How To Watch ‘YOU’ Season 4 Episodes? Streaming Guide

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YOU Season 4
YOU Season 4

As far as crime and psychological thrillers go, Penn Badgley has created a massive record with his twisted character of Joe Goldberg in the series YOU. Originally a Netflix series running since 2018, YOU has become a popular household name with the breakthrough performances by the entire cast and due to the gripping tale, which keeps the viewers glued to their seats.

There have been three seasons of YOU till now, and the fourth season will be released shortly. Season 4 of YOU will be premiering on February 9, 2023. As for the other previous seasons of the hit show, this season will also be streamed online on the global streaming platform Netflix.

After season 3 ended, fans have been awaiting season 4 of YOU. It is very close now as the fourth season will be delivered in two installments, first will land on the Netflix website on February 9, whereas the second installment will be released a month after that, in March. Joe Goldberg’s character is now mostly associated with charming psychopaths who possess the unyielding power of luring vulnerable and impressionable women and then making them their love interests.

YOU have been touted as a really thrilling and truly crime watch as the episodes and the character arc focus on the crimes committed by the lead character whilst being obsessed with a particular woman. This unhealthy obsession with another woman makes him go crazy, and this insecurity leads to his committing many crimes, killing people, brutalities against others, and similar assaults.

YOU Joe Goldberg
YOU Joe Goldberg

As the story progresses over the three seasons, it can also be seen that Joe Goldberg has to deal with some tough mental health issues, which make it difficult for him to lead a normal life. This is in no way a justification for all that he has done. But it tries to present the story as it really is, human and gruesome at that.

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Some details in the series are filled with gore, and there is a lot of drama involved as well. The shy book manager who might seem cute turns out to be a heinous crime, and this is the plot of  YOU in a nutshell.

In the first season, he finds a woman, obsessed with her, stalks her, and when she comes to know about his actions, an inevitable fate follows her. No spoilers for the previous seasons, but we certainly need to look at the show with a layer of the characters involved, their participation, and the impact of their actions on the lead character of YOU.

As the title clearly suggests, YOU as a series is the epitome of the possessive and compulsive behavior of an individual. The excessive obsession, even to the point of being abnormal and unhealthy, is the precursor of ugly fights and deaths and criminal behavior, Joe. YOU are specifically a dangerous story layered with the real-life elements of social media, internet usage, and online stalking.


Till season three of the show, Joe Goldberg has already been involved in numerous heinous crimes, and to protect his identity, he has moved to a new place. He also gets married there and has a child. But as is true for most criminals, he starts fantasizing about other women. Season 4 will explore this trope further about how his wife dissuades him from engaging in his previous ways so they can have a normal family.

Where To Watch The Episodes of YOU Season 4: Streaming Guide

YOU have been successfully running on Netflix, and season 4 will release globally on 9 February 2023 on Netflix. A subscription has to be purchased by the viewers in order to watch season 4 of YOU.

YOU Season 4 Official Trailer:

The complete episodes for YOU Season 4 can be streamed here on Netflix. There will be a total of 10 episodes in season 4 of YOU, and the first five episodes will be released on 9 February. Whereas the next five episodes will be released on 9 March 2023. The first five episodes are to be released on 9 February on Netflix.

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PART 1 Of Netflix YOU Season 4 Episode Schedule: 

  • Episode 1: Joe Takes A Holiday- 9 February 2023
  • Episode 2: Portrait Of The Artist- 9 February 2023
  • Episode 3: Eat The Rich- 9 February 2023
  • Episode 4:Hampsie- 9 February 2023
  • Episode 5: The Fox And The Hound- 9 February 2023

The remaining five episodes from Part 2 are to be announced by Netflix.

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