Why Did Doc Rivers Leave Boston Celtics? Reason Revealed

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Why Did Doc Rivers Leave Boston Celtics?
Doc Rivers (CC: The Hoop Doctors)

Want to know why Doc Rivers left Boston Celtics? Yes, we are talking about the NBA coach who is currently making headlines after he shared that Joel Embiid’s status for G2 will be based on his health. Keeping this aside, fans are lately showing their curiosity regarding why he parted ways from the Celtics, despite handling the team so well.

In case you forgot, Doc Rivers left the NBA team in 2013 after serving for nine seasons straight. Several years have passed, but not everyone knows it. Doc Rivers is a versatile basketball coach currently serving the Philadelphia 76ers.

To be more precise about his position, he is the head coach of the aforesaid NBA team. Hailing from Chicago, Doc Rivers started his basketball journey as a player, serving as the point guard. It was from 1983 to 1996.

Some of the teams for which he played- the Atlanta Hawks, San Antonio Spurs, and New York Knicks. It was in 1988 when Doc Rivers won the NBA All-Star. He even participated in the 1982 FIBA World Cup and won a silver medal, playing in the national team. 

Doc Rivers made his debut as a coach in 1999, serving for Orlando Magic. Later, he switched to Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Clippers, etc. As a coach, Doc Rivers successfully made it to the title of  NBA All-Star Game head coach thrice. Wow! 

Coming back to Doc Rivers’ departure from Boston Celtics, it was surely made for some definite reason. Since he was doing great, and that too for long years, the team fans expected him to continue for some more time. Well, that team was hitting tough times, though. Did the coach get into any feud with his teammates? If you are looking for why Doc Rivers left Boston Celtics, here is what we know. 

Why Did Doc Rivers Leave Boston Celtics?
Doc Rivers: The Philadelphia 76ers Head Coach (CC: Audacy)

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Reason Behind Doc Rivers’ Departure From Boston Celtics Revealed: What Happened? 

Right after his exit from Boston Celtics, Doc Rivers joined another NBA team- Los Angeles Clippers. That switch was made in 2013. Well, there were a couple of main reasons for this. What? 

Talking about the first reason why Doc Rivers left Boston Celtics was he felt that his voice in the locker room no longer carried the same authority. Yes, he felt that even after serving for nine years and got highly disappointed. On this note, Doc shared that he felt towards the end of the last year with the team, and it was indeed a bad one. 

What was the other reason? We wonder if we can address that as a feud with the other Celtics. Doc Rivers didn’t want to serve as the coach for the team after the rebuilding thing went on. He didn’t want to start over. It would become quite difficult for him to go through the same, as reported by Doc himself. 

Why Did Doc Rivers Leave Boston Celtics
NBA Coach Doc Rivers (CC: Los Angeles Times)

Briefly, we may say that it was Doc Rivers’ choice. It was he to took the decision, and he held such a position that he didn’t need to ask anyone to stay or leave. Some of the Boston Celtics members took Doc’s exit on a very positive note. Well, it’s very normal for people to jump and opt for better opportunities. That happens everywhere, irrespective of what profession one has. Similarly, some realized that Doc Rivers got a better opportunity from Los Angeles Clippers. It’s more like a business, and that’s fine! 

Talking more about it, Doc Rivers reported having three more years in the contract with Boston Celtics. After departing, the coach regretted doing it early. He said, “I did wish it could have ended better, I guess.” He added saying that there was no feud, but things got dragged. 

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Best Wishes to Doc Rivers! No doubt, he is doing good, as always. You may give Doc a following on his Instagram account for more updates. 

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