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Ways To Make A Bam Bam Costume: All You Must Know

bam bam costume

Here, we shall discuss the ways to make a Bam Bam costume. Many of you aren’t aware of this trending fashion idea, especially among the kids, who must get into this piece to know what it is. Well, Bam Bam is a memorable character from The Flintstones, by Hanna Barbera. Bam Bam usually gets along with his next-door neighbor, Pebbles. So, if you are looking out to dress up something cute and funny with your partner, you can opt for this costume, only on Halloween or at costume parties for sure. Also, a Bam Bam costume would be a great idea if your child’s Halloween party, especially if he is a great fan of The Flinstones.

Most importantly, this costume is less time-consuming compared to any other outfit. Overall, a Bam Bam costume is all about a half tunic, a bat, and a cap with some creativity. You can easily make it using some affordable stuff, and you will find most of the necessities in your closet and stationery box. Let’s dig into this article to learn how to make a Bam Bam costume.

Ways to make a Bam Bam costume

Bam Bam Costume

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Ways To Make A Bam Bam Costume

Before learning the ways, sit with all the things that you will need to make the costume of this cartoon character.

  1. Sewing Machine and Thread
  2. Measuring Tape
  3. Orange Shorts
  4. Felts of Orange, Black, Brown, and White colors
  5. Glue and Tape
  6. Cardboard
  7. Marker Pen & Scissor
  8. Safety Pins
  9. Baseball Hat
  10. Cylindrical Object

Here is the DIY for a Bam Bam costume.

A. Half-Tunic

1. The first thing is to make the shorts. Take the orange shorts that you have and trim the bottom of them using a scissor. It will add a jagged, edgy look to the shorts.

Bam Bam Costume

Jagged Edges

2. Take the black felt and cut medium-sized triangular pieces. You can also sew these onto the shorts. However, using glue will also do good and is much easier and consumes lesser time compared. Again, cut the sides of the felt to give it an edgy look. Use safety pins to clip it to your shorts, both at the front and back sides.

Bam Bam Costume

Add these triangular pieces onto the shorts

3. Now, make the sash. For this, you can either opt for black felt or brown felt. Both will do. Make sure that the sash is long enough to start from the front of your shorts over the top of your shoulder to the back of your shorts again.

4. Now, it’s time for the bone. Take the cardboard and draw a bone using a marker pen. Cut it down. Cut the white felt of the same shape and size as the bone (in brief, must be of the same measurements). Paste it onto the cardboard. When the bone is ready, paste it onto the bottom of the sash.

Bam Bam Costume

Paste the bone structure at the bottom of the sash

B. Bat

You can easily carry the usual bat that you have at your home. Still, when you are making it all by yourself, why won’t you make a bat, right? Also, the one which you have won’t look exactly like Bam Bam’s prop.

1. Take the cylindrical object.

2. Cover the object with brown felt paper and repeat the process numerous times to make it thick. Wrap it and make it hold using tape.

3. To make it more realistic, you can also draw some black holes around the bat for the wood grain texture.

Bam Bam Bat

C. Cap

Take the orange baseball cap. Here is a disclaimer. If you have any logo on it, there is nothing to worry about. You can simply hide it with black felt triangular-shaped figures as you have done onto the shorts.

Bam Bam Cap

Your Bam Bam costume is mostly done. Now, what you must look into is the basic look.

D. Others

Wear the Bam Bam costume. If you want to go all out, you can dye your hair white with the temporary one available on the market. However, it’s optional. If you don’t want to mess with your hair, especially your child’s hair, then avoiding this option is better.

Now, you are good to go! You can make a Bam Bam costume for your child for his upcoming Halloween party. Isn’t it a great idea? There comes a different feeling of happiness in wearing something that is made by yourself.

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