Family Affair Cast Members: Where Are They Now?

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Family Affair cast members are obviously very popular among the fans and thus, let us have a look at them right now. The show aired on CBS a long time ago, in the late 60s, but there are parts of the plot that are still relevant to us. The story focused on an engineer and bachelor named Bill Davis. He is going through a tough phase in his life, such as the trials. The man is also trying to raise his brother’s children, who have now become orphaned. Together, they live in a luxury apartment in New York City. The series gave us 138 episodes in total and ran for five seasons.

Well, the plot begins with Bill himself. He is a successful man working as a civil engineer. He is responsible for developing a variety of projects around the world. He is quite wealthy given his success, and he lives in a huge apartment on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. He also has employed a manservant named Giles French, who is his valet.

Bill belongs to Indiana, where he grew up. After leaving his home, his brother and his wife live in the city with their two kids. Just a year before, the two had died in a car accident, and their three children did not have any parents now. Their relatives and grandparents, given the success of Bill, send the kids over to live with him given his obvious success. Well, this affects the entire lifestyle that Bill has, but soon, he tries to adapt to the change, given he always loved his brother.

Family Affair
Family Affair

At the start of the show, we see that Uncle Bill is not amused by the idea of having three children staying with him. But he soon gets fond of them and bonds with each. As for Mr. French, his duties expand given the fact that he has to act as a nanny to the three kids and take care of them. Although, he develops a liking for them through the episodes. Eventually, we see the five of them becoming a very cute family together.

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Family Affair Cast Members

Brian Keith reprises the role of Bill Davis. He is a successful self-made man working as a civil engineer in New York City. At the start of the series, he becomes responsible for his brother’s children after their parents died in a car crash. Bill is a bachelor, and obviously, his life gets affected by the kids, but he adapts to it nevertheless. As for Brian, he passed in 1997 but was an amazing actor in all the projects he took part in. He was quite known for his films, such as The Parent Trap and Johnny Shiloh. He also starred in the movie The Russians Are Coming and its sequel. Despite all his roles, Brian is best known for his role as Uncle Bill in the Family Affair.

Sebastian Cabot enacts the character of Giles French. He is a valet to Bill but soon has to rearrange his duties as a nanny as well. It is when both his and Bill’s life changes forever. Sebastian is a British actor. He has had other roles in films like Kismet and Checkmate. He passed away in 1977.

Kathy Garver does the part of Cissy Davis. She moved to her uncle’s house with her siblings. Kathy has been seen in other roles after the show ended. We saw her in Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends in 1981. She was a crew member in projects such as X Child Stars: Where Are They Now?

Johnny Whitaker reprises the role of Jody Davis. He is a twin to Buffy. Initially, the actor was cast in order to be at a different age than Buffy. But it is obvious that the two looked great along with each other, and thus, they were changed to twins. Johnny’s career bloomed when he was a kid. He has done many roles as a child in various projects such as The Littlest Angel and General Hospital.

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Anissa Jones enacts the character of Buffy Davis. She is a twin to Jody and a younger sister to Cissy. She was a great child actress, although her career and life were cut short at the young age of 18. It was the field of combined drug intoxication. Buffy is her most popular role throughout her short life.

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