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Russia Bans Several Anime From Websites Due To Lack Of Age Restriction


Tons of Anime was banned from different sites in Russia due to lack of age restriction issues. These anime are some of the biggest shows out there: Death Note, Tokyo Ghoul, Inuyashiki, and Elfen Lied. But they don’t seem to be stopping just here.

The state prosecutors have also asked the government to ban more anime like Naruto and Interspecies Reviewer. Inuyashiki and Death Note were banned from over 2 unspecified websites completely. Later it was also stated that Elfen Lied was also banned from a website that is yet to be disclosed.


Many issues were also stated with the banning of said anime, the most important one being that many websites did not adhere to the age restrictions for these anime at all. But that wasn’t all; the court also criticized the shows themselves for being so violent and spreading a very bad message to young viewers.

In December, the court of Kolpinsky received a ton of requests through their Joint Press Service’s Telegram channel to ban or restrict said anime. The request also included some other anime like Aki Sora and Terror In Resonance.

Out of 49 links to websites that did not give heed to these anime’s age restrictions and let young viewers watch them, 3 were filed and have been banned from streaming these shows. Later on, it was reported that even though only very few anime or websites were restricted, we may see many such bannings without any legal proceedings needed.

A more serious issue was reported, which stated that the anime Aki Sora will be given to the Minister Of Internal Affairs, who would investigate it for possibly violating Russian Law. We still don’t know the details of the websites which were streaming these anime without any age restrictions.

aki sora image 2

They seem to be doubling down on all kinds of anime and manga because these media elements have been causing problems in Russia for a few years now. The main culprit of this would be Death Note; this series has been a huge issue.

The start of this issue can be traced back to 2013 when a letter was written directly to the President of the country asking to ban or restrict the anime because of the impact and influence on young children.

The letter was written by the Parents Organization Of The Ural Federal District Of Russia. They stated that this series had so much violence and cruelty that it would reflect the younger generation.

This letter could have started because of an incident that took place during the same year. A teenage girl committed suicide by jumping from her apartment window. Upon further investigation, they found a note written by her which read, “I can’t live anymore,” they also found 4 volumes of Death Note manga.

Another similar case was also reported where a Deth Note fan died who was wearing a costume that resembled the one worn by the main character from the show.

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