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Kami no Tou Tower of God Season 2 Release Date, Spoilers, Where to Watch?

Tower of god season 2

Tower of God Season 1 left the audience to crave for the next season. The Tower of God season 1 was a masterpiece with an incredible storyline, visuals, and character sketch. Season 1 aired on Crunchyroll, and there was no announcement further for season 2, but recently there has been speculation of Tower of God Season 2 returning soon. The fans went crazy after watching the first season of Tower of God. The story has the potential to extend the show for one or two more seasons.

However, the Author, Lee Jong-hui, Said earlier, won’t continue writing the script anymore as he started facing some medical issues and discontinued the story further. Lee Jong-hui developed a hernia, which became the reason to stop writing. In his blog, he also said that he would continue the story in the future as he recovered and apologized to the audience of the Tower of God for this delay.

Tower of God Season 2


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Tower of God Season 1

The show launched its first season in 2020 and gathered a sensation in the anime world. Although there has been no official announcement, Tower of God Season 2 is speculated to release by April 2021. The Author recently announced that he will be working back again on the script of the Tower of God Season 2 and will soon be released.

The story of Tower of God Season 1 has been excellent till now, creating hype for season two in just a short period. The first season contained 13 episodes. The storyline is fantastic, which involves love, action, and exceptional abilities that might blow anyone’s mind away. The story revolves around the lead, whose name is Twenty-Fifth Baam, who has always lead a lonely life and has never seen the world as it is. Isolated from the world’s chaos, he only cared for one girl who was his whole life – Rachel. Later on in the story, Rachael goes to pursue her dreams to climb up the tower.

Plot – Tower of God

Tower of God Season 2

In the manhwa of the tower of God, the story has been depicted in the shonen form. In which the lead grows and gains more power in the upcoming time. Baam gets new capabilities in the long-running episodes and later on finds out about his father too. About whom he finds out on his quest to climb the tower.

The tower has a unique concept; whoever climbs the tower will attain their goals: money or power. Rachael has the dream to see the stars as they lived in a place where there was more isolation, and to fulfill her dreams; She went on the tower’s quest. Baam, who is affectionate towards Rachael, also follows her as he does not want to lose her only friend. They both have different goals, which make the root of the show.

Tower of God – The concept of  Tower

Tower of God Season 2

The tower has a self-proclaimed king who plays his politics in the journey of Rachael and Baam. Later on, Rachael has to fight Baam and sacrifice him for her dream to fulfill. Every new stage on the tower has a different mysterious complexity. Apart from this, a criminal organization called FUG also has conflicts against the king.

There are 134 floors, and the one who climbs the top becomes a ranker and gains power. There is a concept of mystical power called Shinsoo, just like the chakra in Naruto. The one who controls Shinsoo well can climb higher. Every floor on the tower consists of an administrator who controls the flow of Shinsoo, making it challenging for the rival to climb higher. Every floor has it’s own staff members who make the competition even harder.

The king of the tower was amongst the first few people who climbed the towers. The king rose the structure along with his ten family leaders and established the monarchy. As they gain power, the system gets corrupted, and the main leads Rachael and Baam, face a lot of ups and downs throughout the show.

Tower of God – Character

Tower of God Season 2

The character sketch of the show is incredible. Every character in the show has been described with extreme details. The main two protagonists have a different mentality and goals. They both have their additional motivation, and the plot becomes more exciting and emotional due to this. The supporting characters have equal importance in building the storyline. Two sisters Yeo Miseng and Yeo Goseng, enter the tower, whereas Yeo Miseng is shy, and later on, as the show moves ahead, she becomes a powerful, mature player who develops her own goal.

The plot’s unique thing is that usually, in other anime, the good and evil are shown parallel, and the story revolves around them. But here in the story of Tower of God, the story is a bit different. The opponents might become friends on every other floor as their interests start to match, and they might again become enemies. The variability in the show is what makes it unique.

Tower of God Season 2

The show is very similar but not exact in comparison to Hunter x Hunter. Tower of God anime has a unique vibe and concept in everyone has a unique weapon that can even give life to something. The show summarizes a love and action story where Baam, the main character, pursues his passion for Rachael and decides to climb up the tower, where there is a task to be done on every stage. The unique concept of the show is mysterious as no one knows what’s coming next. All the episodes of the show are loaded with action and drama.

The manga of the show is being released for a long time now, which originated in 2010. The manga currently consists of 4 volumes. The manhwa was later on translated into English in 2014. The online streaming giant Crunchyroll licensed the anime and launched it earlier in 2020. IMDB rated Tower of god 7.9 out of 10.

Tower of God Season 2 Release Date

Tower of God Season 2

Although the show’s manhwa runs for a long time and many scenes are not shown in the Tower of God season one. Tower of God Season 2 will be a great success when the first season came to be launched, and it was already trending on Twitter. Later on, the Author announced to work back again on the show. It is highly expected the show will release around April 2021. Till then, if you haven’t watched the show yet, the anime is available on Crunchyroll.

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