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Will Trent Episode 2: Release Date, Preview & Where to Watch

Will Trent Episode 2 Release Date
Ramón Rodríguez as Will Trent in American Television Series 'Will Trent'

Will Trent Episode 2 is set to release soon. As the first episode of the show already has many thrilled fans, Episode 2 will be even more thrilling. Will Trent is the television show adaption of Karin Slaughter’s best-selling novel.

This crime procedural show features the protagonist, Will Trent, played by Ramon Rodriguez, who is a special agent trying to uncover the complexities of crime. Will Trent’s brilliance in the series has certainly amazed fans, and they are now anticipating the twists and turns that this show is going to take.

As episode one itself follows the storyline of 2 interconnected crimes, a double homicide, and kidnapping, only time will tell how Trent will pave the way towards solving the crimes. So, let us get to know what happened in the first episode of Will Trent and what to expect from the upcoming episode.

Will Trent Episode 1 – Recap

The episode begins with Abigail and her husband, Paul, fighting over his cheating on her with a personal trainer over a call. As Abigail arrives at the house where she left her daughter Emma alone for some time, she finds some suspicious signs such as a broken glass of the door and bloody footprints and soon realizes that her daughter is in danger.

Later, she finds her daughter dead and also encounters a home invader who may have killed Emma. Abigail gets into a feud with that man and, during the fight, kills him. The scene cuts, and the introduction of Will Trent starts.

The Special Agent at GBI, whose neighbor died and now wants to rehome an adorable pet of his. However, he changes his decision and adopts the dog. It was also revealed that Will Trent was an abandoned child and was abused by his foster parents horribly.

Will Trent from the American Television show Will Trent

Will Trent with his neighbor’s pet, Betty

Will Trent appears at the crime scene that happened earlier in the episode and tries to connect the dots of the crime to arrive at the discovery that Abigail’s daughter Emma is kidnapped, and the one who died at the crime scene was Emma’s friend Kayla.

After a brief discussion with Abigail, Will also discovers that Abigail choked the home invader to death, but when the police arrive, they see that he was stabbed, probably by the one who kidnapped Emma.

Hence, the home invader was trying to save the girls, and the real criminal was still out there, and he had Emma with him. Subsequently, Will Trent thoroughly investigates the crime scene and gets some clues that would help him to carry on the investigation.

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Will Trent Episode One Recap

Emma’s parents, Paul and Abigail – A Still from Will Trent Episode 1

Throughout the episode, we see that Will Trent’s colleagues hate him probably because they envy his brilliance in the reading crime scene and solving it accordingly and also because of the attitude he carries that is not welcomed by others.

As Trent and his team get to know that the kidnapper took Emma in a white car, they try to figure out where the car is, and when they do, they discover that cars have been exchanged and perhaps there is a second kidnapper who has taken Emma away in a different car.

After so much investigation, Trent finds a lead, Warren, who surely knew much about the kidnapper and Emma. However, he shoots himself in front of Will Trent when Will visits him again to ask about the criminal. In the end, we see Paul, Emma’s father knocking on the door of Trent, confessing that he killed Emma’s kidnapper.

Will Trent Episode 2 – Release Date

The last episode and the first of Will Trent were released on 3rd January 2023, Tuesday. Each episode of the Will Trent releases each week on Tuesday. Episode 2 of Will Trent will air on 10th January 2023, Tuesday at 10 PM ET on the American Television Network, ABC.

Will Trent and Faith Mitchell

A Still From Will Trent Episode 2 – Will Trent and Faith Mitchell

Here’s the watching guide that you should follow to watch the series in your respective regions.

  • Pacific Time: 10th January 2023, Tuesday, 7.00 PM
  • British Time: 11th January 2023, Wednesday, 3.00 AM
  • Indian Standard Time: 11th January 2023, Wednesday, 8.30 AM
  • Australian Time: 11th January 2023, Wednesday, 02.00 PM
  • Philippines Time: 11th January 2023, Wednesday, 11.00 AM

Will Trent Episode 2 – Preview

In the next episode, Will Trent and his team will continue to investigate the crime that happened in the last episode, and Angie will get involved in a different case with Ormewood. Angie and Trent’s relationship starts to bloom; however, everyone asks her why Trent, out of all the other men, and she sarcastically answers that he is good police.

We also see in the promo that Amanda and Faith are frustrated with Will’s overconfidence but still listen to him as they also trust his investigation abilities.

Will Trent Episode 2 – Where to watch?

As mentioned earlier, Each episode of Will Trent releases every Tuesday on ABC. However, if you want to watch the episode online, multiple options are available. ‘Will Trent’ is officially available on Hulu. Also, you can watch the episode on Disney+Hotstar every Wednesday at 12.30 PM. Vudu, YouTube TV, and Amazon Prime are the other options you should look forward to if you have subscriptions to one of these OTT platforms.

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