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Love Is For Suckers Episode 9: Release Date & Streaming Guide

Love Is For Suckers trailer
Love Is For Suckers Episode 9: Release Date

The Love Is For Suckers Episode 9 release date is finally out, and loyal fans can’t wait to watch it. This comedy-romance drama, helmed by Choi Kyu Shik, made its debut and is creating a headline in the entertainment industry. The series has a familiar story—friends who become lovers—and it is intriguing. The debut episode of the sixteen episodes premiered on October 5, and the sixteenth episode will air on November 24, 2022.

In contrast to the reality show intermingled with the typical drama plot, Choi Sik claims that the drama would [provide a more in-depth look at love life’s emotional ups and downs. He was joined at this gathering by Lee. She mentioned how she could relate to God since she was also in her mid-thirties and would have wanted a friend like Park to be beneficial. We have seen that Y. Reum is skilled and hardworking, but her recent show, The Ramen Chef, is not succeeding.

Love Is For Suckers trailer

A still from Love Is For Suckers.

Yeo Reum’s friend, Jae Hoon, is reliant on her. We see numerous moments of the leads hanging out together. The hero Eve dresses up for his lady solely for her. Y. He wants to stand by the leading lady’s side. The story’s humor is not at all forced. Instead, it seems like the story has handled it brilliantly. We do, however, get information on how individuals behave emotionally.

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What Is The Premise Of “Love Is For Suckers”?

The drama might be categorized as a romantic comedy-drama that depicts the sweet and sour realities of romance between two best friends from 20 years ago who are now in their 30s but don’t date or flirt. The show’s elaborate plot follows: The focus of Love Is For Suckers is television producer Goo Yeo Rum.

Love Is For Suckers trailer

A still from Love Is For Suckers.

In her ten years as a professional, she has only been able to create shows that were a failure. She works harder than most producers, but until she is given a chance to develop a new reality TV show with a dating theme, all of the shows she produces are flops.

She’s determined to use this show to make “The Kingdom of Love” a huge success. She struggles to assemble the show’s producers and track down suitable men who are prepared to participate in the show. She turns to Park Jae Hoon, her neighbor and best friend of 20 years, for assistance. Park, a cosmetic surgeon, is uninterested in his work and finding love.

Love Is For Suckers trailer

Choi Si Won from Love Is For Suckers.

Despite their close kinship, they only interact on a spiritual level. Despite his past failures in finding love, Park still offers to help her. Park becomes a participant in this new show, but Park and Goo are unclear about how to connect in this peculiar and unusual circumstance. They fall in love with their roles as producers and cast members.

Who Stars In Love Is For Suckers?

In this new romantic comedy, Lee Da Hee and Choi Si Won will portray Park Jae Hoon and Goo Yeo Rum as the main characters. Jo Soo Hyang portrays Kang Chae Ri, Park Yeon Woo is John Jang, Min Jin Woong is Park Dae Shik, and Lim Ha Ryong is Goo Yong Shik. In supporting, roles will be Yang Hee Kyung as Yoon Young Hui, Lee Dae Hwi as Kim Sang Woo, and Song Jong Ho as Kim In Woo.

The Release Date For Love Is For Suckers Episode 9

Love Is For Suckers Episode 9 Release Date is November 2, 2022. Love Is For Suckers Episode 9 will air at 9:00 pm in Korea on the ENA channel. But fans can watch Love Is For Suckers Episode 9 at the following time on multiple streaming services.

• British Summer Time: 1:00 pm (November 2, 2022).
• Indian Standard Time: 5:30 pm (November 2, 2022)
• Singapore Standard Time: 8:00 pm (November 2, 2022)
• Philippines Standard time: 8:00 pm (November 2, 2022)
• Japanese Standard Time: 9:00 pm. (November 2, 2022)
• Pacific Standard Time: 5:00 am. (November 2, 2022)
• Eastern Standard Time: 8:00 am. (November 2, 2022)

Where To Watch Love Is For Suckers Episode 9 Online?

Love Is For Suckers Episode 9 will be available for viewing based on their regions. Fans can STREAM Love Is For Suckers Episode 9 on either Rakuten Viki or Amazon prime video. Fans must cross-check the time listed above not to miss the next episode. Happy streaming!

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