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Mimicus Episode 4 Release Date: Will Han Yoo Sung Participate In Debut Performance?

Mimicus Episode 4
Mimicus Episode 4

Mimicus Episode 4 is coming soon with a new twist! The latest episode has revealed Oh Racy’s background story and how she becomes an idol. Although the journey wasn’t easy, she was passionate about her dream. However, now, after debuting with ICE, Oh Racy can’t help but question her intent. She wonders if it’s the dream she desires or the dreaming part only. Nevertheless, she decides to enjoy the moment while it lasts.

Meanwhile, Oh Racy’s friends celebrate her return. Two years isn’t a short period. However, Han Yoo Sung, Shin Da Ra, and Hyeon Woo prove that time can never bring a rift in their friendship! Furthermore, the story reveals how Han Yoo Sung decides to spread his wing and participate in the school’s debut performance program. However, Nothing comes easier, especially for Han Yoo Sung, who has been constantly taunted for being fake Soo Bin.

Therefore, witnessing Ji Soo Bin’s performance in the school programs, Han Yoo Sung again falls into the pit of insecurities and hopelessness. So with the fear of being a laughing stock, how will Han Yoo Sung be able to perform in Mimicus Episode 4?

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Recap Of Ep 3 – Day Of Debut Performance

Episode 3 of Mimicus kdrama begins with Oh Rocy’s live streaming, where she talks with her fans. Fans congrats her for winning first place in the music bank performance. They even ask her how did she find her dream. It all started in 2016 when she found out how her pals were into kpop and idols. From then, she also began to enjoy singing and dancing. She admired the young talented Kim Woo Seok. And thanks to an unexpected encounter with her idol encouraged, Oh Rocy chased her dream!

Mimicus kdrama Episode 4

Oh Rocy Cr: Rakuten Viki

However, after debuting, Oh Rocy questions whether or not this is what she dreamed of. Nevertheless, she decides to continue and returns to school after two years. Her friends Shin Da Ra, Han Yoo Sung, and Hyeon Woo throw a surprise welcome party.

Meanwhile, Teacher Kang asks Han Yoo Sung to perform at the school debut performance since Hyeon Woo won’t be able to continue due to his leg injuries. Even with the insecurities, Han Yoo Sung decides to participate. He even practices for hours. However, on the day of debut performance, Han Yoo Sung finds Ji Soo Bin mimicking his whole performance. And due to the fear of getting mocked, he runs away. So will Han Yoo Sung face his challenge or, once again, accept defeat even without fighting in Mimicus Episode 4?

Mimicus Episode 4

Han Yoo Sung and Ji Soo Bin Cr: Rakuten Viki

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What To Expect In Ep 4?

After Ji Soo Bin’s performance, fans should look forward to Han Yoo Sung’s turn in Mimicus Episode 4! Although Han Yoo Sung runs away after seeing Ji Soo Bin’s dance, he may change his mind. After all, he can’t avoid or ignore Ji Soo Bin’s foul play. Therefore, instead of running away like the last time, Han Yoo Sung will have to face his inner demon.

Meanwhile, the upcoming episode may also reveal how Han Yoo Sung’s dance practice video landed in Ji Soo Bin’s hands. According to the previous episode, only Hyeon Woo, Han Yoo Sung, and Teacher Kang In Hyuk had his dance practice video. There are two possibilities here. Either Teacher Kang In Hyuk himself had handed Ji Soo Bin Han’s practice video, or Ji Soo Bin coincidently found it. Therefore, in the upcoming Mimicus kdrama Episode 4, we will find Han Yoo Sung’s decision and the final result of the school’s debut performance!

Mimicus Episode 4 release date

Han Yoo Sung Cr: Rakuten Viki

Mimicus Episode 4 Release Date

Mimicus Episode 4 will be released on 3 August 2022 at 7 pm KST on Rakuten Viki. Due to the surprising mimic performance of Ji Soo Bin, Han Yoo Sung finds himself surrounded by all negative thoughts. Thus to find what decision Han Yoo Sung makes, watch a new episode of Mimicus kdrama every Wednesday and Friday!

Watch Mimicus Korean Drama Ep 4 With Eng Sub Online- Streaming Details

For South Korean and international viewers, Mimicus kdrama is airing on Rakuten Viki with English Subtitles. In other countries. Ep 4 will be out on the same day at 6 am in the USA, 11 am in the UK, 3:30 pm in India, and 8 pm in Australia.

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