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What Time The Zone Survival Mission Episode Release?

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Last Updated on September 27, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

Survival shows are becoming the new binge category, and The Zone Survival Mission is ranking as one of the most popular South Korean Television Series in this category. The all-rounder new variety show provides us with mystery, entertainment, triggering truths, and a harsh reality mixed with the chaotic energy of the hosts. With Cho Hyojin and Kim Dongjin being the directors, the hosts include the popular Yoo Jae-suk along, Lee Kwang-soo, and Kwon Yuri.

The cast members have to survive the disaster-stimulated situations for four hours- and they must endure and survive is the only rule. The three major zones that we have seen in the show include the Eye Zone, the Water Zone, and the Virus Zone. According to the theories of many fans and even hints from the creators, it is clear to claim that these zones have a hidden meaning of what the future of mankind will be if we keep making the present mistakes. 

 The show was initially released on 8th September 2022 and is said to have a total of 8 episodes. Season 1 premiered with the first three episodes airing on the same day, while the 4th episode was released on 15th September. The 4th and 5th episodes both had a similar plot to that of a pandemic situation which contributed to the audience’s excitement about the show. The recent episode was released on the 22nd of September, which further spiked the audience’s interest (thanks to the running time of 50+ minutes).

What happened in the Brain Zone?

The 5th episode involved the hosts sitting back and enjoying the feast presented to them. However, the deal was that they couldn’t leave their chairs or they would lose their life. The episode brought the end to the haunted house where the members failed the mission miserably and ran out of the house since the ghosts were so terrifying (whew). They finally make it to the Safety Zone, where they have to isolate themselves (another pandemic-created illusion). 

Finally, making it to the Brain Zone- the members are explained that they have to remain intact and not leave their chairs at any point in time. The punishment obviously was losing a life but what added to the amusement of the audience was the penalty of lifting chairs and rotating them to get the hosts dizzy.

Then, they were presented with cuisines from all around the world, and we all were sure to believe that nothing stands in front of food. Soon enough, Korean beef was presented to the group apart from other food items, and it was indeed a party moment that even the audience forgot what the task was. While enjoying the feast, many performers tried to lure the members into standing up and joining the party.

korean culture

Naive and in the moment- Yuri and Jae-suk stand up as they cannot stay in their seats and join the exciting party. Thus, they lose one life and are left with one life each. What actually amuses the viewers is how the episode comes to an end. Jae-suk and the group are present with Ramen, and in greed to get more soup, he stands once again, thus, losing the round all over again. 

With three failed missions already, fans hope that an easier zone for the group. But will the chaotic trio break their failure curse in Episode 6?!  

The Zone: When and Where to watch?

The three hosts representing the entire mankind are sent into space to tackle inevitable situations. In the previous episodes, we saw the hosts struggling to eat while the room was set to shake or when they had to endure the heat while sitting in a sauna that was too hot to handle. Every episode has a total of 8 tasks that must be completed by the hosts to succeed.

korean culture

The Zone Survival Mission is one of the most trending series, and viewers are excited to watch the series as soon as it airs. The newly created plot of this show has forced the audience to welcome out-of-the-box thinking and opened the door to survival shows in South Korea and other regions. Binge-watching this show is definitely something that should be on your to-do list. Watch as the crazy trio makes it through this season by watching the episodes on Disney+ or Hulu. The episodes are released every week on Thursday at 12:30 PM IST.

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