2 Guns Filming Locations: Where Was The Movie Filmed?

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2 Guns
2 Guns - Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg

What were the filming locations of 2 Guns? The movie recently arrived on Netflix and re-ignited the hearts of the numerous fans of Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg. Any movie with even one of these stars is worth a binge. With the two of them, it had to be one of the best comedy action movies to watch.

Directed by Baltasar Kormakur, 2 Guns‘ was released on July 30, 2013. for those who don’t know – Baltasar also directed the movie, Contraband. Produced by major production companies, including Oasis Ventures Entertainment, 2 Guns grossed twice the production cost, making it a hit box office movie. It made an estimated $ 132.5 million worldwide against a budget of $61 million.

Given the nature of the movie, many filming locations got included. And it was a budget movie, not close to the highest budget movies, but more than the average production cost, and that too in 2013. Two undercover officers, one from the DEA and another from the Navy SEAL, acted as criminals to bust a drug lord. But the crazy part is that they don’t know each other’s identities. Let’s have a look at the locations that became a part of the film.

2 Guns Filming Locations

Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

The first thing that comes to mind with “Albuquerque” is Breaking Bad, another drug lord masterpiece. The street scenes in the movie were shot on the streets of Albuquerque. Its setting suits the entire drug cartel and gangster themes. In addition, the Sandia Mountains, the Rio Grande river, and technology and media companies mark the city’s popularity among tourist spots.

Albuquerque, Credit: KRQE News

The real Albuquerque is different from what we have seen in movies and series, as in the above image. What we see marks the difference in the major counties in the city. If you ever get a chance, make sure to grab it and see the beauty with your own eyes.

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Santa Fe is a famous place in the entertainment industry, and besides its rich Native American Culture, Canyon Road, Rio Grande, and Museum, it consists of the Garson Studios. The Garson studio played a major part in the making of 2 Guns.

The primary studio works were conducted in Santa Fe because of the latest and budgeted system availability. If movies like Oppenheimer, No Country For Old Men, Terminator 2, Thor, and Lone Survivor became a part of a studio’s work, it tells everything about the place.

Los Angeles, California, USA

You will rarely see a drug cartel movie without the involvement of Los Angeles, also known as the City of Angles. Los Angeles brings the ultimate completion, adding the required entertainment and comedy. Words would fall short of describing the essence of Los Angeles, the home to Lucifer.

Los Angeles would make it to the top if we were ever to list the places where most of the entertainment industry belongs. Some popular movies filmed in Los Angeles include – Daisy Jones & The Six, You, Babylon, Criminal Minds, Ant-man, and the Wasp: Quantumania, among numerous more.

Louisiana, USA

Louisiana was another important shooting location for the movie. Kenner and New Orleans both acted as the base for the action scenes. While New Orleans is famous for its cultural celebrations and music, Kenner is famous for the variety it serves. Kenner isn’t a popular filming location, with only 57 films filmed, according to IMDb data.

Where To Watch 2 Guns?

You can stream 2 Guns on Netflix and buy the movie on Apple TV, YouTube, and Google Play. It is the cheapest on Amazon Prime, where you can rent it for a dollar. But the quality is mostly SD, and HD is priced higher, so ultimately, Netflix proves to be the best.

Per my knowledge and research, every shot in 2 Guns was taken at a real place since the technology wasn’t that advanced to take everything to perfection without the help of actual filming scenes.

Now it doesn’t matter because you can make anything anywhere with CGI, VFX, and the right software. It’s not that I am undermining the idea, but an actual shot does matter. I hope now you know the major filming locations for 2 Guns. Happy binging!

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