Where is What Lies Beneath Us Filmed? The Disney Show

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What Lies Beneath
What Lies Beneath [Credits- IMBD]

Curious to know about the filming locations of the film What Lies Beneath? Watched the movie beforehand? What lies beneath is an American horror film written by Clark Gregg and Sarah Kernochan. The film is directed by Robert Zemeckis, and the astounding cinematography is done by Don Burgees.

What Lies Beneath is produced by Jack Rapke and Steve Starky. The film is made under Dreamworks Pictures in partnership with 20th Century Fox. The film was released on July 21, 2000, and had a run tie of 130 minutes. The film received a critical response from the audience. 

The viewers felt her role was convincing and sympathetic. The result of the film is a no-shocker and it did have some good moments in it. The film has received an overall rating of 4.5/10 from the fans. The film did do well at the box office with a collection of $291.4M.

The core cast of the film includes Harrison Ford as Dr.Norman, a successful college scientist Michelle Pfeiffer as Claire Spencer, wife of Dr. Norman, Diana Scarwid as Jody, best friend of Claire, Miranda Otto as Mary Feur, Neighbor of Norman, and James Remar as Warren Feur, husband of Mary.

The supporting cast of the film includes Katharine Towne as Caitlin, Claire’s daughter Ray Baker as Dr. Stan, Joe Morton as Dr. Drayton, Claire’s therapist, Amber Valletta as Madison Elizabeth, murdered young woman, and Wendy Crewson as Elena.

What Lies Beneath
A Still From What Lies Beneath [Credits-IMBD]
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Premise Of What Lies Beneath

The film has the usual storyline where the husband has an affair with a younger woman and kills her when she threatens to expose their relationship to his wife. The story begins with Claire and Norman being in a strained relationship result of Norman’s affair during a rough patch in their marriage. Claire begins to see the spirit of a young woman, which she takes to be of her neighbors.

Her neighbor Mary has a volatile relationship with her husband and goes missing for a long time. Claire suspects Mary’s husband to have killed her. After a while, Mary returns well and reveals she has been staying at her parents’ house. The film progresses, and Claire sees the news about a dead body of a young woman named Madison being recovered.

She goes on a quest to find out what happened to Madison. The rest of the film follows Claire and her attempt to know the truth. It is revealed Madison is the same young student Norman had an affair with. Even though Norman denies killing Madison, his story keeps changing, thus raising suspicion in Claire’s mind. It is further revealed Norman killed Madison when she threatened him.

The film ends with Norman trying to kill Claire by drowning her. Instead, Madisson Kills Norman by drowning him and saves Claire. The end credits show Claire placing a red rose on Madisson’s grave.

What Lies Benath
Claire Reads A Newspaper Clipping With Madison’s Case [Credits-IMBD]

What Lies Beneath Filming Locations

The principal photography for the film began in the late summer of 1999 in parts of Addison, Vermont.

1. DAR State Park

The production crew of the film chose DAR State Park, located in West Addison, as the prime location for the filming. The house used in the film was constructed by the crew here, which was disintegrated later. The DAR Park is available for visitors to visit. Most of the film is shot in this house. The beginning scene where the audience witnessed Claire and Norman in a loving embrace was shot here.

What Lies Beneath
Filming Location With The House [Credits-IMBD]

2. Burlington

The production crew of the film chose Burlington, located in Vermont, to film the scene with the University of Vermont. The reason behind choosing the location for the authenticity of the film scenes.

What Lies Beneath
Filming Location Of What Lies Beneath [ Credits- IMBD]

3. Washington Boulevard

The production crew of the film chose Sony Pictures Studios, located in California, to shoot the final scenes and special effects. The scenes with the lake at night are also shot in this region.

What Lies Beneath
Filming Location In Wahington Boulevard [Credits- IMBD]

4. Lake Champlain

The production crew of the film chose Crown Point Bridge, located near Lake Champlain, to shoot most of the cinematic scenes. The scene involving the drowning of Claire and Norman at the end of the film is shot here. Another scene with the jewelry box of Madisson’s name submerged in water is also shot here.

What Lies Beneath
Filming Location At Lake Champlain [Credits- IMBD]

What Was Lies Beneath Not Much Loved By The Audience?

The film didn’t receive much appreciation for the film. The viewers didn’t like the usual story of the film. The critics labeled the film to be confusing and lacking horror material in it. The viewers weren’t satisfied with the supernatural element of the film, and they felt it was missing something.

Where To Watch What Lies Beneath?

The film is available for viewers to stream on Amazon with a subscription worth $14.99 a month and $139 a year. The film was also previously available on Disney+.

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