Who is Sophia Grace’s Partner? All To Know About Her

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Sophia Grace’s partner
Who is Sophia Grace’s partner?

Want to know who is Sophia Grace’s partner? Sophia Grace Brownlee and Rosie McClelland rose to fame in 2011 after they went viral after they appeared on “Ellen” wearing super adorable matching tutus and tiaras. Viewers loved it as the cousin duo performed an adorable cover of Nicki Minaj’s hit track “Super Bass.”

After the performance went viral, that duo made regular appearances on the show in the following years and gained even more attention for their “Tea Time with Sophia Grace and Rosie” special. The duo made their return to “Ellen” in May for DeGeneres’ final season as well.

Sophia Grace recently shared the big news with all her fans and followers, while Rosie extended her full support to it. Let us take a look at the lesser-known details to know who is Sophia Grace’s partner. 

Who is Sophia Grace’s partner?

Sophia Grace has not disclosed the identity of her partner but did confirm her relationship status in an early interview. While talking about it, Grace admitted that she is in a relationship but has rather decided to keep her personal life “private” away from the media limelight.

Sophia Grace’s partner
Who is Sophia Grace’s partner?

Sophia further revealed that she likes to keep that side of her life pretty private, but she does have a boyfriend and has been with him for maybe two years but prefers not to post him on Instagram or anything. No additional details have been revealed about this mystery man whom the television star has been dating for quite a while now.

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Is Sophia Grace pregnant?

Congratulations are in order as the young television star is expecting her first child with her mystery boyfriend but admitted that she wanted to wait until everything was “fine” until she made the announcement.

While confirming the happy news, Sophia started that she was here to tell everyone that she was pregnant and was 21 weeks today. The reason why she left it so long is that she always wanted to make sure that everything was completely fine and that everything was safe. Take a look at the announcement video that has already garnered a million views. 

The Instagram influencer further added that she was rather shocked when she discovered she was pregnant but now has gotten used to the idea of having a baby and is super excited and cannot wait to share the journey with her millions of followers.

As she apple in a video posted to YouTube, Sophia admitted that she was shocked when she first found out, and while she has gotten used to it now and is super, super happy about it and cannot wait to share this journey with her followers and have a lot of different content from what she usually has. Grace further announces that she is also going to do a gender reveal for all her fans and followers in a separate video that they can expect to see soon on my channel.

Rosie McClelland Congratulates Sophia Grace!

Cousin Rosie McClelland congratulated her cousin on the big announcement as she took to social media to pen down a heartfelt note to celebrate the big news. As Rosie writes, “Together forever, words can’t explain this feeling!” she gushed. “So excited for this next chapter.”

Sophia Grace’s partner
Sophia Grace and Rosie

She further wrote that she will be there for Grace and will buy milk and babysit but is not too sure whether she can change a nappy just yet. Sophia Grace has also opened up about her pregnancy news while saying she doesn’t want any negative comments and assures that Negative comments would be getting deleted and blocked.

She further admitted that she hopes people will be kind and comment nice things only as she continues to document her pregnancy. While talking about her health, Grace revealed that she had been feeling very sick for a long time, and it still comes back sometimes now. While calling it disgusting and how it ruins your whole day, the influencer said that she does not know why they call it morning sickness because it last all day long. 

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