What Happens To Daemon In The Dance of Dragons?

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In House of the Dragon Episode 7, Daemon and Princess Rhaenyra marry, and it will shape the lineage and future of Westeros for sure, and this will have a huge impact during the Targaryen civil war, Dance of the Dragons. Now, the thing that we have to understand is the fact that these two are literally the power couple of Westeros.

Their title and brain work above all, and together, they would rule the kingdom like none other. Back in the initial episodes of House of the Dragon, when Daemon and King Viserys were quarreling about how Daemon never stays in his line and always tries to do something notorious, there was a moment where he asked to be the Hand. And the King obviously did not call his bluff.

How Does Prince Daemon Die In House of The Dragon?
A still of Prince Daemon at the Royal Tourney

Daemon told about how he always wanted to protect his brother from the dirty politics played on the small council, which he is too simple to understand. Just like Rhaenyra did in Episode 4, Daemon knew how power-hungry Ser Otto was, how proud Ser Corlys was and how everyone just wanted to use the King to his own benefit.

Prince Daemon and Princess Rhaenyra – Married

House Of The Dragon Episode 7 Trailer

Daemon knew, but the King was obviously turning a blind eye towards most of the situations and people in Westeros that he did not take into account of the same. Or maybe he did, but he was too busy trying to keep peace among every kingdom and every man that he did not actually feel comfortable playing the Game of Thrones. Daemon wanted nothing but to ensure that his family was not joked upon and the Targaryens established their power just like their ancestors.

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How Does Prince Daemon Die In House of The Dragon?
Prince Daemon at the Battle of Stepstones

Well, now that Rhaenyra is about to succeed on the Iron Throne, she and Daemon will have a better chance against their rivals than she could ever manage alone. Obviously, Rhaenyra is a strong, powerful woman, but she obviously has children and motherly duties to take care of as well, and this might be a distraction while trying to run a realm. I am not saying she cannot handle both, but as a woman myself, I understand how frustrating the pressure of doing it all alone could be.

I mean, she had to handle the accusations of her kids’ parentage all alone while Ser Laenor was too busy trying to seek his happiness. This is where Daemon comes in, taking half the burden of playing the “Game of Thrones” from her. He is smart and knows how to manipulate people into getting his way through things. This makes the two a perfect match for each other. But the fact that all the Targaryens which we see in this shoe are going to die at some point, and we have already covered how Rhaenyra does, let us understand how Prince Daemon dies as well.

How Does Prince Daemon Die In House of The Dragon?
Prince Daemon and Princess Rhaenyra at Queen Aemma’s funeral

How Does Prince Daemon die in House of the Dragon?

Prince Daemon is up against Aemond and Vhagar during the Dance of the Dragon. He lures him up to Harrenhal, away from where he could harm Rhaenyra and her children. It is obvious that Caraxes does not stand a chance against Vhagar, and thus, Prince Daemon jumps from his dragon in order to kill Aemond mid-war in the air over Vhagar.

He ends up putting his sword through Aemond’s skull and his other eye. This ends up killing him and Aemond, as well as both the dragons. Now, the books claim that his body was never found, but it would be interesting to see if the series would pay him tribute. He is one of the most likable characters in the series, and it would only be fair to see him have a proper funeral.

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