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Operation True Love Chapter 55: Dohwa’s Secret

Operation True Love Chapter 55 Release Date
Operation True Love (Credit: Naver Webtoon)

Operation True Love chapter 55 will be released very soon, and we have all the information you need related to chapter 55. Shim Soo-Ae takes the initiative to hand over the assignment to Baek Dohwa after school. But she was getting lost while finding his apartment, and she bumped into Dohwa while on her way to his apartment.

Dohwa was badly injured, and after seeing Soo-Ae, he got overwhelmed and hugged her. Soo-Ae brought Baek Dohwa to his apartment; she was carrying him the entire time. After entering the apartment, they crashed on the floor, and all of a sudden Baek Dohwa gained consciousness and hugged her. Shim Soo-Ae could not move because of Dohwa’s heavyweight, and his body was boiling, so Soo-Ae somehow moved him to his bed.

After checking his temperature again, Soo-Ae decided that she could not leave him alone in the apartment. Soo-Ae brings medicine for him and wakes him up; she tells him to take his medicine, and then he can go back to sleep. She was wondering where he got beat up like that if it was his father or someone else. Soo-Ae was trying to figure out if that was why Dohwa could not go to school or if this was the reason he missed so many classes.

Soo-Ae decided that she will leave after making sure he is okay, but it was getting very boring for her. So she decided to read some books while waiting for his recovery, but when Dohwa woke up, Soo-Ae had already fallen asleep. Let’s find out when Operation True Love Chapter 55 will be released and where you can read the romance manhwa online. But first, let’s go over what happened in the last chapter.

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Operation True Love Chapter 53 Recap

Soo-Ae wakes up after her nap, Dohwa tells her he is hungry and asks her if she wants to eat something. Soo-Ae tells him she almost forgot his apartment number, so when she looked back at the note the teacher wrote, Someone suddenly hit her shoulder hard and just kept walking. She apologized, but that person did not answer, and when she turned around, it turned out to be him.

Soo-Ae tells him that if he knows what’s interesting, she can always recognize him just by looking at his back. Soo-Aee asks Dohwa why he likes eating while standing, and he tells her that it is because there is only one chair. After all, he lives alone Soo-Ae immediately stands up and asks him to sit down so she can manage eating while standing.

Operation True Love Chapter 55 Release Date

Operation True Love Chapter 53 Stills (Credit: Naver Webtoon)

Soo-Ae tells him his body is not in good shape, so there is no way she can sit while he is standing. Dohwa tells her his condition is not so bad that he cannot stand without support; he tells her it’s fine and she should just sit down. Soo-Ae takes her first bite and compliments the food; she tells him it’s delicious, as expected from a conglomerate’s handmade dish. Dohwa laughs at her compliment.

Operation True Love Chapter 55 Release Date And Time

Operation True Love Chapter 55 will be released on Saturday, March 25, 2023. If you are a reader of this manhwa, then you might already know Operation True Love chapters are released every Saturday, so you can visit the website the following day to read the upcoming chapter. The international schedule for Operation True Love Chapter 55 is as follows:

  •  US: 8:30 am EST on Sunday, March 19, 2023
  •  Canada: 8:30 am NT on Sunday, March 19, 2023
  •  India: 7:00 pm IST on Sunday, March 19, 2023
  •  Australia: 12:30 am AEST on Monday, March 20, 2023
  •  Philippines: 9:30 pm PHT on Sunday, March 19, 2023
  •  Japan: 10:30 pm JST on Sunday, March 19, 2023
  •  South Korea: 10:30 pm KST on Sunday, March 19, 2023

Where To Read Operation True Love Chapter 55 

Operation True Love Chapter 55 will be available on the LINE Webtoon. The manhwa was released on Naver Webtoon back in 2022, but later on, it became available on LINE Webtoon in Indonesian and English. 

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