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One Piece Manga Reveals: The War Wont End With Kaidou and Big Mom’s Defeat

Big Mom and Kaidou
Big Mom and Kaidou

One Piece manga is entering the Onigahima raid’s peak as Luffy and his fellow calamites face-off Kaidou and Big Mom. Things will be different this time as usual; one would think that Kaidou and Big Mom’s fall would mean the end of the raid. At least this will remain true for the samurai who wants Kaidou and all his allies out of Wano so that they can open Wano’s borders. 

The fight is about to get more intense, small battles have broken out all over Onigashima, and the most important one is taking place on the rooftop. Everyone has gathered in one place, and the battle has gotten more intense. One Piece manga has picked up pace after several breaks that saw few chapters released for January. But for February, the manga will run well with little disturbances.

The latest chapter of the manga, One Piece chapter 1003, came out this weekend and showed interesting manga developments. This means this war that has broken out in Wano is likely to attract more people than we can think at this moment. The chapter shows that CP0 has been in wano all this time, and now they have started to analyze the ongoing war.

They came with interesting information about Wano and hinted at existing Executives that exists. One can only wonder what this means. The war in Wano might be the tip of an iceberg. More and more people are joining the fight, and now it will not only be about the samurai and beast pirates.

One Piece Chapter 1004 will release next weekend and will continue with the war. You will be able to read the latest chapters online on the Viz Media website.

CP0 Reveals The War won’t End Even If Kaidou and Big Mom Fall in Wano.

Towards the end of One Piece chapter 1003, we saw CP0 sitting inside Onigashima’s flying castle, analyzing how the battle is going on. They might have appeared for the banquet that Kaidou was holding for all his allies. And we have also seen them talking with Orochi in the previous chapters, so they are trade partners with the land of wano. 

Kaidou celebrates with big mom

Kaidou celebrates with big mom

The CP0 has pointed out that the banquet has turned into a war. They analyzed what has happened so far and pointed out that both the Samurai and Kaido have lost forces. They don’t see the Samurai winning this one, and even in the almost impossible case, Kaidou and Big Mom fall in wano. They revealed that the war would not end as the samurai will have to deal with the executives. 

According to CP0’s description, the executives are mighty, and they can easily annihilate the samurai forces if Kaidou and Big Mom are defeated. They did agree that this would mean that the future will be completely unpredictable. But the highlight of the matter is that there are “executives” that will not let the samurai have their way in wano. 

So the fight against Kaidou is just a small battle in this, meaning should Kaidou and Big Mom fall, then the samurai and their allies will be in bigger trouble than they already are. Right now, it doesn’t look like the samurai can win this fight. Kaidou appeared unharmed after all the attacks he took from the fight, and Big Mom is still untouchable as well.

The Appearance of Kaidou Hybrid Form

Kaidou decided to take the fight seriously and hs transformed into his hybrid form. On the other hand, the new generations are trying all they can to survive. Meanwhile, Luffy will be out for the next 10 minutes due to his gear fourth, so things are starting to go downhill for them. Kaidou’s hybrid form only appeared as a silhouette, and we will get a full glimpse of it in the next chapter.

This is a major plot twist meaning that if the straw hats and co are to survive in Wano, third parties will have to appear. Because just as they are, even if Kaidou and Big mom fall, the executives will be making a move afterward. With the damage that they would have taken at the end, should they survive, they will be easy pickings. But for now, let us wait to see how things will continue in the manga’s upcoming chapters.

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