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Did Cordae and Naomi Break Up? Has The Pair Called It Quits Already?

Did cordae and Naomi break up
Did Cordae and Naomi break up

Is the Cordae and Naomi break-up rumor real? Tennis player Naomi Osaka has often grabbed the media limelight for being vocal about mental health issues and how it made more athletes talk about it. Recently, Coco Gauff praised Osaka for bringing the topic of mental health into the public consciousness ahead of her Silicon Valley Classic campaign in San Jose, as she stated how watching Naomi talk about her mental health made a lot of athletes take a step back and realize that it is okay to put certain things above their sport.

Osaka also grabbed eyeballs after she made her relationship with artist Cordae public in September 2019 by posting a mushy photo with him where the couple was seen kissing with LA’s Hollywood sign in the background, as she further wrote how grateful she is to have him in her life. The pair has made several appearances since then and have been extremely supportive of each other as well. The two soon became fan-favorite celebrity couples as many rooted for the two. However, recently a few social media activities have given way to split rumors as fans have taken to Twitter to speculate whether there’s trouble in paradise or not. What led to such speculations? Let us take a look at all the details and lesser-known facts to know whether the Cordae and Naomi break-up rumor is real or not. 

Did Cordae and Naomi break up?

Fans have been speculating that Naomi Osaka and Cordae’s relationship might have, but a rough patch after the tennis star shared a rather cryptic post. As Osaka writes in a since-deleted tweet, “If a guy constantly has to tell you he’s a good guy, there’s about a 1000% chance he’s not”. While the post has been deleted, it has already sparked a buzz amongst fans. 

Did cordae and Naomi break up

Did Cordae and Naomi break up?

Many even claimed that Naomi Osaka had unfollowed her boyfriend from all social media platforms, thus, fuelling split rumors further. However, neither Naomi nor Cordae has confirmed any such speculation, and these rumors can be a mere ruse. Eagle-eyed social media users have also noticed that the tennis player has deleted a few pictures that she earlier shared with the North Carolina rapper.

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Naomi Osaka Makes Interesting Revelation About Her Beau!

Naomi Osaka made a few revelations about ting an artist in one of her interviews during her pre-match press conference,  when asked about the “Date tour” with her boyfriend, Cordae, and what differences does she feel between the two professional tours and her experience in different formats of the tours, Osaka explained how she prefers the tennis tour while admitting that she doesn’t like Cordae’s tour at all and not like specifically his tour, but like an artist tour while saying that it is tough. Take a look at this throwback picture as the couple posed for the cover shoot. 

The tennis star further explained how the artists move every night, and that’s vastly different as for a tennis your, one at least gets like a couple, a week to like settle down and explore the city, but unlike that artists only have a couple of hours to do that!

Naomi Osaka and Cordae: Here’s What We Know

Naomi and Cordae had managed to keep it under the radar and have opened up about their relationship earlier, revealing how they were dating for almost a year before people knew about them and how they kind of moved very exclusively.

Did cordae and Naomi break up

Naomi Osaka and Cordae

Cordae further added that they do not post intimate moments because he feels as though they’re sacred, and a relationship is a sacred thing as once they let outside influences get into it, and it becomes less sacred. The air has posted a few mushy pictures on social media but kept major parts of their relationship away from the media’s limelight. However, with split rumors doing the rounds, fans are wondering whether the pair have indeed parted ways or if it’s just a mere speculation.

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