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Preview and Recap: World Trigger Season 2 Episode 6

World Trigger Season 2

The Galopoula squad has failed to take down the Meeden Base, and they retreat. Reghi didn’t want to retreat and face the Horn Trigger, Hyuse. He doesn’t want to head back empty-headed, but he got defeated in a single blow. Reghi realizes that Hyuse and used Afto’s Enhanced Trigger. Jin arrives at the scene and praises Hyuse for his performance; he promises Hyuse that he will help him return home. 

The next day at the base, Katori comments that she gets a cube-like if she activates the spider. The tube will point where the wires should go, and she was teaching Osami how to make a cube by activating the spider. At the same time, Chika learns how to use black lightning. Later Izumi told Osamu that he is going to be the commander of the next match. Osamu told him that he won’t disappoint him, and in the evening, the Border agents gathered.

Episode 6 World Trigger Season 2 Release Date 

World Trigger Season 2 Episode 6 will be released on Sunday, 14 February 2021, at 1:30 AM JST. World Trigger can be accessed officially on Crunchyroll.  Every weekend they will be new developments of the upcoming episode. Let’s see what Osamu is planing below. 

World Trigger Season 2

World Trigger Season 2

Previously on Episode 5

Sakurato Taketomi from Ebina Squad addresses the Border agent. She announces that the B-Rank Wars Day 5 night session will continue with her lively commentary. The other two commentators are Tokieda from the Arashima squad. Izumi from the Tachikawa squad. Taketomi reveals that after the results of today’s daytime match, her squad has finally advanced to the middle group. The two congratulates her.


Tokieda announces that aside from the newcomer, Tamakoma-2, it has been a while since Katori and Kakizaki faced off. Izumi adds that the Katori squad has always been in the top group. He asks Taketomi if they dropped to the middle because of Tamakoma. She agrees and comments that Katori has been replaced by Tamakoma-2, who advanced in round 3. They have also lost to the Nasu squad and are now B-Rank #9. 

Taketomi is wondering if Katori will turn the table and show their former top group team’s ability. Kakazaki squad dropped to the bottom after losing in round 3 and rejoined the middle group in round 4 and is now B-Rank #13. Takieda comments Kakazaki were the only B-Rank squad with zero Bailouts. Taketomi replies that it is not bad for Takieda to stick to her comrade.

Taketomi asks if captain Kakizaki used to be in the Arashima squad, and Takieda said yes. Takieda comments that Kakizaki is still her dearest friend. Taketomi reveals that Tamakoma-2 has joined the top with three wins but lost with only 1 point in round 4. Their ace Kuga is mainly earning points, and Izumi comments that four eyes (Osamu) have a new technique. Takieda said it is his secret weapon.

Strategy Room

World Trigger Season 2

World Trigger Season 2

Hyuse made it in time with Yatari and Jin to the hall, and Jin comments that they are about to start. While Tamakoma-2 is in the Strategy room and Osamu comments that they can review the opponents’ tactics. Osamu reveals that the Katori squad is an ace focused team like theirs. Their ace gets the points and the other two support with Chameleons. But the Kakizaki squad has no specific ace; they get points by attacking as a team.

Osamu also reveals that Kakazaki is all equipped for close combat and shooting. Their Triggers are all-rounder based. Shiro comments that it is like the Arashiyama squad without Satori. Osamu comments that they are no snipers in the opposing teams. The key to winning is Chika’s long-range attacks. Chika comments that they can count on her. Osamu said Kakazaki would pick the place with many buildings to block their sniper. 

New Technique

Kuga comments that’s perfect for Osamu’s new tactics. Other squads also analyze their tactics. Taketomi announces that B-Rank round 5 to begin, and all squad begin transmission. All squad completed the transmission, and agents are told to start from a random point spaced apart from each other. The battle started, and Osamu told his squad to stick to the plan. Katori and Kuga clash on a one on one combat. Katori squad is worried that she charged alone without following their plan.

She thinks that she is going to win. Taketomi comments that it is an ace on an ace battle. Fumika saw captain Katori clashing with Kuga and ask if she can take one of them using a Bugworm ambush. Kakazaki told her to wait until all squad members arrive at the scene. Shiori warns Osamnu that two using a chameleon technique are approaching him. Osamu uses a spider technique for Kuga to have an advantage when attacking the enemies.

World Trigger Season 2 Episode 6 Preview

You can find more about the Galopoula squad here; World Trigger Season 2 Episode 5 and how they were defeated at the Meedeen Base. 

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