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Today’s Webtoon Episode 15 Release Date – Streaming Guide And Preview

Today’s Webtoon Episode 15 is set to release in a few days. Ma Eum has several responsibilities on her shoulders, and with each passing episode, the drama is becoming one of our favorites. 

For the unversed, Today’s Webtoon revolves around On Ma Eum and her journey from being an athlete to becoming a webtoon editor. Ma Eum is loved by many for her nature. Even if there is a difficult situation, she handles it with a smile. 

With a slice-of-life genre, soulful OSTs, and amazing chemistry between the co-stars, Today’s Webtoon is a drama you wouldn’t want to miss. 

Today’s Webtoon Episode 14 Recap

The sudden appearance of Dae Ryuk’s mother affected his sanity. She wanted to visit her son. However, Ma Eum didn’t give his address. This incident shook him up, and for obvious reasons, Dae Ryuk’s block was not helping him with his work. After hesitating, he agreed to meet his parents only if Ma Eum would be there beside him. 

Today's Webtoon Ep 15

A Still Of On Ma Eum From The Series

Meanwhile, just at the time of Webtoon Feeb’s release date, a piece of new information surfaced, making the situation go completely west. Dae Ryuk was already dealing with a lot, and now the accusation of molesting a woman also came out. All this was making the situation more difficult for Ma Eum to control. Though her sister helps and does, Dae Ryuk’s social status is back to normal. 

On the other hand, Artist Na’s girlfriend announced that she was pregnant. Now, more than anything, his motive was to stay beside his child and give enough love and care to it. 

Today's Webtoon Ep 15

A Still From The Series

After several back and forths, Team Neon stands in a stable position. After some time, things seem to be joining in their right places. Also, Director Ho’s dark intentions are coming into the light. His stand on how he views Neon is still under a lot of question. 

Will Shin Dae Ryuk Receive Answers About His Past?

Meanwhile, Shin Dae Ryuk finally got his closure. He has to spend his life wrapped in fear for the longest time. He wanted Ma Eum to help him find some of the answers. However, this needs to be mentioned that it took way more time for Ma Eum to figure that out.

That was not the first time Dae Ryuk was given hints regarding his deteriorating mental health. It was always more than just writer’s block; somehow, she wasn’t getting it. His paintings screamed how he needed help. 

Today's Webtoon Ep 15

A Still From The Series

 Now Ma Eum makes the two of them reconcile as Dae Ryuk’s mothersuffersg from dementia and wants to tell her son everything before she forgets about it. After hearing from his mother, Dae Ryuk comes to proper terms with himself.

Preview Of Episode 15

A lot is awaiting us, from Ma Eum’s conversation with her parents to Neon finally getting to know Gwan Young’s ulterior motive. So don’t forget to watch Today’s Webtoon Ep 15. 

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Where To Watch Today’s Webtoon Episode 15? Online Streaming Details 

Today’s Webtoon Episode 15 will be available on its original network SBS TV. The drama is also out on streaming platforms like the Rakuten Viki. To complete the drama, you must buy the Standard Viki pass. Choose a plan that suits you the best, and then you are all set to watch the drama. 

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When Will Today’s Webtoon Episode 15 Release?

Today’s Webtoon Episode 15 will be released on 16th September 2022. The drama has made its place inside the audience’s heart, and the fans are just loving it. Kim Se-jeong as On Ma Eum has been phenomenal. She plays the role with utter conviction, and while we are still gushing over from Shin Ah Ri, On Ma Eum is already taking our breaths away. 

Her chemistry with her co-stars also deserves special mentioning. Only two episodes are left for the drama to end its journey, and it will be interesting to know where the drama will head from here. 

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