Fahlanruk Episode 7 Release Date: Fahlan And Sher Are Finally Together!

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Fahlanruk Episode 7 preview
Fahlanruk Episode 7 Release Date

The Fahlanruk Episode 7 Release Date is out, and this Thai drama’s fans can’t wait to watch how Fah and Sher’s love story unfolds. Before we skip to the Fahlanruk Episode 7 Release Date and where to watch Fahlanruk Episode 7, here is a recap of Fahlanruk Episode 6. We see that Sher has to perform at an event, but he forgets to take his guitar with him, and then Fahlan comes to his rescue.

Sherbet thanks him but leaves him in the middle of their conversation after saying he has to go and perform. After successfully signing for his audience, he leaves the place, and Fahlan is upset as Sher does not talk to or ignore him. Fahlan runs after him and tries to ask him about his concerns. Sher says he is fine and wants to go home.


Fahlanruk Episode 7 preview
Fahlan from Fahlanruk

Fahlan asks him about his attitude and the reason behind his ignoring Fahlan. Sher requests Fahlan to leave him alone and stop stalking him, as whatever happened between them was temporary and was just for fun. Fahlan laughs at him and calls him a coward because he is not accepting his feelings about Fahlan.

Sherbet again asks him to stop being mean to him and starts crying. Fahlan reveals that he knows about his insecurities and fears. Sherbet has begun to like Fahlan and how he cares about him. Sherbet kicks him and leaves the place, making his feelings evident.

Fahlanruk Episode 7 preview
Sherbet from Fahlanruk

Then, a day later, we see Sher arguing with his twin brother. Fahlan suddenly intervenes and stops them from fighting. He later bandages his wounds, and they both sort everything. We then see Sher asking his brother about his ex and why he is upset. They try to sort everything out, and finally, Sher is happy and asks Fahlan to meet him and have lunch together.

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What Is Fahlanruk’s Story?

Fahlanruk, a drama with the premise of a boy’s love tale, is said to be based on the same-titled book. When the 2020 book “Fahlan” was published, social media erupted with debate regarding its premise, storyline, and characters.

It seemed inevitable that the Thai industry would turn it into a television series, and it appears that the show is on its way to setting new records for BL-themed drama viewership. Sherbet, a gifted singer majoring in architecture, and Fahlan, a charming young man who excels in academics and athletics, fall in love.

Fahlanruk Episode 7 preview
Fah and Sherbet

However, after a one-night stand, they fell in love. Fahlan is prepared to take this relationship further, but Sherbet is coping with a phobia that we do not know yet. Fans are interested in his past and eagerly anticipate the publication of “Fahlanruk Episode 7” to learn how he will be able to overcome his trauma.

Fahlanruk Episode 7 Preview

The upcoming episode of Fahlanruk will be an entertaining yet emotional ride as we will see that Sher finally accepts his feelings for Fah. He then invites him and all of their friends to drink through the night. They will enjoy their night out.


We will also see that Pat will become ill after drinking too much, and ping will nurse him back to good health. Fahlan will ask Ping to confess his love to tap. Ping is now confused as he did not know his feelings were that apparent.

Fahlanruk Episode 7 Release Date

The ‘Fahlanruk Episode 7’ release date is Sunday, October 23, at 11 pm Thai local time. An Uncut Version will also be accessible a day later at 00.00 am (GMT+ 7). However, For international fans, Fahlanruk episode 7 will be available for streaming at the times listed below.

Fahlanruk Episode 7 preview
Fahlan and Sherbet from Fahlanruk

• British Summer Time: 5:00 pm (October 23, 2022).
• Indian Standard Time: 9:30 pm (October 23, 2022)
• Singapore Standard Time: 12:00 am (October 24, 2022)
• Philippines Standard time: 12:00 am (October 24, 2022)
• Japanese Standard Time: 1:00 am. (October 24, 2022)
• Pacific Standard Time: 9:00 am. (October 23, 2022)
• Eastern Standard Time: 12:00 pm. (October 23, 2022)

Where And How To Watch Fahlanruk Episode 7 Online?

For the fans in Thailand, ‘Fahlanruk Episode 7’ will air on the popular Thai channel MCOT HD 30. But an uncut version of the next episode will also be available on WeTV. Fahlanruk episode 7 will stream on the ‘GagaOOLala’ streaming platform for international fans. So, update your calendars, and don’t forget to watch ‘Fahlanruk Episode 7.’ when it comes out. Happy streaming!

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