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Power Book 3 Season 2 Episode 4 Release Date: Drug Lord Queen

Power Book 3 Season 2 Episode 4: Drug Lord Queen
Power Book 3 Season 2

Power Book 3 Season 2 Episode 4 reveals the truth that Kanan discovered about his uncle. This made Kanan approach his mother to solidify his learned truth. However, let’s find out what happens in Kanan’s past before we get into Episode 4 latest updates. Power Book 3 reveals the side of Kanan, who is being to gather lots of evidence about things hidden from him. In the past, Kanan met with Howard, which rattled him. But Raq trie to get new territory but her plans w he re stopped d when a valuable go missing. This reunites Raq with her old friend. Lou continues his rival with Crown trying to make her business grow bigger.

When Raq overhauls her mission, Kanan gets in a fight with Scrappy and gets arrested. This brings a lot of questions to Detective Howard. In the present era, Kanan regrets what he has done the other night, but he is fine. This happened after Scrappy’s death, and Raq has other plans on her mind. She has also told her family in the past during dinner that there is nothing more important than blood. Raq realizes that she has to do something about Scrappy’s death. 

The action drama will feature characters like Raquel Thomas, Kanan’s mother. Raq is also a famous drug lord queen with her rival drug lord queen. Marvin Thomas, Raq’s brother; Kanan’s uncle Lou Lou, Kanan’s uncle; and Shanley Caswell, who is Raq’s younger brother. Joey Bada$$ has become Raq’s rival drug lord. It will also feature another character as a rivalry between two drugs begins when Raq announces a new drug deal she will handle with her heart family. 

Previously on Power Book 3 Season 2 Episode 3

Detective Howard is also working behind the scenes believing that he will expose Raq’s lie. He believes the family has something fishy, and he must uncover the truth since Scrappy’s death won’t be in vain. Detective Howard knows that his son is important. The mystery about Kanan and his family keeps piling up, and Raq has hidden something from the whole family. The new family is about to begin as Kanan, and his rival run the streets, different casing crimes. 

Power Book 3 Season 2 Episode 4: Drug Lord Queen

Power Book 3 Season 2

The family business war continues after Kanan and the others get new family business partners. New faces are introduced, and this will be Kanaan’s best year. However, Howard is restless in solving crimes between family businesses. Kana a has plane d rise up and reach great height than before. Raq also gives him life advice, but the boys will never stay away from doing illegal business deals and buying illegal stuff. Detective Howard is about to uncover a new mystery, but things have turned side since the arrival of new rivals. 

All the families are eager to make their family business grow and climb top ranks. One day Kanan was sitting alone and thinking about his life; he also traveled with Howard and talked about lots of different stuff since the city had changed and the rivalry had grown to another level, that many would die due to different criminal activities and other illegal things. The rise of Kanana continues as he learns many things. Kanan realizes there is an age when someone will want to make a mark in their life. The family decided to build a huge business, even though this might involve selling drugs, but Kanan has something on his mind. The ward between drug lord queens continues.

Power Book 3 Season 2 Episode 4 Release Date

Power Book 3 Season 2 Episode 4 will be released on 4 September. The upcoming episode is titled Pay the Toll. This will reveal the best moment for Kana and that family business. Power Book 3 Season 2 will offer 13 episodes, which would return for another season or continue after the episode finale. Let’s look at Power Book 3 Season 2 Episode 4 streaming details. 

Power Book 3 Season 2 Episode 4: Drug Lord Queen

Power Book 3 Season 2

Watch Power Book 3 Season 2 Episode 4 Online – Streaming Details

You can watch Power Book 3 Season 2 Episode 4 online on Starz. There are no other official ways to watch this action drama, but Power Book 3 Season 2 official sources will reveal the website to stream the latest episode. But Starz is available for a few countries. Let’s meet when Power Book 3 Season 2 Episode 4 is released. 

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