanding film. So, the information about the movie’s filming locations is here for curious enthusiasts.

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The Gentlemen Filming Locations  

In 2018, it was revealed Guy Ritchie would be writing and directing the film. The initial filming of the movie was set to start in May 2018, but it got delayed due to casting issues. The cast for the film got finalized by late October.

The series filming began in early November 2018 and wrapped up around November 2019. Most of the film got shot in different parts of London due to its magnificent architecture and scenic beauty surrounding the area.

Emirates Stadium, London

The cast and production crew of the film picked the stadium for one of the intimidating shots from the film. The Emirates Stadium is a large, beautiful stadium located in London, where Football matches are often held.

The stadium’s architecture is quite intimidating, thus serving as the perfect location to shoot one of the darker scenes of the film. The stadium got used for shooting the scene in which a group of gangsters was seen in the box on the upper-level planning on how to take down Pearson’s business empire.

The Gentlemen

Ramon In Emirates Studio [Credits- STX Studios]

The Princess Victoria

The beautiful original gin palace was selected by the production crew for its beautiful interior decor. The hotel located at 217 Uxbridge Road, Shepherd’s Bush, London, was used to shoot the scene of the film that shows Pearson and Mickey meeting to discuss the plans of Pearson selling his empire to him for $400M. The starting scene of the film showing Matthew drinking a pint is also shot here.

The Gentlemen

Mickey Meets Berger [ Credits- STX Studios]

NEO Bankside

The apartment building, which has 217 apartments and 4 penthouses situated on the banks of the Thames river, was used by the production crew to shoot the scene in the film where Hugh Grant goes inside Miramax Studio to sell his script. The scenic beauty was the main reason behind choosing this location for the scene.

The Gentlemen

A Shot Of NEO Bankside- [Credits- STX STudios]

Brompton Cemetery

The beautiful cemetery is situated in the lap of nature in Fulham Road, London, and has over 35,000 gravestones in it. The production crew used the cemetery to shoot the part of the film which shows the meeting between Dry Eye and his uncle as they plot against Pearson and Mickey.

The Gentlemen

The Shot In Brampton Cemetry- [ Credits- STX Studios]

Billingsgate Fish Market

The largest inland fish market in the United Kingdom, located in Trafalgar Way, Polar London, was used by the production crew to shoot the part of the film which shows the final meeting between Matthew and Mickey.

Great Hall

The beautiful place decked with oak tiles and marbled column walls situated in Loosely Park, in Surrey, was used by the production crew to shoot the films scene where the upper crust party is held in which Mickey starts a personal feud against Dave, the Daily Print editor.

Wrotham Park

The beautiful private property situated in Barnet, Hertfordshire, is often used as a shooting location for different films. The house was used to shoot the scene where Mickey’s voice-over is heard.

West London Film Studios

The filming studio on Springfield Road, Hayes, London, was used to shoot some of the important scenes of the film there.

The action-comedy filled with thrill and twists and turns received many positive reviews. It did receive some negative responses from critics for some of its plotlines.

Where To Watch The Gentlemen?

The film Gentlemen is available for viewers to stream on Amazon Prime. It was previously available on Netflix, too, but it got removed. 

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