K-pop group VI’ENX Releases Teaser for the Upcoming ‘On My Way’

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Source: Nature Entertainment

The pre-debut Kpop boy group VI’ENX is set to release their pre-debut album “On My Way” on May 2, 2023. VI’ENX, also known as IBZ, is a rookie boy group under Nature Space. The group consists of a total of five members. The group was first revealed as a pre-debut group named IBZ by Nature Space on their social media. Later Nature Space announced the final name of the group, which is VI’ENX. 

The group first released the single digital song “On My Way” and “Brr.” However, the MV for any of the songs was released. But they have performed the song at GumTV ( a K-stage platform for rookies). Gladly, On April 16, 2023, Nature Space announced via its social media handle that the VI’ENX will be releasing the official MV of their pre-debut single “On My Way” on May 2, 2023. Fans of VI’ENX are excited about the boy’s pre-debut project and hope that they debut officially too soon. 

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VI’ENX Members Profile 

VI’ENX, previously known as IBZ are trainee K-pop boy group under Nature Space. The group includes a total of five members. However, few members are trainees, and few are members of other groups. Let’s get to know more about VI’ENX members. 

1. Uin 

Lee Jisoo’s stage name Uin is the group’s hyung. He is 1995 born. He was getting his trainee for becoming a K-pop idol and later was selected as a member of an are-debut Group Eight. Unfortunately, the group couldn’t debut because of some reason.

Uin member of VI’ENX (Source: Nature Entertainment)

 Later in 2021, he was revealed as a member of the rookie group Black Level. But on November 29, 2023, he left Black Level. After that, he joined Nature’s Space and became a member of the pre-debut group VI’ENX leading the position of leader in the group. 

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2. JN

JN, the visual of the group’s real name is Jo Hyo-jin. He was born on March 31, 1997. He was a contestant in Star Awakening under the Idol category but got eliminated in 3rd episode. He was also a member of the pre-debut group “Eight” along with Uin. Being a member of VI’ENX, he is also known as a solo. He made his solo debut with two singles, “MAA” and “DELETE.” He also has his solo stage name, “OI.” 

JN member of VI’ENX (Source: Nature Entertainment)

3. Youghoon 

Youghoon’s full name is Kim Youg-hoon. He is the main vocalist of the group. He officially debuted as a member of “Seven O’clock.” When he was a member of “Seven O’clock,” he was known by his stage name 2Soul. Because of his happy nature, he was also known as the “happy virus” of “Seven O’clock.” Unfortunately, the group disbanded in early 2021.

Younghoon is a member of VI’ENX (Source: Nature Entertainment)

He was also a member of the Black Level. However, he also left the group on November 29, 2023, along with Uin. Then Youghoon was announced as a member of IBZ, and now he is all set to make his pre-debut as a member of VI’ENX.

4. Yeung

Kwon Yeung knows by his nickname Yeung. He is the vocalist of VI’ENX. He was a former trainee under KQ Entertainment, Top Media, and Brand New Music. He also used to be a backup dancer for the solo idol “Ju Wontak.” 

Yeung is a member of VI’ENX (Source: Nature Entertainment)

5. Woonjin

Woon Jin, born on September 15, 2001, is the maknae of the group. He was a part of Seoul’s dance crew called “ARTBEAT” before.

Woonjin is a member of VI’ENX (Source: Nature Entertainment)

In 2019-20 he was a member of the pre-debut group GIDONGDAE under 2Y Entertainment. He was set to debut in 2020 as a member of GIDONGDAE officially. But in January 2021, it was announced that the group had been disbanded. However, the reason for the disbandment is still unknown.  

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Teaser of “On My Way” 

After releasing the pre-debut single song “On My Way,” VI’ENX is all set to release the MV for the song. On April 26, 2023, Nature Space finally released the teaser of the MV on their official youtube channel. Fans are excited about the MV release.

In the teaser, VI’ENX teases fans with energetic and upbeat choreography with a punk vibe. Some fans commented under the teaser video that this vibe suits the boys the most. We hope VI’ENX have success on their pre-debut single and can debut too soon. 

VI’ENX schedule

VI’ENX released concept pictures for their pre-debut single “On My Way” on April 16, 2023. After that, they recently held a video call event for their Korean fans on April 22, 2023. They also have packed schedules in May for their promotional activities in Japan, along with the MV release of the single “On My Way” on May 2, 2023.  

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