High Priest Rembrary (The Heavenly Idol) Episode 5: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

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Kim Dal and Pontifex
High Priest Rembrary

The release date of the K-drama, High Priest Rembrary, also known as “The Heavenly Idol,” Episode 5, is out!

The K-drama has already attracted a sizable number of viewers. The interesting storyline along with the comedic elements have contributed to the popularity of the K-drama. The audience is loving the idol actor, Kim Min Kyu’s performance as the Pontifex as well as Yeon Woo. The chaos along with fantasy elements have made the drama very entertaining for the audience.

Let us take a recap of the previous episode, episode 4, before the launch of the latest one, to be up to date about what is going on in the drama. We will also provide the release date, preview, and streaming guide for the latest episode.

High Priest Rembrary Episode 4 opens at the ‘Sing Survival’ show, where Yeon Woo and Mr. Seon are seen standing on the stage, ready to sing. As the music plays and Mr. Seon is about to sing, he discovers that his voice is gone. Everyone including Yeon Woo is shocked seeing this. Kim Dal, confused and freaked out, runs to the green room to get warm water for Mr. Seon.

Yeon Woo and Mr. Seon
High Priest Rembrary Episode 4

High Priest Rembrary Episode 4 Recap

Meanwhile, Yeon Woo realizes that the Evil One is behind Mr. Seon’s voice issue, which makes him confused. He doubts whether he has enough power to heal him.

On the other side, we see Sin Jo-Woon (the Evil One) watching the incident on TV while having a conversation with his disciple, where we get to know that they want to kill the Pontifex, but he must die out of enough fear.

However, to save their reputation, Yeon Woo starts singing the song himself and with his divine powers starts healing Mr. Seon. Before the chorus, Mr. Seon is healed. The audience cheers for them, and the performance finishes successfully.

On seeing positive reviews from the audience, Jo-Woon gets furious and calls the producer of the show. While hearing an earful, the producer suggests making a story out of the performance – “Woo Yeon Woo seduced Seon Woo Sil to become popular.” But Jo-Woon is not impressed with the idea. He tells his disciple that he must use an amusing way to kill the Pontifex – using Oh Jung Sin.

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High Priest Rembrary Episode 4

At the company, Yeon Woo, Kasy, and Kim Dal get a surprise from the whole team including Im Seon Ja. Everyone congratulates Yeon Woo and Kasy for their stunning performance. In the meantime, Wild Animal get an offer to do a music video. Everyone agrees to it. Further, Seon Ja informs Yeon Woo that he got a role in a film, but Yeon Woo does not agree to do it. But Seon Ja does not listen.

Later, Yeon Woo and Seon Sil are announced as the winner of the second round at the ‘Sing Survival’ show. On the other hand, Oh Jung Sin reads the posts trending about the dating rumor of Yeon Woo and Seon Sil. He later is seen to be frustrated over acquiring third place in the competition. At that moment, he gets a call from Jo-Woon.

At the dance studio, the group starts practicing their dance, whereas Yeon Woo stands still. When the choreographer gets to know that Yeon Woo has hurt his head, he teaches the dance moves personally to him. But Yeon Woo is still unable to dance.

At their company, Wild Animals gather and discuss how Yeon Woo’s dance deteriorated. Yeon Woo gets his phone back, but he does not know how to use it. After figuring it out, he starts replying to his fans. After replying to a message, Kim Dal’s phone starts ringing, which has the original Yeon Woo’s voice set as her message tone.

Kim Dal and Yeon Woo
High Priest Rembrary Episode 4

Later, Kim Dal reveals to Yeon Woo separately that those messages were sent by her, to which he replied. Yeon Woo says that she is a devotee of Yeon Woo and loves him and promises to bring them together before he leaves the realm. Kim Dal says that it is not love, she is just a fan. She further tells him to keep it a secret as no one knows about it.

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At the dorm, Pontifex learns that the original Yeon Woo was supposed to join a secret religious group, ‘Hongwoodaedae’ from one of his teammates. On seeing the symbol of the religion, Pontifex realizes that it is the symbol of Lord Redrin.

In Pontifex’s realm, the human’s book of life and death has changed. This is informed by a Grim Reaper to his majesty.

Down at Yeon Woo’s realm, Wild Animal is seen getting ready for their performance at the TVC office for the ‘Music Music’ show. After Yeon Woo gets ready, he crosses paths with Woo Sin, the host of ‘Music Music.’ Yeon Woo tells him that he wants to join ‘Hongwoodaedae’ but Woo Sin does not agree as he is not up to the level.

Later, Kim Dal teaches Yeon Woo about the important parts of performing on stage. While teaching him how to look at the camera, the two share a moment.

Wild Animal
High Priest Rembrary Episode 4

After a while, Ms. Im is seen furious as there has been a piece of dating news about Kasy. She yells at them telling them that other members should have stopped it. At that moment, Kim Dal figures out that the photo has been taken from a phone camera by a production staff of ‘The Sing Survival’ show.’ Ms. Im insists on finding the person out.

At a cafe, Kim Dal meets the reporter who published the dating article. She tells him that she knows that someone tipped him off and she would like to know the name of the person. However, after a lot of denials, Kim Dal successfully persuades him to tell the name. But in return, the reporter wants to know about Liz Ri (another idol), and whether she committed suicide because her ‘sugar daddy’ was caught cheating on her. This angers Kim Dal and she says that all of this is nonsense.

The reporter threatens to publish Liz Ri’s article based on rumors when Kim Dal is about to leave. He starts misbehaving with her when Yeon Woo arrives there and helps Kim Dal escape the man.

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Kim Dal
High Priest Rembrary Episode 4

On the other hand, it is revealed that Jung Sin was the source who spread Kay’s dating rumor. We see this being revealed when he is having a conversation with Jo-Woon. Jo-Woon further hypnotizes him and tells him that he wants Yeon Woo to have a miserable death.

The next day, the third round of the ‘Sing Survival’ show is revealed – Performance. At the studio, Kasy confronts Oh Jung Sin about the rumor he had spread. Parallely, Yeon Woo and Kim Dal look for Kasy. While Kasy and Jung SIn are talking, Yeon Woo arrives there and asks Jung Sin whether he has met the Evil One. But Jung Sin gets furious, which makes Yeon Woo realize that he might be under Evil’s influence.

The episode ends with Yeon Woo and Kim Dal trying to find Jung Sin after Yeon Woo discovers that one of the staff at the studio is found bleeding on her head. Later at the parking basement, Yeon Woo and Kim Dal find Jung Sin who now has devil horns and the face of the devil. This shocks both of them.

Jung Sin
High Priest Rembrary Episode 4

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High Priest Rembrary Episode 5 Preview

In the upcoming episode, we will see, after Kim Dal finds out that Yeon Woo is actually a Pontifex, she tells him to be careful because if someone finds out then people will experiment on him. On the other hand, Pontifex’s journey to becoming the artist of the year continues. Meanwhile, Kasy goes missing.

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High Priest Rembrary Episode 5 Release Date

High Priest Rembrary Episode 5 will be released on March 1, 2023, at 10:30 P.M. KST. For the foreign audience, the schedule is as follows:

  • Indian Standard Time: 7:00 pm
  • Thailand Standard Time: 8:30 pm
  • Philippines Standard Time: 9:30 pm
  • British Standard Time: 2:30 pm
  • Australian Standard Time: 12:30 am (Next day).

High Priest Rembrary Episode 5 Streaming Guide

High Priest Rembrary episode 5 will be released on the popular Korean channel, tvN. The episodes will also be available to stream online on Viu App and Rakuten Viki in some regions. 

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