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Wreck Season 1 Episode 1: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide


Welcome to the world of Wreck, a tense thriller with a bit of horror, combining comedy with a slice of slasher. It is set aboard The Sacramentum cruise ship. In this series, 20-year-old new recruit Jamie infiltrates the 3000-strong crew in a desperate race to find his missing sister. She was working on the same vessel during a previous tour and disappeared in the middle of the charter.

Jamie is thrown into the world of cruise travel and receives a crash course on the staff’s many cultures: the theatre kids, mafias, and low-paid employees. For this crew that is overworked and underpaid, life below deck can be a party filled with indulgence… and The passengers are oblivious to the bloody murders taking place on board. Jamie must turn detective and uncover the Sinister Truth.

The first episode of Wreck is premiering soon. So get ready for a suspenseful, thrilling ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The Main Cast of Wreck Episode 1:

Oscar Kennedy as Jamie: 20-year-old new recruit who is desperate to find his missing sister. Jack Rowan as Danny: Jamie’s older brother, who is also a member of the ship’s crew. He is attempting to keep his household together but has been incarcerated. Thaddea Graham as Vivian: Jamie’s missing sister. She was last seen working on board The Sacramentum cruise ship.

Harriet Webb as Karen: Jamie and Danny’s mother. She is struggling to deal with the disappearance of her daughter. Anthony Rickman as Olly: The captain of The Sacramentum cruise ship. He is a strict leader who demands the best from his crew.

The Plot of Wreck:

The Sacramentum is a large cruise ship that offers travelers a chance to see the world in style and luxury. However, underneath the tranquil surface, something dark and dangerous is lurking.

On the night of the ship’s maiden voyage, a young woman is brutally murdered. The ship’s captain orders a lockdown, and Jamie Walsh, a new recruit, finds himself in the middle of a murder mystery.



Jamie must use all of his skills to solve the case and find out what happened to his sister. With danger lurking around every corner, this is one case that Jamie will never forget.

Wreck Season 1 Episode 1 “Ship of Dreams” Release Date:

Wreck Season 1 Episode 1 will be released Tomorrow i.e., 9th October 2022. The first season consists of six episodes. So be sure to tune in and watch the suspenseful journey that Jamie takes to find his sister. You won’t be disappointed.

Wreck Season 1 Episode 1 “Ship of Dreams” Preview:

Welcome to The Sacramentum! In the first episode, Jamie Walsh, a brand-new recruit, receives a swift education on life aboard ship while attempting to hide his identity as he tries to discover what happened to his missing sister.

Jamie Walsh, 19 years old, boards The Sacramentum in order to research what truly happened to his vanished sister, who disappeared from the same ship 3 months ago. He paid Cormac, a Velorum crew member, to take his position on board so he could conduct this investigation carefully.

Wreck. Image shows left to right: Beaker (Warren James Dunning), Olly (Anthony Rickman), Rosie (Miya Ocego), Cormac (Peter Claffey), Jamie (Oscar Kennedy), Vivian (Thaddea Graham), Sophia (Alice Nokes), Danny (Jack Rowan)

After his induction, he meets the autocratic officers and other new recruits eager to experience life away from home for the first time. Almost immediately upon meeting Vivian, Jamie forms a close bond with her. He later runs into Olly, a dashing young Filipino waiter, and is instantly attracted to him. During the induction ceremony, a crew member is murdered.

When the body is found, everyone is shocked, and the captain orders a lockdown of the ship. Now, with a murderer on board, Jamie must find out what happened to his sister while also trying to keep himself safe.

Tune in tomorrow to watch the first episode of Wreck and see how Jamie’s story unfolds.

Where To Watch Wreck Season 1 Episode?

You can catch up with the web series on BBC Three. The first episode of Wreck will be released on BBC Three tomorrow at 10 pm. There are six episodes in the first season. So be sure to tune in and watch the suspenseful journey that Jamie takes to find his sister. You won’t be disappointed.

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