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Upcoming Games For The Xbox Series X – Gaming Recommendations

X Box Series X Featured Image

Xbox Series X has been out for some time now, the console war has started, and it’s still in its starting stages. When sales are concerned, the PS5 seems to have a better edge, but the Xbox console is in no way beneath the Playstation. When the specifications are put out on paper, the Xbox Series X takes the lead. Both the consoles are neck and neck when it comes to strength. When it comes to the case of just plain console looks, in our opinion, the Xbox takes the cake.

For us, Xbox looks better because they went creative with the design; they decided to make it different from any previous console. The PS5 looks very appealing and in shape, but it looks like a game console; that statement could be confusing for many people because consoles are supposed to look like consoles.

Xbox Series X

But in this day and age, cars are starting to look like planes; TV’s are looking like mirrors, phones are folding, so why don’t the consoles also get a very different style. That is what the Xbox has done. This long rectangle shape is very uniques; the top grill and the green linings are so awesome. The whole thing looks like something that came out of an alien movie.

Before that, let’s learn a little more about the console. Released on November 10th, Xbox came into the showcase with amazing powers. It could support up to 8k resolution. Just like the PS5, this one also has an SSD, which makes loading times and everything else in general much smoother and faster. Just from the jump to SSD, a whole lot of things are improved.

It’s not just that the console also comes with ray tracing and very high frame rate capabilities. An Xbox Series S was also released, a less expensive and lesser powerful device. For the Series S, we have less powerful storage and fewer storage spaces.

Both the consoles support backward capability right from the start. The Game Pass this time around is also very amazing, with tons of new games coming at the players for a very reasonable price. The console also comes with its share of some amazing exclusive games as well.

This article will be looking at some amazing upcoming games that would be perfect for the Xbox Series X and S.

Rainbow Six Quarantine

Judging by the name, let us get one thing straight, no it’s not based on the Covid-19 pandemic. That fact is a bummer actually, with a game like Rainbow Six and with the name Quarantine, it would have been perfect to be set in the current world the virus is running rampant.

Rainbow Six

Rainbow Six Seige, even after years of release, has been riding the hype train. Many active players still play this amazing game to this day; it’s one of the most played online games right now. During lockdown season, the whole players just completely doubled.

People loved the game, the operators, the mechanics, the graphics, the gameplay, everything in general. It was a near-perfect online first-person shooter multiplayer game. So with this new game, everyone has high expectations.

Even though the game kind of sounds like a spin-off, it’s not. This thing is an entirely different beast. We go up against a tough and dangerous enemy, a new type of alien. So the game is a three-person coop with all the elements of a coop game. The missions and the gameplay is said to be some of the best.

Rainbow Six Quarantine releases sometime in 2021.

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Far Cry 6

Yes, one of the biggest open-world first-person games is coming back, and it’s coming back in style. Far Cry 6 has been a long wait now; people love Far Cry games. They are just massive adrenalin thrilling fun.

Far Cry 6

The series is so fun. No other game has such amazing villains; sometimes, we actually feel that the villain is much more important than the hero; he shines so much more than the protagonist. The game is so well refined; every game in the series is set in someplace filled with chaos and problems.

We are thrown in there to support a certain side or to escape. With all kinds of weird and super powerful weapons, fast-paced vehicles, parachuting, helicopters, zip lining, hunting, exploring, Far Cry sure is one of the best open-world games.

Now with the 6th installment, it’s shaping up to be one of the best yet. We are thrown into the world of Yara, where there is ongoing chaos. The fight for freedom is against the dictator of Yara, Anton Castillo, who is played by Giancarlo Esposito. This could easily be one of the best villain performances yet, not in just the gaming industry but everywhere in general.

Just from the trailer itself, we couldn’t hold ourselves from getting goosebumps. We take the role of Dani Rojas, a guerilla resistance fighter. Far Cry 6 releases some time in 2021.

Halo Infinite

As we said, the new Xbox console comes with an amazing lineup of exclusive games, and Halo Infinite tops the list as the most anticipated one.

Halo Infinite

Halo is their trump card; even now, there seems to be no other space shooter that can even come close to the legacy that halo has left behind. We have seen an amazing trailer for the newest addition to the Halo franchise, and it’s undoubtedly spectacular.

The developers stated that this marks a new entry, a new beginning to the chapters of Halo. Master Chief will be embarking on new adventures yet again, but they also stated that there would be multiple tie-ins to the previous game, none of them will be left in the dust.

Halo releases sometime in 2021.

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Gotham Knights

Gotham Knights

Superhero and video games are in for a treat in the coming years as we have an abundance of those games releasing. Recently we saw the amazing Suicide Squad game trailer, then Miles Morales released, and we have an open-world RPG superhero game to look forward to, Gotham Knights.

This game takes place in a Gotham where Batman is dead; yes, the Dark Knight is long gone. The events that lead to his demise or any other information is yet to be known, but the only thing we know is that Batman has passed on his mantle as protector of Gotham to other 4 brave heroes.

Gotham Knights is a co-op-focused open-world RPG game that lets us control the 4 main heroes Red Hood, Batgirl, Nightwing, and Robin. These 4 amazing teams of heroes need to take over as the new protectors and keep the city safe. We got a long gameplay trailer, which showed us some really epic moments. Each of the 4 heroes seems to be designed to perfection, with each having their own special abilities and attributes.

The developers stated that this game will have one of the most interactive and best Gotham city ever. The combat is very much like the other Arkham games, which are spectacular news. In the trailer, we saw the 4 heroes go up against Dr. Freeze; the Court Of Owls will also be the main villain in the game.

A ton of new features seem to be added; a cool new bike is available. An array of new tech and abilities can also be seen; each hero has their own special weapon, making each of them very fun to control. Gotham Knights release sometime in 2021.

Hogwarts Legacy

Harry Potter fans have been longing for a great game for years now. Now that is no longer a dream, a trailer dropped for the upcoming game, and the entire internet is going crazy. This game announcement caused the most hype and anticipation in recent months.

Hogwarts Legacy

The game is an open-world RPG, yes you guessed it. So that means we get to explore Hogwarts and the area surrounding it as a student with complete freedom. Now that really feels like a dream. The story is set in a completely new story where we, the protagonist, has some weird connection with ancient magic. Also, being set in the 1800s means that we won’t run into Harry Potter or Ron Weasley on the way, but that isn’t a problem. Being able to explore and attend Hogwarts has been a pipe dream for many.

Hogwarts Legacy releases sometime in 2022.

These are some of the amazing games coming to the new Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S. Stay tuned for more news about anything gaming.

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