Another World In Japan Chapter 3: Release Date & Where To Watch

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Another World in Japan
Another World in Japan

Looking at those fresh mangas of late 2022, we have titles like Another World in Japan that seems to hold some interesting developments. With only two chapters released so far, we can not expect much already.

But at least it is something worth looking at and would have you eager to find out what is next. This is a brand-new show that made its debut last week. And this week, we got the second chapter. So it’s quite an interesting thing to have when it turns into an interesting show later down the line.

Suppose you look at some of the hit manga that is currently ongoing. Then you would feel special to make part of that group that supported such manga from its very first chapter. You can easily relate to this if you have started with shows like Chainsaw man because, at the moment, it is one of those mangas and anime you would not want to miss.

So for those who started with the very first chapter of the manga. Then it is quite an achievement as an Otaku to have such a keen eye for manga that would later turn out to be one of the great shows. 

With that said, let’s look at how the second chapter of ”Another World in Japan” turned out to be. The first one, though, seemed to be your popular Isekai manga, as its title suggests. So let’s see how the second one develops the storyline.

Previously On Another World In Japan Chapter 2

The monster fest continues as the Killer Her, and the Elf princes make easy targets for their enemies. But all that came to an end when it was finally time to get down to business. Because this was their first time meeting, they seemed to have communication difficulties as they did not really understand each other’s language. 

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Another World in Japan Manga
Another World in Japan Manga

So the  Killer Hero seems to be a humorous character as he easily takes advantage of this and asks the princess to marry him. He did this knowing that she would not understand his language and would just confusingly look at him. 

But as things turned out, she understood every word he said for things to end up in his embarrassment. This led to more interesting developments. The princess seemed to be adept at using swords and would usually carry one around with her.

So the Killer Hero proposal seemed to have broken what is known as Signell’s seal from the princess’s sword. This act also seemed to have activated a contract between the killer hero and Signell, as the princess was surprised that Signell would form a contract with a being from another world. 

The activated contract seemed to have made things easier, though, as the hero and the princess are now able to communicate with each other much easier through speech bubbles that would appear in front of them, like within a video game.

So the words that hero said when he proposed seemed to have been recognized as a chant to form a contract with Signell. Now, as things stand, the hero would have to face the consequences of just saying the words without thinking of what they can transpire into afterward.

Because the contract has been activated, he will now have to marry the princess, and there is no going back. With that out of the way then, the princess introduced the hero to the background of her story and how he could happen to be a hero destined to defeat the demon lord and that it is what she aspires to become. 

Another World In Japan Chapter 3 Release Date

Another World In Japan Chapter 3 will be released on Monday, 2 January 2023. New chapters will follow a Monday schedule meaning that we will get a new chapter every Monday. The second chapter of the manga seems to have introduced more mystery, and the build-up to the story seems interesting. Let’s look at ways you can read the latest chapters online for free.

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Read Another World In Japan Chapter 3 Online

You will be able to read Another World In Japan Chapter 3 online on Cycomic’s official website and its magazines. New chapters are serialized weekly per the manga’s schedule.

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