How Ol’Dirty Bastard Passed Away? What Really Happened to the Rapper?

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how did ol dirty bastard die
Ol'Dirty Bastard, Credits: People

In the 1990s, people might know the name of this legendary personality within the rapping industry Ol’Dirty Bastard, but people all over the internet only had this one question in their minds regarding how did the rapper die. This article will provide you with all the insights regarding what happened to Bastard and what led to his death. Also, we would be exploring other current topics regarding the rapper, such as what happened to his kids and all about his relationships and girlfriends.

But for those who don’t know much about who Ol’Dirty Bastard was, he was an American rapper, his real name being Russell Tyrone Jones. Being the founding member of the Wu-Tang Clan, he was greatly known for his impressively rapping style and his outrageous personality.

He had a unique style of rapping, and therefore that was something why he had such a big fan following. He was even nominated two times for the Grammies, which was a big milestone for him. Let us take a look at this article to gain some insights regarding all the details about Ol’Dirty Bastard.

how did ol dirty bastard die
Ol’Dirty Bastard, Credits: Variety

How Did Ol’Dirty Bastard Die?

Fans were very shocked when the news actually came that Ol’Dirty Bastard had left this world, which proved to be very brief news for the fans even to absorb and explore. But the question here is what the reason for that was.

Well, it was 13th November 2004, when this news came that Bastard had left this world and details then came out one by one which stated that the rapper died of an accidental drug overdose, he had consumed a mixture of cocaine and the prescription painkiller Tramadol, and therefore sources claimed that he had chest pains before collapsing and all this happened before his birthday.

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His body was recovered from the New York studio where he was initially working, and therefore, it was reported he consumed the drugs and thereafter collapsed in the studio when his birthday was just going to arrive.

What happened to Ol’Dirty Bastard’s kids?

The Bastard had multiple relationships with numerous women, and therefore he had 13 children with these women, but with his death in 2004, there was no one as a father figure who could provide support to his kids in terms of emotionally and mentally.

Since some of his kids went to greater positions in their lives, some even had to face legal troubles. Some of his kids pursued careers in music, while some went on in the line of Hollywood and acting. But some of his children faced deeper legal trouble and personal struggles.

how did ol dirty bastard die
Ol’Dirty Bastard, Credits: Rolling Stones

In 2019, his daughter Justice Jones had to face a year sentence in prison for assaulting his ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend, and his son Ol’Dirty Bastard Junior also had to face some legal troubles for the criminal possession of a weapon. 

However, considering that their father, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, even went to prison for two to three years due to the possession of cocaine, plus he also forcefully tried to escape from the rehab clinic, kind of made his role model reputation a little questionable at that time. 

Ol’Dirty Bastard’s Girlfriends and Relationships Explored

Ol’ Dirty has had relationships with multiple women in his time, from Mariah Carey to some of the unknown women whose names have still not been out now. He had a romantic relationship with different women.

But his famous relationship was with Mariah Carey whom he shared a collaboration at that time, with a song called ‘Fantasy’ in 1995. He also famously interrupted her acceptance speech at the MTV Video Awards in 1998. 

But they didn’t share any children, and they were only linked at that time. However, apart from that, he had a very infamous relationship with different women, which was the result of his 13 children that he shared so far with different and multiple women.

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He, therefore, as per sources, had a very complicated personal life with different personal abuse problems, which was yet another reason why he remained on drugs at the very end point of his life. But whatever the story is, he is still considered the legend within the rapping game, whose game will always be remembered within the whole music space. 

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