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You and I are Polar Opposites Chapter 19: Release Date & Where To Read

You and I are Polar Opposites Chapter 19 Release Date

You and I are Polar Opposites is set to release this weekend. Kcha Agasawa is the author and illustrator of the Japanese manga series. You and I Are Polar Opposites. It debuted as a one-shot on Shueisha’s Shonen Jump+ website in January 2021 before being serialized on the same site beginning in May 2022. As of October 2022, it had been collected into two tankōbon volumes.

An energetic Suzuki follows the crowd in the plot. Her love charm is Tani, a quiet man who isn’t afraid to express himself. The down-to-earth rom-com should be on your list to read, and if it is, be sure to keep an eye out for the latest chapter updates. The title itself implies that both of the main characters are quite different from one another. Despite appearing dull at first, the model student can get his point across despite his wish not to overshare, as a talkative, energetic, and crowd-pleaser girl falls in love with him. 

The manga begins with Suzuki having a crush on Tani, but she is unable to admit her crush on Tani due to social pressure and the idea that her friends think she would pick someone who shares her personality. As it happens, Tani and Suzuki run into each other after school, and their hands accidentally touch (swooning), causing them to walk home for a long time.

While they are making their way back, the emotional connection is very evident to us but not to them. However, time caught up with them, and when Suzuki’s friends asked if she was dating Tani, time caught up with them. In response to the emotion, she denies it almost immediately, but Tani passes by and hears her deny it. She feels crushed and believes that she has hurt him, but Tani tells her to forget about it, clearly worried she is overanalyzing things. 

You And I Are Polar Opposites Review

Despite stating what she wants in a boy, Suzuki has a crush on Tani but refuses to admit it out of fear of her friends. This leads to the first chapter of You and I are Polar Opposites. Nevertheless, one day, she runs into him after school, they awkwardly walk home together, and after one accidental hand-holding experience, she becomes emotionally exhausted. In the morning, her friends ask her if Tani is dating her. She denies it right away, but then Tani later shows up, and she feels crushed for the entire day. Finally, Tani tells her to forget today’s events.

You and I are Polar Opposites Chapter 19 Release Date

You and I are Polar Opposites

She confesses to her friends that she likes Tani when her friends show up. Suddenly, out of all the things she thought she knew, her friends encouraged her to express how she felt about him. With their support, she races after Tani and tells him the truth. After all that, Tani accepts her feelings, and they begin dating. We now get to watch these two enter into a relationship, and it’s a lot of fun and awkward.

The manga may ultimately be too sweet due to the lack of negative reaction to the two dating or any problems between them thus far. That’s not to say no one has wondered about their relationship, but it fits with the basic opposites attract theory. The two should not appear to be close, but they discreetly went online to investigate how to become boyfriend/girlfriend (and one of them got caught) and truly discovered certain things they shared. Tani and Suzuki have great chemistry as the primary characters in any romantic comedy.

You and I are Polar Opposites Chapter 19 Release Date

You and I are Polar Opposites

Suzuki’s friends have also been supportive of Tani’s inclusion in their group; adding to their time together is great. Even two characters were surprised by the relationship and even questioned it, but eventually accepted it, and one of them realized why it worked. In chapter 9, a new character likes Tani but not in the way you think.

The supporting cast contributes to the smoothness of the main relationship, and when you combine that with a flipping of social expectations, you create a nice set of characters to help them grow and continue to feel comfortable with each other. Their time together is sweet, even though they still have a lot to grow together.

With Agasawa’s quirky comedic style and the pacing of the pages, it has been delightful and cute to go on a date and watch Suzuki react to everything, meet up at a new store, go to a festival, etc. Furthermore, the characters (Suzuki in particular) blatantly flaunt multiple nerdy things, some from Shonen lore, that directly appeal to…well, me. The Eyeshield 21 didn’t occur to me until mini-Suzuki wore it, but I guess I wasn’t a nerd until then.

You and I are Polar Opposites Chapter 19 Release Date

You and I are Polar Opposites

You And I Are Polar Opposites Chapter 19 Release Date

You and I are Polar Opposites Chapter 19 release date is set to release on 27 November, Sunday at 20:30.

Where To Read You And I Are Polar Opposites Chapter 19?

Fans can read You and I are Polar Opposites chapter 19 on MangaPlus when it was released. You can also read previous chapters of You and I are Polar Opposites manga on the same platform. 

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