The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 11 Spoilers: Zach Will Pick Katie

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The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 11 Spoilers
Zach in the finale (CC: ABC)

It’s The Bachelor finale with The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 1 and boy as Zach tried his best to fumble the ball at the 1-yard line. And for this final episode, we’re going to learn that sometimes making the honest choice is not always the kindest one. And with things down to only two women, will Zach stick with the one he was intimate with, or will he choose the woman many believe to have been his front-runner all season?

So for the last time this season, let’s check this The Bachelor Season 27 Finale Preview out and see if we can puzzle together what goes down in the finale, who Zach is going to pick, and if there really is going to be a happy ending here.

The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 11 Spoilers

So The Bachelor Season 27 Finale Preview starts with the narrator saying “It’s the incredibly emotional season finale of The Bachelor.” Then get to say Zach saying “Last week with the overnights, I tried to do something that was trying to help everyone out and honestly, it bit me in the ass.”

Alright, so to start The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 11 off, we’re going to be seeing the traditional meet-the-family dates. Where each of the lead’s final two come in to have a reverse hometown, but in whatever location the finale is filming. And my only question is, are we not gonna see Uncle Kronk or are you telling me they cut him from Episode 2 where apparently he was hosting a puppet show and now we won’t be seeing him at all? Production has really lost touch with the people.

But here Zach seems to be filling his family in on all the drama from Fantasy Suites, saying he was trying to do something that was helping everybody out, but it been him in the ass. And Zach trying to do the right thing is going to be a thread that goes through all of this finale.

But as we’ll see, trying to do what’s right doesn’t always result in doing what’s kindest. We saw that last episode with how he handled being brutally honest with Katie on their date, and we’ll see more of it as we get further along in the preview.

Zach Trying To Fix Things

Further in Preview Zack says “Both Katie and Gabi are still feeling upset with me.” Then we see Gabi saying “Do you regret the decision that you made with Me?” To this Zach says NO. Then in the next clip, Zach says “I wanna try to do a fix and alleviate the loss of trust.”

OK now here we can do some legit sleuthing. So one thing that tripped me up in The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 10, apart from just downright not believing that Zach was going to actually break his no-sex vow and cause all this mess was this shot here where Zach says he doesn’t regret what he did.

In The Bachelor Season 27 Week 9, we didn’t know what the context here was, which ended up being him having sex with Gabi, and I tied his blue outfit here to the one he was wearing during the day portion of his fantasy suite with Gabi. But it’s all making more sense to see that the blue shirt he’s wearing in this conversation now matches the one he’s wearing during the day that Gabi will be meeting his family.

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So it’s very interesting to see that this conversation, which does not look to be a fun one, where Gabi asks Zach if he regrets sleeping with her, is going to happen either before or after she meets his family. So prepare for drama.

The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 11
Zach with Gabi (CC: ABC)

However, despite all that, these two will continue forward and have their date as seen in the finale Preview. Historically, the meet-the-family dates always happen before they head out on this final date of the season. So whatever happens here isn’t enough to stop these two from going out and having a nice time horseback riding.

Zach Facing Problems With Both Katie And Gabi

Then in the Preview, on a date with Katie, Zach says to her “I know it’s scary and it’s hard.” Then we see Katie saying “On the back of my head is like, what is he saying to Gabi?” Then on a date with Gabi, Zach says to her “I know this is not what you want to hear, but it’s like I’m so torn like it’s the biggest decision of my life.” And to this, she says “Well make the f***ing decision”.

Alright, can I get a slow clap for Gabi? Slow clap for Gabi everyone. This is so stupid. My brother in Christ, stop talking about how torn you are. This is supposed to be your last date before potentially getting engaged to Gabi. And you’re talking about Katie like it’s a coin flip as to who you’re gonna propose to.

And I’ll be real. I don’t even care if Gabi is the one who brings this up because of course she might go with how that rose ceremony went and how he’s handled telling the whole world about how guilty he feels for sleeping with her. If she brings it up, Zach should put it to rest and try to actually make the most of the date, where you’re supposed to be deciding if you’re going to propose to this woman. That’s my two cents.

And really what I think we’re seeing here is, one, that guilt coming back out in Zach that he talked about in the last episode. And two, a prime example is that sometimes doing what you think is right, isn’t always right. Or at least it isn’t always the kindest thing. Because sure, being open and honest with Gabi that you’re completely torn between her and Katie seems like the right thing to do.

The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 11
Zach with Gabi on the final date (CC: ABC)

Honesty is the foundation of any good partnership. But humans are also nuanced creatures, and taking one look at her should tell you that what she needs right now isn’t brutal honesty, but delicate honesty. Either that or a time machine so you could go back and keep quiet instead of making a “no sex vow” and just go through the week without saying a word like they did in the olden days of bachelor fantasy suites.

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Oh, and we haven’t even talked about Katie yet. On the other side of things is having a hard time trusting Zach despite him showing how brutally honest he is, simply because after all of this, she can’t stop thinking about what he might or might not be saying to Gabi.

I mean, if he’s on his knees and repenting to her for how guilty he feels, who knows what he could be doing with Gabi in order to make Gabi feel comforted through this? Kind of wild that we’re here after two Bachelor seasons in a row of fantasy suite disasters going.

Maybe the best way to navigate through Fantasy Suit is to act as if nothing happened. Or at the very least, keep your mouth shut until you find a moment, to be honest, off-camera.

Zach Is The Real Drama This Season

Then in the Preview, we see Gabi saying “I’m sick of self-doubt. I’m sick of feeling like I don’t know if I’m enough.” Then we see one of Zach’s sisters asking Katie “Are you prepared for like if it does go the other way?”

Man, this is wild that Zach spent all season throwing out any source of drama the moment he found it, when all along if he really wanted to keep things drama free, he should have walked himself out the door at night one.

Now in this section, the only thing I want to point out is Katie’s black dress. All season we’ve used this shot of Katie wearing that green dress from the season previews to speculate that Katie was going to make it to the final two. In that clip, Katie says “What I have with Zach is amazing and I don’t want it to go away.”

The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 11
Katie with Zach’s Sisters (CC: ABC)

So here Katie is in a setting that resembles Thailand, the place we knew was the final filming location, and she’s talking about her relationship with Zach as if it were to someone other than Zach. You wouldn’t say my relationship with my boyfriend or girlfriend is amazing to your boyfriend or girlfriend. So it made sense that this would be her talking to Zach’s family.

But here in the Bachelor Season 27 Finale Preview, the black dress she’s wearing is different. So I’m wondering if the show where she is wearing a green dress is her talking to Jesse Palmer right at the end. Perhaps in a sit down to go over the mess of the end of the season or to talk about some doubts. But alright, let’s now finish off this preview and then go over how this thing could end.

Happy Ending For Zach?

Further in the preview, we see Katie saying “Somebody at the end of this is gonna get hurt”. Then we see Zach in a blue suit standing in his final location with a ring in his hand. Here he says that he has caused pain, and made mistakes. But standing here with the ring, he just hope that it’s all worth it.

So there the preview ends with Zach holding a ring and hoping that all this drama was worth it. And as I see it, yes, this means it looks like we’re going to see a happy ending.

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Now back at the beginning of the season, Zack’s Journey for Love was marketed as a return to the traditional Bachelor Love story, and despite everything that happened in the last episode, I think that’s mostly what we’ll get. Of course, it will all be a little tainted by the fantasy suite mess, but I doubt Zach’s proposal will be declined.

The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 11 Spoilers
Zach standing with the ring (CC: ABC)

However, what’s more, interesting to me is the after the final rose. Because, at least from an outside perspective, Zach’s decision-making for fantasy suites to the finale seems to be so riddled with guilt-based reactions. I often wonder if Zach choosing to do what he thinks other people would say is the right thing and not the thing that’s actually honest with what he wants. His no-sex bow is a prime example of that.

So coming out of all this to the real world could be a hard dose of reality and the four or so months since filming ended could actually be even harder than what we’re seeing at the end of this season.

That being said though, Zach did look very happy and willing to joke about all this stuff at the Women Tell All. So that leads me to believe that he’s happy and still with the person he picked. But I guess take my words lightly, as I also thought that meant he wasn’t going to make as much of a mess of fantasy suites as he did. So maybe he just has a good poker face.

Who Will Zach Pick In The Bachelor Season 27 Finale?

But if Zach does get engaged, who’s he going to pop the question to? Well, before last week, I’d have thought it was an easy Katie. Now, though, everything is muddled. But we do get a clue.

So now we will go and check out two clips, one from last week’s preview and one from the mid-season one. In the mid-Season Preview, Zack says that coming into this, he wanted to do the right thing. Then he says that last time he went with his head, and not his heart, and that was the worst he could have done.”Then as seen in the Finale Preview, Zach says “I’ve caused pain, and I’ve made mistakes. My mind and my heart had been pulled from separate directions.”

The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 11 Spoilers
Katie in that Green dress (CC: ABC)

So Zach describes the mistake of going with his head and not his heart. I’m guessing he’s referring to fantasy suites there. And then for the finale, he brings it up again. This time saying his mind and his heart have been pulled in two different directions.

I wonder if Gabi is his head choice and Katie is his heart. Gabi is the one his mind tells him to stick by, the one he slept with in fantasy suites, and as a result, the one he might feel people would say is the right choice to stick by. But Katie, the one who seemed to be his front runner all season, the one he has incredible guilt with for going back on his word to, perhaps Katie is the heart pick.

And while Zack says he “went with his head, and not his heart the first time and that was a mistake”, maybe the second time he’s going to do the opposite. Pick his heart and propose to Katie. So that’s it for this finale preview breakdown for The Bachelor Season 27.

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