What Happened To Jimmy Fallon’s Finger? Explained

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What Happened To Jimmy Fallon's Finger
Jimmy Fallon's critical hand injury (CC: Daily Mail)

Do you know what happened to Jimmy Fallon’s finger? We are talking about the comedian who is currently making headlines for burying his head in his hands. Before learning that, let’s briefly learn about the Tonight Show host’s prominence. 

Jimmy Fallon has become a prominent figure in the comedy world after serving on Saturday Night Live, from 1998 to 2004. That was for a long time! Now, he has his show, the Tonight Show, where he invites celebrity guests and chit-chat, doing a lot of fun on-screen. A talk show? Yes! 

Besides his hosting career, Jimmy Fallon is also a great actor. Some of his acting credits include Almost Famous, Taxi, Fever Pitch, The Year of Getting to Know Us, Factory Girl, etc. Among these, which is your favorite? 

Coming back to Jimmy Fallon’s fingers, the comedian had from a rare but critical hand injury. Is his finger broken? Not just that but something more dangerous. Then? Well, the disability is something else. If you are looking for what went wrong with Jimmy Fallon’s fingers, here is what we know. 

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Jimmy Fallon’s Fingers: The Comedian Suffered From A Serious Hand Injury

Talking about Jimmy Fallon’s fingers, initially, it was thought just to be broken. But, the medical experts found something else. What? It was “ring avulsion.” To be more precise, the ring finger of his left hand appeared to be slightly bent compared to the other fingers. He met with an accident several years ago, and that was the aftermath. To recover, he had to undergo microsurgery. But how did it happen?

What Happened To Jimmy Fallon's Finger
Jimmy Fallon suffered from ring avulsion (CC: Youtube)

Well, the accident reportedly occurred at Jimmy Fallon’s New York home, several years ago, back in 2015. The comedian tripped over a braided rug in the kitchen. He caught his ring finger on a countertop while going down. Unfortunately, his ring got stuck there, and he pulled his finger off. Not to forget to mention, it was his wedding ring. Talking about the consequence, Jimmy Fallon said, “Apparently, the odds aren’t great with these things. Usually, they just cut your finger off.” It sounds pathetic, right?

The micro-surgery of his finger took six hours, as shared by The Tonight Show host. To be more exact, he also mentioned that he stayed in the ICU for ten days. Following his critical hand injury, he took a short-time break from his show for a few weeks. The way his finger looked as if it was bent down, it appeared more like a “horror movie.”

For the treatment, he had to switch hospitals, as it was too complicated. In addition to that, he even heard that whoever suffered from ring avulsion, unfortunately, lost their finger. The feeling was bad, and while the process was on, Jimmy reportedly started losing his patience. He even read books about learning the meaning of life. 

While Jimmy Fallon was on his break from the show, he received several funny emails from his friends. That eventually made him laugh out loud. On this note, he felt lucky to be a comedian. 

Knowing about Jimmy Fallon’s finger injury, fans took the discussion to different social media platforms.  Several years have passed. We are hopeful that Jimmy is fine now and has healed completely. Make sure you follow the Tonight Show host, on his Instagram account, for more updates.

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