Who Did Taylor Swift Cheat On Taylor Lautner With? Explained

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Who Did Taylor Swift Cheat on Taylor Lautner With
Who Did Taylor Swift Cheat Taylor Lautner With ? (Credits: Vogue)

Who Did Taylor Swift Cheat on Taylor Lautner With? Pop star Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner sparked major dating rumors after they were spotted together at the 2009 VMAs and later were seen together attending hockey games. The Twilight star was later seen hugging Swift during back an October 2009 stop on her Fearless tour in Chicago.

However, Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner parted ways just after a three-month relationship. The songstress later reportedly seemingly confirmed the timing of the split through Back to December. The Twilight actor later recalled that if he went back to if he had the option, he would go back to the 2009 VMAs, where he presented the award to Taylor and was not aware that the rapper Ye thing was not a skit.

Taylor Lautner further recalled how he took five steps back and stood five feet behind Taylor Swift and how in the middle of her giving her thank you speech, the rapper jumped up onto the stage. The entire incident went on to make headlines as many condemned the act. Let us find out who Taylor Swift cheated on Taylor Lautner with. 

Who Did Taylor Swift Cheat on Taylor Lautner With?

While it is no news that singing sensation Taylor Swift was rumored to be dating her Valentine’s Day costar, Taylor Lautner, the two soon parted ways while giving way to several speculations. Many assumed that Taylor Swift might have cheated on her then-boyfriend.

An insider claimed that the Twilight actor liked Swift more than she liked him, and Lautner used to go everywhere where he could to see her, but the pop star never really traveled that much to see the actor.

Who Did Taylor Swift Cheat on Taylor Lautner With
Who Did Taylor Swift Cheat on Taylor Lautner With? (Credits: People)

Contrary to cheating allegations, the insider claimed that the two just decided that they were better of as friends. However, the two have moved on for good with their respective partners and seemingly have no bad blood between them. Taylor Lautner is happily married, while Taylor Swift has recently been linked with a fellow artist. 

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Is Back To December About Taylor Lautner?

When Taylor Swift released the track, Back To December, many speculated that the track was about her former beau, Taylor Lautner. Without taking any names, the songstress explained that the track is a different kind of a song as up until then, she really has not felt like she needed to apologize to someone while calling it rather necessary.

Swift has explained how she feels so comfortable singing about these details and these relationships while looking into the intricate details that include listing times, dates, and names. However, she did not confirm Back To December being about Taylor Lautner.

Taylor Lautner Prays For John Mayer!

As singing sensation Taylor Swift is all set to re-release Speak Now, it seems like two lead-in men are under the radar! As it also features the hit track, Back To December, the Twilight star has stated that it is a great album! Lautner further jokingly said that while he feels safe, he is not sure about artist John Mayer.

Who Did Taylor Swift Cheat on Taylor Lautner With
Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner (Credits: People)

Taylor Lautner’s wife, Taylor Dome, posted a video of the actor on TikTok as it, showed her husband kneeling down on the floor as he was seen with his hands together in prayer as Swift’s “Dear John” being played! It was Lautner’s funny take on the announcement of the album being re-released.

It has been popularly rumored that Back to December is an apology to Swift’s former flame, Taylor Lautner; fans assumed that Dear John is about the songstress’ brief romance with John Mayer. John Mayer is rumored to have written Paper Doll about Swift. Mayer later admitted that he does not try not to give bitchiness in the songs, but it does happen sometimes.

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