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Brooks Ghost 13 Release Date, Photos, and Price

Brooks Running, also known as  Brooks Sports, is an American firm that designs high-performance men’s and women’s running shoes, accessories, and apparel. The headquarters of Brooks is situated in Seattle, Washington. It is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway.

Products from Brooks Running are available in around 60 countries.

Brooks Ghost 13 Release Date

Brooks Running

History Of Brooks Running

  • Brooks, established in 1914, initially produced shoes for a vast range of sports. In the mid-70s, the company staggered in the latter part of the decade and filed for insolvency protection in 1981. In 2001, the product line was slashed by more than 50% to concentrate the brand entirely on running, and its engagement on performance technology improved. Brooks Running came to be the top-selling brand in the specialty running shoe market in 2011 and kept going so through 2017 with a 25% market share.

Achievements of Brooks Running

Brooks shoes have been quoted “Best Running Shoe” by journals, including Runner’s World and Sports Illustrated. The firm has been identified for environmental sustainability projects and technological creations.

About Brooks Running Shoes

Brooks is moving away from using levels of durability as the key differentiation for categories in their range. Other brands are also moving in this direction, like Nike, which is the biggest example.

“Run Happy” is Brooks slogan, and their running shoe ideology is that there is no right or wrong way to run. That a running shoe is not inherently right or wrong for you, but that each runner should select the shoe they need based on their personal preference and the experience they expect to get out of a run.

Description of Brooks Ghost 13 GTX 

Brooks has extended Loft for easier, smoother transitions on your run, and an even softer ride. The shoe is receiving a revamp, with the DNA Loft foam no longer sequestered to the back half of the shoe.

Brooks Ghost 13 GTX also has a new lightweight, waterproof Gore-Tex Invisible Fit membrane upper.

Price of Brooks Ghost 13 GTX

The Brooks Ghost 13 is going to cost $160, which is $60 more than the previous Brooks Ghost 12, which costs around $100.

Release Date Of Brooks Ghost 13 GTX

The initial release date of Brooks Ghost 13 GTX on July 1, a month ahead of the Gore-Tex version. The date has now been postponed to August 2020.