List of Upcoming Content To Release on HBO Max in January 2021

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Well, as of right now, HBO Max has come up with a broad list of its Max originals as well as HBO Originals and some of the blockbuster films with TV shows. All of these are going to drop off on the streaming platform in January of 2021. The major highlight of this list is Gossip Girl. All of the show’s six seasons are going to be dropped on the streamer. All this while, we also have the season of Snowpiercer by TNT. Then we have Kill Bill: Volume 1 and 2 Quentin Tarantino with Pulp Fiction and Batman: The Animated Series as well as Batman Beyond.

First, we shall talk about all those titles that are set to release in January, but their release dates have not been disclosed yet by the officials.

Arthur’s Law, premier of the Max Original series.

In this story, the audience will witness Arthur Ahnepol eking out a bleak existence. He is actually drawn from the bits of his unhappy marriage and is extremely bored. This is when he makes a morbid plan that he wants his obnoxious wife to die. After all this time, he has money from life insurance, and thus, there will be no difficulty in starting a new life with his mistress. But actually, every problem that Arthur solves gives him a far worse effect than that. This is why, in the entire run, we will acknowledge him setting off an avalanche of chaotic events.

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The Event, the premiere of the Max Original Series

This is something of an unprecedented scene behind the extraordinary events that have been created by Wolfgang Puck Catering as well as the legendary restaurateur, that is, Wolfgang Puck. The show is going to have each episode running for approximately 60 minutes. The story will throw light on the various member that are available in the team of Puck. They are all trying to strive to amaze the clients and pass through the highest expectations.

Locked Down, a premiere of the Max Original film.

This is a tale set in a lockdown. The story throws the entire spotlight on Linda (the role reprised by Anne Hathaway) as well as Paxton (Chiwetel Ejiofor). We see that this couple is about to separate, but then life has some other plans in store for them. This is when they find themselves stuck at home in a mandatory lockdown. Living together proves to be quite a bit of a challenge. Although, all of these are fueled by poetry as well as a copious amount of wine. This is what brings them close to each other in the most surprising manner.

Perfect Life (fka Vida Perfecta), the premiere of season 1 of this Max Original show

The entire focus is laid on Maria as well as Esther and Cristina. These three women are in the middle of a life crisis. It is when they come to a realization that all the plans that they have always made for themselves have not gotten them the happiness that they thought were promised with it. Nevertheless, they stay with each other and find alternatives. They do this while making decisions that will eventually lead them away from everything that society expects from them. At some point in the story, these women are set to realize that life does not necessarily have to be what they always thought it was going to be.

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Possessions, premier of season 1 of this HBO Max show

In this show, we will be witnessing the tale of Natalie. She is a young expatriate from France in Israel. She gets charged with the murder of her husband exactly on their wedding night. Later in the scenes, we will see that Karim starts falling for Natalie. He is a French diplomat who is in charge of helping French citizens who have to deal with the Israeli authorities. All this while, Karim is pretty much torn between two facts that his mind has laid out for him. The first one being the fact that this young lady is deeply lost as well as vulnerable. The second one might be how dangerously manipulative she is. After all, he gets pretty obsessed with this case and thus dives deeper into Natalie as well as the mysterious past her family has.

Selena + Chef, the premiere of the second installment of this Max Original show

This is an unscripted cooking series that employs a woman who is a recording artist and has sold multi-platinum tracks while she is trying to get past an unfamiliar territory. She also happens to be an actress as well as a producer and an entrepreneur, along with a philanthropist. In this show, we will witness her making delicious meals while being stuck at home in quarantine.

Now we will list the content releasing on the 1st of January 2021.

12 oz. Muse, Seasons 1 and 2

It is an American adult animated television series. The genre of the show is all about the surreal humor as well as the psychological thrill that comes along. The show has been created by Matt Maiellaro. It is for the late-night programming slate meant for Cartoon Network and Adult Swim. The show throws the entire spotlight on the mouse Fitzgerald. He is called Fitz in short. This is an alcoholic mouse who performs odd jobs just so he can buy even more beer. Skillet is his chinchilla companion, and along with him, Fitz starts to recover all of his suppressed memories. It is revealed that he once had a wife and child who have ow vanished. This event leads him to start seeking answers about his past. All this while, he is constantly overshadowed by the forces that seem to be manipulating everyone.

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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

This is an American musical fantasy film back from 2005. It has been directed by Tim Burton while its screenplay was penned down by the talented John August. The show is based on the 1964 British novel that goes by the same name and has been written by the iconic author Roald Dahl. As for the leading roles in the film, we have Johnny Depp starring as Willy Wonka as well as Freddie Highmore in the role of Charlie Bucket.

Releasing on the 14th of January 2021.

Search Party, the premiere of the fourth season of this Max Original show

In this upcoming installment of Search Party, we will witness Dory being held as a prisoner by Chip. Chip happens to be a psychotic stalker who is obsessed with her. He is all set to make Dory believe that they are true friends. On the other hand, we have Portia starring in a film which is all about the trial. However, she is not doing her own role.

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