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Top 10 Hot Anime Men That Everyone Loves

Some people will find it weird, but there are Hot Anime Men who are the crush of many teenagers. The anime industry has taken over the world in such a less period. They initially began in Japan, and now people from all over the world enjoy watching anime. The fan base of anime is tremendous, and the industry is getting very popular in modern times, especially among teenagers.

Although they are animated characters, anime stories will give you a real-life feel. You might have seen the anime girls who are very hot, and often anime fans talk about them. They are very popular on social media, and undoubtedly you will find them on people’s phone wallpaper.

As long as people have an interest in watching the anime girls, well, there are hot anime men. Trust us, when we say hot, it would be difficult for you to take your eyes off the characters. Here in the article, we will cover some Hot anime men. So, be ready to meet the hottest anime characters.

Hot Anime Men That Everyone Loves

If we look at the list of the hottest anime men, there are countless. However, we can’t cover them all. So, here are some of the Hot anime men that everyone likes.

10. Izumi Miyamura From Horimiya

Hotness can be in any form. Some people look hot with their curly hair, while some are hot because of their abs. However, Izumi has stolen the heart of the people because of his piercing. Well, yes, he is known for having multiple piercings on his face and body. He is very hot, especially with his side profile and the perfect sharp jawline. The hair on his face makes him look more attractive, and he has the perfect body shape. He is one of the hottest anime men, and here we are starting our list with him.

Hot anime

Izumi Miyamura From Horimiya

9. Spike Spiegel From Cowboy Bebop

On number nine, we have Spike Spiegel from the Cowboy Bebop. Well, very few people know about Spike Speigel. He is a cool and calm guy. You know what is the best thing about Spike, his curly hair. His hair is just too hot, and he speaks with the flavor of mystery in the tone. For sure, he will snatch your heart and keep it in his hand, he is that hot. However, he has a mysterious past, which often makes him very suspicious. However, keeping that side, sure, Spike Spiegel loves to spend his time watching television and taking naps. With a hot physique, Spike is at number 9 on the list of the hot anime men.


Spike Spiegel From Cowboy Bebop

8. Ayato Sakamaki From Diabolik Lovers

There is this very uncommon opinion that only the people who have portrayed the positive characters counts on the list. Nonetheless, looks and characters are very different. Sometimes negative personality attracts you the most, and be it in Hollywood movies or anime, vampires look hot without any doubt. Ayato Sakamaki has not been a positive character on the screen. On the contrary, he is a “Bad” guy. But let me tell you, if you look at him, your eyes will pop out and will gaze at him for years.

He is very hot, and with that too-perfect smirk, he is one of the most amazing anime characters. Those who have watched Diabolik Lovers know how hot is Ayato. The only problem with Ayato was that he is kind of predatory, who loves to hunt people as he is a vampire.


Ayato Sakamaki From Diabolik Lovers

7. Uchiha Itachi From Naruto

It sounds so weird that a person saves humanity by killing humans. The handsome hunk from Naruto is starting our list of hot anime men. Uchiha Itachi is one of the finest and most likable characters. Naruto is one of the most famous anime, and there might hardly be any anime fan who has not watched Naruto. If you haven’t watched NAruto yet, do so on Crunchyroll. This character from Naruto holds the breath of millions, and he is very hot. Trust me, just look at his picture. His eyes are hot enough to give butterflies in your stomach. He is at number 7 on the list of the hot anime men.

Uchiha Itachi From Naruto

6. Usui Takumi From Maid Sama

When we dream of how a perfect boyfriend should be, we guess there is no one like Usui Takumi. Usui Takumi is the leading character of Maid Sama, and certainly, those who have seen Maid Sama might know that Usui is a good person. It won’t wring to say. He rules the hearts of millions not in reel life but also in real life. Indeed, girls are crazy for him. Nonetheless, his eyes are just set on one girl all through the series. In the end, he proves to be a perfect boyfriend. With his hot and sexy looks, Usui Takumi is number 6 on our hot anime men list.

Hot anime men

Usui Takumi From Maid Sama

5. Gojou Satoru From Jujutsu Kaisen

Oh my goodness! Well, if you want to look at what hotness looks like, look at Gojou Satoru. The men from Jujutsu Kaisen hold the world in his eyes. He is physically so attractive and dashing. Gojou is yet another storehouse of hotness and rightfully the right man holding the fifth position in our hot anime men. Not only does he impress us with hot looks but also with nature and personality. He has stolen the hearts of millions of girls with his sexy yet elegant nature.

Hot Hot anime men men

Gojou Satoru From Jujutsu Kaisen

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4. L From Death Note

Ladies, take a deep breath. Let me introduce you to this hottest gentleman from Death Note. Well, L is the antagonist of the anime series Death Note, yet he is very kind, and he is on the list of the hot anime men because of his nature.

Those who watched Death Note need no explanation when we say he is one of the nicest guys. He is indeed an untidy man from the outside, but his heart is of gold. He is the marvel of his world. The guy loves what he wants and doesn’t care about others. With his sexy and hot look, L grabs the fourth position on the hot anime men list.


L From Death Note

3. Zero Kiryu From Vampire Knight

Zero from Vampire knight is the perfect combination of look and intelligence. He is powerful, clever, and one of the strongest anime characters. Zero is one of those guys who loves to be a shell. Although Yuki chooses Kaname over Zero, he is the one who cares for her the most. Zero was willing to do anything for her. However, she ended with Kaname.

From his hot look to his dazzling charm and undeniable aura, there is hardly anything that one will hate about Zero. He is the perfect combination of looks and power. Because of his Hot looks, Zero is rightfully renting a permanent room in the hearts of the people. He is undoubtedly one of the hottest anime men, and here on our list, he is at number 3.

Hot anime men

Zero Kiryu From Vampire Knight

2. Light Yagami From Death Note

When you look at Light Yagami, your heart will automatically start beating for him. He has that sort of a charm. For most people, Death note is their first anime, and we were introduced to this handsome hunk. It seems worth watching the anime. He just doesn’t have good looks, but as a persona, Light is truly amazing. He is the crush of millions, and he is here holding the runner-up position in the list of hot anime men.

Hot anime men

Light Yagami From Death Note

1. Levi From Attack On Titan

Topping up the list of hot anime men is none other than the handsome hunk, Humanity’s Strongest Soldier, Levi Ackerman. Levi is one of the hottest anime characters. He is the perfect combination of badass and sexy looks. There could hardly be anyone who would not fall for this handsome hunk. He is sexy and hot and has the looks that will take your breath away. With his unreal strength, complete passion, and his intelligence, he is nothing less than a Greek God. He is one of the finest men in the anime world, and with his hot looks, Levi Ackerman tops the list of hot anime men.

anime character who looks ridiculous for their age

Levi Ackermann from Attack On Titan

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