One Piece Chapter 1063 Raw Scans: Law And Blackbeard Engage In A Fight!

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One Piece Chapter 1063 Raw Scans And Full Summary
Law and Blackbeard!

The raw scans and full summary for the One Piece Chapter 1063 are out, and we have a clear picture of the events that took down in the said chapter. The final saga of One Piece has started. Our straw hats are already divided into two groups where; one is already on the destined Island, and the other one is making its way to the island.

However, it seems like One Piece has still yet to focus on the straw hats in this new arc as the chapters are coming in two parts where happenings of the outside world are still displayed. Previously we saw that Vegapunk has its models where we saw two of them. Vegapunk – 02 has rescued the straw hats from drowning and possibly now bringing them to the Island.

Whereas the other met Vegapunk – 05, who is a giant child and taught the straw hats about Egg Head island. Also, we saw that Cp0 is on its way to terminating Vegapunk as per the order from the world government.

Now, let’s dive into One Piece Chapter 1063 and see what the chapter was about. As we will break down One Piece Chapter 1063, we will also provide you with the colored raw scans that are available on the Internet, thanks to the fans. Here are the latest One Piece manga series updates.

One Piece Chapter 1063 Raw Scans

One Piece Chapter 1063 is titled “The only family I’ve got,” and it begins with Luffy, Chopper, and Bonney finishing the meal they got from the food-making machine and having a huge belly. Vegapunk 05, Atlas parts ways with the group, saying that she has to get back to work.

A lot of other robots/creatures start emerging at the place once they assume that the straw hats and Bonney are harmless. Luffy finds a fashion that gives him new clothes. Everyone changes their clothes into something futuristic, but Jinbei prefers wearing a Hawaiian shirt.

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One Piece Chapter 1063 Scans
Bonney was crying!

Bonney says that she is going to find some weapons and meet Vegapunk, but Luffy notices Kuma’s Pacisfista approaching them. The pacifista detects them as thieves and starts to charge hastily, and uses a laser beam on them.

Luffy intends to knock down the Pacifista and tries to punch it, but Bonney stops him saying that he is her father, and begs not to hurt her father. However, the Pacifista continues to use its laser beam on them.

Hearts And Blackbeard Pirates

Meanwhile, at sea on the new world, we saw the Blackbeard Pirates chasing Hearts Pirates, and the latter was trying to make it to the surface on the near island. We also see that Law has turned into a woman, and slowly all the other Hearts pirates start turning into a female as well. 

As they make it to the surface on the nearby island, Law transforms himself back into to original form and says that Haki has the ability to overcome any devil fruit powers. Doc Q notices that Law has turned back into normal and mentions that it is no surprise for a pirate with a bounty of 3 Billion while we learn that he has a devil fruit power called Sick-Sick Fruit.

Van Auger has a devil fruit power called Warp-Warp Fruit which he uses to teleport Jesus Burgess on the island. The latter then uses his devil fruit power called Buff-Buff Fruit which gives him unbelievable strength, and he lifts a mountain to attack the Heart Pirates. The Law mentions that the Blackbeard pirates have got some insane devil fruit powers and says that it is not a surprise that their bounties keep rising.

One Piece Chapter 1063
Blackbeard is arriving on Stronger!

Blackbeard approaches the Island as well on a flying horse and greets Law, and Law asks what he wants. It turns out that the flying horse is Stronger and has a devil fruit power called Horse-Horse Zoan Fruit Model Pegasus.

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Kaido says that he was waiting for one of the pirates who defeated the Emperors in the Wano country here but had no idea it would be Law. Blackbeard says that he must have the poneglyphs from the Emperors, and he is here to take them. In return, Law says that he is ready and will do the same with him as the winner will take all.

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