Why Was Eric Bolling Fired From Fox? How He Got Too Controversial

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Why Was Eric Bolling Fired From Fox?
Eric Bolling (Credits: Fox News)

2017 was certainly not a good year for Eric Bolling. It was the year when Eric was facing issues in his professional life. He joined Fox News in 2008 and was a part of several shows where he was a financial commentator. He used to host Cashin’ In and The Five, and both of the shows were quite popular back in 2017. It is said that he is an outspoken personality who is a supporter of Donald Trump, and because of such nature, his political comments often make issues.

He also published two books in 2016 and 2017, and those books are Wake Up America, and the other one is The Swamp: Washington’s Murky Pool of Corruption and Cronyism and How Trump Can Drain It. According to a lot, these books were one-sided. Back to the topic, Eric is brilliant in economics, and he has way too many years of experience in finance. So, Why Was Eric Bolling Fired From Fox? and Why was 2017 not good for Eric Bolling? Let’s find out in this article. 

Who Is Eric Bolling?

Eric Thomas Bolling is a Chicago-born television personality, author, and political and financial commentator. He began with his school, Queen of All Saints Basilica, and later went to Loyola Academy for his high schooling. He was excellent in academics, and for graduation, he grabbed a seat at Rollins College. In 1984, he graduated with a BA degree in economics. Apart from their studies, he was a baseball player, and today, he might have been a professional baseball player, but he had to cut that dream because of a torn rotator cuff injury.

Why Was Eric Bolling Fired From Fox?
Eric Bolling (Credits: AP)

Before appearing on TV, he was a trader on Wall Street. He used to do commodity trading, and he was also a part of the New York Mercantile Exchange for five years. And there, he gained immense knowledge about trading and finances. This is what helped him grow on TV. CNBC even used to invite him to comment on financial debates. He was one of those analysts who was invited to debate or comment on the show Fast Money. Furthermore, the TV personality is married to Adrienne Bolling, and they welcomed a child, but he isn’t alive. Reportedly, he died at the age of 19 because of a drug overdose. 

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Eric Bolling Career

It was 2008 when Eric Bolling was hired by Fox Business Network as a financial analyst, and soon he was given a show alongside Cody Willard and Rebecca Diamon. All three hosts launched a show at Fox named Happy Hours that was telecasted at 5 pm. This show was basically related to finance and commodities trading, on which financial analysts would debate. Eric Bolling also got his own show named Follow The Money, and after that, he became a part of another show named Cashin’ In (2013), replacing the previous host, Cheryl Casone. 

People started making opinions in favor or against Eric when he criticized Barack Obama and Ali Bongo’s meeting and said something which was triggering for many. He commented – Guess Who’s coming to dinner? A dictator. He made more such triggering comments which became gossip material for many. Media Matters, a progressive group, came to light and criticized, saying that the comments were neither acceptable nor funny. Eric defended himself on Twitter and apologized, too, saying that he went fast and loose with the language. 

Why Was Eric Bolling Fired From Fox?
Eric Bolling on Fox News Set (Credits: AP)

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Why Was Eric Bolling Fired From Fox?

Again in 2017, Eric was in another allegation apart from the comments. HuffPost raised an issue stating that many years ago, Eric allegedly used to send unaccepted, unsolicited lewd text messages to three female employees at Fox News. Also, stated that there were lewd photos and media, too, and Eric allegedly sent these to those female employees on different occasions.

When the article stating all these allegations was published, a former guest at Fox News came forward and alleged that Eric had pushed unwanted physical advances toward her many times. Bolling denied all the allegations and filed a defamation case against the freelance writer Yasher Ali who wrote the article for HuffPost. Meanwhile, Fox News canceled Eric, and an investigation was fueled. In September 2017, the news came out that Eric Bolling was removed from Fox News. 

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