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MetaHuman Creator – Brand New Revolution by Epic Games

MetaHuman Creator

With yet another tool developed by Epic Games, that is, MetaHuman Creator, give yourself an edge in the field of game development. It has never been easy for any game developer to design something that satisfies every gamer’s taste without putting in many efforts. Packed with numerous tools and techniques to speed up the process, this tool is all set to be released. In this article, you will find out everything related to this product, how different it is from other tools used by game developers, and how they can make the most of it. Follow the article till the end to learn everything!

MetaHuman Creator promises quality 3D facial modeling

MetaHuman Creator promises quality 3D facial modeling

This tool will empower the game developers and ease the task of realizing visions. From creating 3D characters effortlessly to styling and improving textures, this browser application has it all. MetaHuman Creator will undoubtedly reduce the labor that the game developers have to put in. Moreover, it will also enable them to design within a short time frame. Having said this, let me also tell you that this is one of the most awaited tools today. Blended with a plethora of techniques and assets, the tool is worth having if you are into game development.

MetaHuman Creator Release Date Revealed

The trailer of the latest game was released a day before, that is, on February 10, 2021. The trailer was followed by a blog post that highlighted all the features of the app. However, Epic Games are yet to confirm the release date of MetaHuman Creator. The trailer has been amassing a lot of viewers since its release and promises to offer amazing gameplay. And, game developers believe that this will certainly help them create more realistic characters or digital humans. Since the trailer is already out, MetaHuman is expected to be released within a few months. Till then, all we can do is wait for an official announcement by the game developers.

What can gamers do?

A true game developer would already know how difficult it is to create humans that look real in a video game. In the language of game development, these characters are called digitalized humans. And, in all honesty, this task is troublesome as well as tedious. To facilitate this task, reduce man-hours, and make games packed with top-notch designs, Epic hours felt the need of MetaHuman Creator.

Epic Games teams up with Cubic Motion

Epic Games teams up with Cubic Motion

To help the artists, Epic Games joined hands with other companies like Cubic Motion and 3Lateral. Together, they aim at making this tedious process convenient and less painful. You can adjust textures as per your wish and design the characters using your imagination. Thus, MetaHuman Creator helps the developers get creative with this artistic task. Not only then can work on the skin of characters but also their hair. The tool will provide a plethora of clothing styles, hairstyles, body types as well as the skeleton. Therefore, you can try your hands on all these things and develop the best character according to your needs.

What “Epic Games” have to say?

Bringing into the world a streamlined tool to facilitate game development, Epic Games sounds confident. They claim that MetaHuman Creator is a need for the hour. And that, the tool will enable the artists to design the desired characters in less than an hour. Mastilovic believes that this browser all has the potential to replace thousands of work hours that the game developers put. He contends that the characters the app will generate will not be the exact replicas of humans. But, they will just be stylized enough to make gamers the feel of playing in the real world. Let’s see how the developers react after trying their hands on the tool.

MetaHuman Creator lets you give an edge to character development

MetaHuman Creator lets you give an edge to character development

The CTO of Epic Games, Kim Liberi too sounded optimistic about their upcoming venture. In a recent interview, he confirmed that MetaHuman Creator is a user-friendly tool for both content creators as well as game developers. He proved it by providing a sensible approach to YouTubers. Liberi believes this application can create apt hosts for their channels. Well, as of now, this all sounds like a dream. Thus, two characters will be dropped on Unreal Engine as an example in a few months. This will let game developers know how MetaHuman Creates works and how can they can make the most of the wonderful tool!

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