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An Unexpected Killer Season 3 Episode 12: Release Date and Preview

“An Unexpected Killer” is a true crime drama series, currently airing on Oxygen that takes you on a journey of documentaries of complex, twisted cases which involve much more than just transgressions. The series first aired in 2019 on Oxygen, gathering good reviews. 

The series, or rather each episode, is holistic in the sense that it explores the cases through unrelenting investigations and testimonies from actual victims and witnesses. And as it does so, ugly pasts await being dredged up and displayed through re-enactments, and in-depth examinations, eventually completing the picture with all the links attached.

As the detectives seem to think they are an inch away from solving a case, a piece of overlooked evidence, unexpected witness testimony, or perhaps a development in forensic science causes a change in direction in their quest for justice. Followed by a shocking revelation of “An Unexpected Killer,” who was right in front of our eyes all along.

Adorned all over with icky and grotesque crime scenes and gruesome images, the new season is an absolute feast for true crime lovers.

An Unexpected Killer Season 3 Episode 12 Release Date

With episode 10 released on September 16th, 2022, after over four months of the release of the episode before it, An Unexpected Killer Season 3 Episode 12, “Twisted Intentions,” is all set to air on September 23rd on Oxygen following the Savannah Leigh “Sunny” Anderson case.

Savannah Leigh “Sunny” Anderson

As one of the shining points of the series is that the true identity of the culprit or killer comes as a shock to the people closely involved with the victim and the law enforcement pupils alike, this is what happens as we dive into the Savannah Anderson case in the upcoming episode of Season 3 of “An Unexpected Killer”.

What does Season 3 have in store for us?

We can explore and make out how this season fared and what it has in store for us through the latest episodes released.

Episode 10 was about how in the middle of their search for another suspect’s traces, police were scouring surveillance cameras recording videos but found a certain young mother’s dead body in a field after the night out. An arrest is in order after the discovery of the second crime scene, and the case has complicated further before hi-forensics reveal a truth that no one saw coming.

Episode 11 documents the case of a divorced cat-fancier who’s stepping back into the dating world. As she is found bludgeoned and strangled in an unusually brutal way, detectives navigate their way into the misty world of online dating in search of this homme fatale who could be ready to strike again.

The next episode is about a whole different case in California about young women found dead in their apartments. This episode covers the documentary of one such woman, namely Savannah Anderson. 

Preview of Season 3 Episode 12: What to expect?

Savannah Anderson, a 22-year-old woman, born in Minnesota (United States), worked as a secretary in Irvine, California, in 1979. Anderson spent the Sunday, which also happened to be Mother’s day, with her boyfriend. The next day, Anderson had plans to meet her boyfriend, Bill Mills.

But it never happened. A welfare check made at her residence (Woodbridge Apartment Complex) caused Anderson to miss her boyfriend Mills’s calls.

Savannah Anderson with boyfriend, Bill Mills

Anderson was found dead by the cops in her apartment bedroom. She seemed to have been sexually assaulted, brutally beaten, and strangled, according to Los Angeles Times report in 1986.

Post mortem report suggests that strangulation was the cause of death.

An Unexpected Killer Season 3 Episode 12

LA Times report including this mentions at least eight other cases of young women who had been found in similar conditions in six Orange Country cities between 1976 and 1979. This greatly increased the complexity of the case.

The case files had been collecting dust for a while after potential suspects and witnesses were interrogated with their fingerprints taken. As the fingerprints couldn’t be matched conclusively, it seemed to have been in limbo. Until the case made a breakthrough and the fingerprints proved as an essential clue in finding who killed Savannah Anderson. And why?

An Unexpected Killer Season 3

Where to watch Season 3 Episode 12?

To know furthermore about the case of Savannah Anderson, catch the latest episode of Season 3 of An Unexpected killer, covering this documentary on Friday, September 23rd, 2022, at 8/7c on Oxygen.

You can also stream it on Peacock, another streaming service from NBCUniversal, and also consume other media, including your favorite dramas, true crime and reality, comedies, plus news, sports, and pop culture updates.

Or click here to watch the previous episodes of “An Unexpected killer” on Amazon Prime Video.

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