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Movies Like Operation Christmas Drop To Watch Online

Best Christmas Movies
Operation Christmas Drop

There’s a bit of a romantic break – moving away from home to a place with a different prospect of life than normal. One might always argue whether dreamy holiday flings could be more, but while they last they are real, and dreams come true sometimes don’t they? One of the saddest experiences that can spoil the joy of spending time with our loved ones during their holidays, but not if it shines with the promise of love.

In this new film, Erica reviews a US Air Force base in Guam with a view to finding a reason to request its closure. Andrew is the captain of the Air Force and he takes her around the base to convince her it should stay free. The base has an annual tradition of airlifting goods to the people of Guam for Christmas.

If you liked Operation Chrismas Drop, here are some other films that you can check out on popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime

1. The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

The Nutcracker musical is one of the hallmarks of the Christmas season. In 2018, Disney wanted to produce a new film based on The Nutcracker, the result of which was a film that is now available on Netflix. A young girl is trying to find a key at her family’s Christmas Eve party to open a gift from her late mother. However, this key is currently in a parallel universe that not only needs to be visited but also rescued from an inner danger. The film has all the facets of music; gingerbread troops, clever mice, and the like. The film is also visually striking, as we see this universe that combines Christmas snow with toys, sweets, and more.

2. Love Actually

Setting aside her meme-able cue-card scene, Love is simply not as sticky-sweet as her heart-stringed popularity might imply. Writer-director Richard Curtis (Notting Hill) specializes in tart-tongued retorts, dumb linguistic gags, and clever dialogue that can leaven some of the film’s cheesy sentimentality. So do Liam Neeson, Laura Linney, Emma Thompson, and late Alan Rickman, all on hand to add a bit of class and melancholy as you try to avoid this controversial rom-com sweet charm.

3. Let It, Snow

If you’re in the mood for some festive romance, Netflix has given a little love to the teen set Let It Snow, a breezy holiday rom-com that finds a collection of contrasting love stories on one fateful Christmas-season snow day. It’s a nice movie from top to bottom, as engaged in the dramas of teen bonds and domestic problems as the blooming romances and packed with the delightful performances of the knockout cast of young up-and-comers. A lot of Netflix Christmas romances follow in the Hallmark channel vein, and certainly no judgment if that’s your favorite thing, but for those who want an old-fashioned feel-good holiday romance, Let It Snow is just a ticket.

4. Christmas Wedding Planner

Christmas Wedding Planner has an unexpected twist on life when it comes to the lead characters. A wedding planner is just starting her career and is in charge of planning her cousin’s wedding. The theme is Christmas Eve. Having arrived late at a similar party, her aunt refers to a certain visitor, the guest being the ex-boyfriend of the bride. She was told to keep an eye on him and later he was discovered to be a private detective searching for information about the fiancee. There are suspicious and flirty events that bring the planner to deal for the P.I. They also expose secret thoughts as they uncover the mud.

5. It’s a Wonderful Life

There’s not much to say about this movie. Released in 1946 and directed by Frank Capra, it’s hard to imagine that It’s A Wonderful Life wasn’t a major box office hit. It only started to become popular as local TV stations began to run the film on a continuous basis in the 1970s. Beyond the Christmas themes and environments, this film is really all about how one person can impact the lives of so many other people. Jimmy Stewart’s depiction of George Bailey is authentic to the heart. George is a humble man who is still watching out for everyone in the town of Bedford Falls. But the fateful Christmas Eve brings George off the brink, and it’s up to a helpful angel called Clarence to convince him that his life is genuinely great. Yeah, and let’s not talk about one of the greatest movie villains of all time. Lionel Barrymore is great as George Bailey’s opposite, the super-rich Henry Potter who is doing his hardest to knock George down.

6. A Song for Christmas

There are potentially few, if any, easy moments to be a single parent, but for Nate (Jonathan Scarfe) and Jennifer (Kelli Williams), the latter appears to be the most difficult. Jennifer’s husband died tragically, Nate’s ex-wife abandoned him, each having his own daughter. While in the dream world, their budding romance can only improve matters, unfortunately, they’re not the only ones to have a say in the matter. It turns out that their respective daughters, Charlotte (Pippa Mackie) and Melissa (Kayla Wallace), are bitter rivals at college, and their parents’ courtship just fuel their rivalry. A little Christmas spirit is likely to be asked for, so that everyone concerned can find empathy, forgiveness, and, ideally, compassion.

7. Married by Christmas

On the other hand, if you just want a conventional Christmas rom-com, the 2016 Married Christmas update is better than others. It’s a woman’s holiday, the trend of Brewster’s Millions. A lady needs to deal with the fact that her grandma’s will says she’s got to get married by Christmas. If she doesn’t, she’ll forfeit her share of the family’s money. It’s not necessarily high-brow comedy, but it’s definitely a fun break, as well as playing with the themes of true love and what people would do just to get married.

8. Holly’s Holiday

New York City ad exec Holly Maddux needs it all the perfect career, the perfect home, and the perfect guy to lift her off her feet. One day after stumbling and hitting her head, she wakes up to see the right guy waiting unexpectedly for her. Holly is struck by a mysterious new beau, but she soon discovers the problem: he’s a mannequin that comes to life. Today, Holly needs to determine what “perfect” means to her and whether she will really have both perfect life and true love.

9. Last Christmas

Kate (Emilia Clarke) is down on her luck, working a dead-end job as a Christmas elf and praying that her hopes of being a professional singer will come true. It’s a bond that any artist needs to find himself in from time to time. For Kate, things literally start looking up when she encounters Tom (Henry Golding), a sweet stranger whom Kate sees gazing up into the stars. Over the course of the film, the two get together, which after a series of suicidal spells, helps Kate bring her own life back together. Directed by Paul Feig, starring British actress Emma Thompson and her partner, Bryony Kimmings, Last Christmas is named after the famous Wham!  an album that we bet you heard at least a hundred times.

10. The Christmas Chronicles

One of Netflix’s biggest original movies in 2018 was this Christmas movie starring Kurt Russel as Santa Claus himself. However because of the antics of a few youngsters, Santa finds himself stuck on Christmas Eve in Chicago, and there’s a race against time to get him back together with his sleigh and his reindeer. If he does not finish his annual gift-giving until Christmas Eve comes to an end, the world will miss the wonderful holiday spirit. Russel’s interpretation of Santa as a hip grandpa is great for him and the film itself is fun to enjoy with your family and friends. Look for the sequel, The Christmas Chronicles 2, to the Netflix premiere on the 25th of November.

11. The Knight Before Christmas

Vanessa Hudgens appears in another romantic holiday movie called The Knight Before Christmas. The plot for this film is ideal for a fairy tale. Brooke (Hudgens) has lost all hope of finding the right one. One snowy night, she accidentally hit someone with her car. For someone happens to be a knight sent to the future in the 14th century. This could sound like another famous rom-com movie. Brooke finds his story to be the tumult of anyone with a concussion and claims he’s lost his memory. Sympathizing with him, Brooke wants to shield him and help him restore his memory, but she doesn’t realize he’s the knight in the shining armor she’s always sought.

12. The Man Who Invented Christmas

The Man Who Conceived Christmas is based on Les Standiford’s 2008 book of the same name. Delving into biopic territory, the film follows Charles Dickens (Dan Stevens), who is down on his luck and reeling from financial distress as he tries to find the motivation to begin writing A Christmas Carol, an aspiration that people despise in their lives. Trusting his instincts and the advice of his children’s Irish nurse Tara (Anna Murphy), Dickens begins his book. When extraordinary characters continue to take shape, their imaginary appearances are translated into the real world. The pioneer of these realizations is the all-too-iconic Ebenezer Scrooge, beautifully portrayed by actor Christopher Plummer. The Guy Who Invented Christmas is a fresh and brilliant lens to watch Dickens’ classic holiday story, and it’s a perfect Christmas movie to add to your family’s annual spin.

13. Christmas in Compton

Although the record industry has a long history of swindling the little man, Christmas in Compton, thankfully, tells the story with a bit more of a positive conclusion. Omar Gooding stars as the up-and-coming maker of songs, Derrick Hollander, who finds the next big thing in DJ Killionaire (Spencer Hubbard). When the record business Tommy Maxell (Eric Roberts) snatches up the emerging star, he cheats Derrick out of his share of the profits. It doesn’t appear like Derrick can do anything about it until his boss, the Big Earl (Keith David), has a heart attack and signs over part of his home and company to his wife. Derrick uses his new land to help hold his head above the water to get back to the unholy Maxell. Of course, this is a Christmas movie, but at the end of the day, things turn out for the best, but Derrick has a lot to remember before that happens.

14. Bad Santa

If you’re compelled to watch a Christmas movie, but you can’t take a lot of support from the hot fuzzies, Bad Santa is your response. This humorous black comedy challenges the essence of holidays in all manner of respects. Billy Bob Thornton stares like a lowlife who with the aid of his elf assistant, Marcus (Tony Cox), is wearing a Christmas outfit to rob the mall where he serves as a Santa. It’s pretty raunchy, and certainly not a kid’s movie, but maybe it’s just the right cure for anyone sick of the typical Christmas cheer.

15. A Very Murray Christmas

Okay, we’re pushing it only a little bit by including this on our best Netflix Christmas movie list (it’s just 56 minutes long), but it’s Bill freaking Murray at his own Christmas case. Murray’s special is approaching the launch of his live Christmas TV event in New York City, but a snowstorm may make his guests struggle to do so. Murray is trying to go ahead with the special, with mixed results. He’s joined in a song featuring guests including Miley Cyrus, Chris Rock, George Clooney, and a lot more. If you’re looking for an oddball holiday experience, this one on Netflix could fit your bill.

16. The Princess Switch

This 2018 original Netflix Christmas movie stars Vanessa Hudgens as Stacy, a Chicago baker (there’s Chicago again who moves to the European country of Belgravia to partake in the Christmas baking competition. But she bumps into her lookalike, Duchess Margaret Delacourt (also played by Hudgens), who needs to figure out what it’s like to live like an average citizen before she marries the prince of Belgravia. Yeah, it’s the story of The Prince and the Pauper, where the two ladies swap personalities to figure out how the other half lives. It’s the sort of Christmas movie that always has a happier ending, and that’s exactly what some people want. The Christmas Switch: Switched again on Netflix on the 19th of November.

17. A Christmas Prince

This Film released on service in 2017, IZombie’s Rose McIver stars at the Christmas Prince. She plays an American journalist who has been sent to cover a news conference for the prince of Aldovia. Then she’s mistaken for the new mentor of the young princess of the land, and McIver is taking advantage of this chance to get closer to the royal family to get a huge scoop. Yet she quickly appears to have romantic feelings for the prince. This film became a major success for Netflix, and a sequel, A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding, was born in 2018. The third movie in the film, A Christmas Prince: The Royal Boy, is now available for download.


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